How to Use Vivint Camera Without Service?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

There will be occasions when you might have to move to a new place, and you cannot use the Vivint service. In some cases, people deliberately want to leave the Vivint service, and they opt for a similar security service offered by other service providers.

In this situation, Vivint’s exiting equipment, such as a camera device, cables, management system, would be wasted if you cannot utilize them with the other service provider equipment. In this condition, the new service provider would charge you for providing similar equipment again.

You may think of saving money on these devices as they are quite expensive. This is where the question arises whether you can use the Vivint camera without using the service or not.

Can I use Vivint services from other service providers?

Vivint services are independent by nature. You cannot use them with the other service provider. The whole system is designed to work in sync providing seamless service to your home security need. For using the Vivint service without the halt, you have to purchase a monthly subscription from Vivint. If you do not pay for it, the service will be stopped, and your security will be vulnerable to the thief.

The reason for not using the camera device with the other service provider is that the system is a program to perform specific tasks. It only understands the codding that is inbuilt and syncs with the core module placed in the home.

The other service provider who provides a similar security service would have a similar facility for them. This equipment is protected with a program that supports only the core module; therefore, you cannot connect the Vivint camera to the other service provider’s other device. Even if you try to connect it with the other devices, the camera would not recognize it because it programs differently.

The exclusivity is maintained to avoid any hacking attempt from the third party application. Only code that written by the Vivint application is recognized by the Vivint equipment and software. No other application can be merge or utilize using the service.

Why Vivint’s camera is famous?

Vivint camera devices are popular among people who are more concerned about the security of their assets. Security of your indoor and outdoor place is possible using the Vivint camera system. The application used to run the Vivint camera is designed to provide real-time imagery on smart devices. Additionally, features such as two way talk from the speakerphone connected to the door camera are possible.

Night vision gives you extra security in dark places. Place your Vivint Camara outdoor, and it will capture stunning images using the night vision infrared facility. The picture quality of the night vision camera is as good as a picture taken in the day. Turn your home into a highly secure smart home that enables the Owner to keep a 360-degree eye on the surrounding.

Anyone passing through the home would be alerted by the sensor. The alarm facility allows the homeowner to detect a subject passing through the camera. A long-range sensor prevents a person or the object from moving around your assets. The instant alert message is sent through the wifi connectivity to the homeowner’s mobile device. The Owner will immediately check the real-time video recording to find who is spying around their home.

Vivint Subscription Services

Vivint services are predefine after understanding and analyzing the need of the consumer. The Vivint plans are break into three months subscriptions. It comes with professional monitoring services. The program, which is the most expensive plan among the other projects, has the camera and video doorbells facility. The users who want to enjoy complete security with the highly advanced equipment working in their security would go with Vivint’s top plan.

In the subscription plan, first, two cameras are part of the plan. Therefore, you do not need to purchase the additional camera with the plan. If you live in a small apartment or a home with not much activity happening around the place, the plan will be sufficient to fulfill your home security need. The two cameras would be placed in the area covering most parts of your home, making your premises secure. The door and backyard or the windows would be secured using the two camera devices.

However, the Vivint does not limit your need for the equipment. You can upgrade the system with more camera devices with a small amount and add more cameras to your existing security system. The additional camera will cost $5 for the monthly service.

Services you get to experience with the Vivint Video monitoring package.

1) All the packages offer 24 x 7 professional security services. The Vivint service is live instantly after you install the system, and monitoring will be active.

2) Video recording is provided using the Vivint cameras. The doorbell will have a camera that will record any activity happening in front of the door.

3) Storage will never be an issue because the Vivint smart camera service comes with cloud storage. Videos recorded by your camera are directly uploaded to the cloud storage. You can instantly access these files using your smartphone devices. The Vivint application comes in handy with flawless services.

Cloud storage enables you to access the video file from anywhere in the world. It is beneficial for the frequently traveling people and does not have time to come back home to check all the video log. The Smart drive offered by Vivint solves your storage problem.

4) Vivint mobile application is accessible from anywhere in the world. The app is developed for IOS and Android users giving you the power to manage your Vivint security camera at your fingertips. The Vivint devices are operated remotely using the application.

5) When it comes to supporting, the Vivint team is always at your service. The 24×7 technical and consumer support group would be available at your service. You can give a call anytime, and the Vivint team will listen to your problem, understand it, and provide the appropriate solution to it.

What happens when I cancel my Vivint Monthly Subscription?

Every customer of Vivint has to signup for a 5-year contract. This is the necessary condition to become a Vivint customer. The monthly subscription is offered to you to provide the monitoring service. The monthly cost includes the monitoring and equipment cost such as camera, cables, home system, etc.

Before you decide to cancel the Vivint service, you should know what it cost you to cancel the subscription midway. The Full contract cancelation is only available when you pay the amount in full. The customer who cancels the contract within the first year would have to pay cancellation fees. The cancelation fees of approx $300 will be levied to you over cancelation.

Customer who decides to cancel the service second year would have to pay $150 fees upon cancelation. Remember, the cancelation fees may be vary depending on the region. You should contact Vivint customer service to get the exact price of the cancelation.

However, the cancelation fees are there when users want to opt-out of the service. The costs can be avoided in some instances. The Vivint facilitates the no fees benefits to particular circumstances. Kindly note these and see if you fall into these criteria to save on the cancellation fees.

1) Bankruptcy: The Company or the individual who has gone bankrupt can opt-out of the contract without paying an additional cost. The person has to submit the authorized document that states the bankruptcy while canceling the contract. Once you submit the form, the Vivint team will review it and grant you permission to opt-out of the service. You will be free from any legal action once you show the bankruptcy documents.

2) Assisted Living Home: The person moving to the assisted living home can cancel their subscription anytime. They can submit proof of their application, which states they have already registered for the assisted living home, and soon they will be moving to the place. In this case, the subscription is canceled immediately, and all the facilities are taken away from the users. You do not have to pay any fees or a premium while canceling the subscription. No restriction will be applied to your plan.

3) Death of the Owner: In case of an unexpected event such as the customer’s death, it makes the contract invalid immediately after it is reported to the Vivint team. The subscription is canceled immediately, and no fees will be charged.

4) Deployment for active military: If the person is part of the military, there will be an occasion when the person and their family members have to move to the new place when the instruction is received from the national authority. In this case, the customer who is part of the active military can submit the application stating the cancellation. The Vivint team will respond to the application is not time ane your cancellation request will be accepted. No fees will be charged, and the contract will be canceled.

5) Medical Discharge for active military: If the person who was a part of the army and now got the medical discharge for the active army is applicable to submit the proof and cancel the contract without needing to pay additional cancellation fees.

Vivint’s team will request you to submit all the required documents when you apply for the services’ cancellation. The customer must provide the necessary form in time to work on and take immediate action. Delay in giving the document would result in the disapproval of the application or the verification process. You have to submit the new application then to proceed to the cancellation.

The Vivint team may arrange a visit to your place to verify the original document in some instances. So keep the original form ready with you. You can call the Vivint customer service team anytime and get your visit schedule with them. The team will guide you on how to proceed to the cancellation and pay the cancellation fees if obliged.

How to cancel Vivint’s Contract?

The contract cancellation procedure for Vivint is quite simple. You have to write a letter to the Vivint team addressing the cancellation requirement and why you decided to cancel the subscription. The notice of the cancellation letter can be sent by email or post.

Mention the following details in the cancellation letter:

1) Date

2) Your Vivint Account Number

3) The valid reason for the cancellation of the service

4) At the end of the letter, put your signature.

The cancellation letter is required to process the application. Send the drafted letter to the email id It is recommended to call the customer support team of Vivint after you sent the letter. Get the team’s confirmation that they have received the letter, and no other information is needed to process the cancellation form.

Another way of moving out of the Vivint service is to transfer the service to other person names. The contract is transferable. You can reach out to the customer support team and let them know who you want to transfer the service too. Provide the required document, and your contract will be transferred to the other person who wants to opt for the Vivint service.

The person who is opting for the service has to pay the $99 account transfer fee. Vivint will not charge any fees to you while transferring the contract.

In Summary:

Vivint Camera does not work if you do not have a monthly subscription service active on your plan. The monitoring service gets over immediately; the plan is dead or not renewed. The basic plans include two camera devices. You can add more cameras as per your need. The customer has to sign five years contract while opting for the service if you are financing your Vivint equipment. The customer has to pay the full contract amount upfront. You can cancel the contract anytime without any trouble by paying the cancellation fees. Overall the Vivint offers the best deal in home security with added features and customer service. You can entirely rely on the Vivint equipment and stay worried free.

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