How to delete activity on Vivint app? Simple as ABC!

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Want to know a secret? Just one Vivint app for your Complete smart home. Imagine what it would be like to stay connected to your home all the time, even if you’re far away.

As per app rankings in Lifestyle, the Vivint app ranks No 72. It has a 4.6-star review by users. So, what has made the Vivint app acquire such a high profile? Well, for a start, anyone can easily download the app. It is absolutely free.

It is highly efficient in helping users of the Vivint smart home security system connect to their home, as well as have full control over their smart system. In addition, it works as a central app, managing and controlling every device that’s part of the smart home system.

The Vivint app has sophisticated functionality that allows for certain features that appear to be absent in smartest home security apps.

So are you really eager to be a part of the family? Well, then, our revealing sections below are for your eyes. Make sure to check them out!

What are the benefits of the Vivint app?

Let me start by saying this; the Vivint app is embedded with modern features that make it perform certain outstanding functions. But before we go into that, here’s an overview of the app.

AppVivint app
Size288.2 MB
SellerVivint, Inc.
LanguageEnglish language
CompatibilityiPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad.

Back to what I was saying, check these features out.

1. View recorded and live video

As mentioned before, even when you’re out of your house, you can always stay connected to it. Thanks to the Vivint app, you can always see live and recorded footage captured by your smart cameras.

All you need to do is to log into your Vivint app and watch the live feeds. You can see the footage recorded by your smart cameras.

That’s how ridiculously easy it is.

2. Offers a centralized control

Unlike some standalone devices that would require individual apps, the Vivint smart home system does not work that way.

The Vivint app controls all of the entire Vivint smart devices in your home. Everything from cameras to thermostats, lights, and locks, it got them all under control.

3. 2-way talk feature

The Vivint app is among the smart home security apps that allow the 2-way talk feature. With it, you can communicate easily with the monitoring center. In addition, you can communicate via your smart devices.

For example, you can talk to your visitors at the door since your Vivint doorbell camera is been controlled by the Vivint app.

So if you are keen on this aspect, the Vivint app is the way to go.

4. Alert notifications

Here’s something exciting. The Vivint app receives alerts or notifications from the security system.

That’s when we talk about security breached an unlocked door, and several others. In all honesty, the Vivint app does not just help control smart home devices; it plays security roles to the devices and their users.

5. Personalized routine

You dream of a personalized security system that’s at the same time completely stress-free. Good for you! Because Vivint app allows you to set up your practice routine.

For instance, you can deactivate your cameras automatically at a specific point in time. It’s down to you.

Is the Vivint app worth downloading?

The Vivint app’s simple truth has become one of the most largely used apps for smart home devices. It helps you stay connected to your home and equips you with all the happenings around your home.

But, is this the one reason the Vivint app is worth using? No! No! No! There are several other reasons.

First off, the app is easy to use. It has a pretty nice user interface and is beginner-friendly. With the Vivint app, life is more comfortable. You do not have to bother your head with your routines because your Vivint app would take care of that, as long as you’ve got it personalized.

All in all, the Vivint app assures you peace and safety. Maybe you’re far away from home, as long as you are still in contact with your home, you would definitely be at peace. Don’t you think?

There are no limitations to what your Vivint app can do for you. Adjusting the home temperature? Locking the front door? Just name it.

How do you delete recordings on Vivint?

As you probably do already know, you can watch recordings on the app. Now, the question is how to delete those recordings? Because for sure, the recordings would be adding up and eventually take up so much space on the app.

Fact: You cannot delete or get rid of activities on Vivint. But, to delete recordings, you simply have to delete the camera and then add it back. This step has to be finished in the house. It wouldn’t take long, about 5 to 10 minutes. Here’s how it goes.

Step 1:  Delete camera

Open your Vivint app and go to camera settings. On the home screen, click on the menu icon located on the right side at the bottom of the screen.

Under the smart home settings, click on devices and provide your pin. Proceed to click on cameras, then click on the camera you want to erase. Press delete camera and confirm it with the yes click.

Step 2: Reset doorbell camera

Press and hold the doorbell camera button between 25 to 45 seconds till the light rings become red. Then, leave the button and allow the camera doorbell to reset itself. This would take up to 2 minutes.

A green light would follow a successful reset.

Step 3: Add the device back

Click on add new device on your home screen. Then click on the menu icon> devices> and provide your pin.

Click on the doorbell camera and tab connect. Once connected, the camera will announce itself.

How long does Vivint keep recordings?

Often times, this is determined by the camera and the length of the clips. But remarkably, recordings on Vivint are kept for an average of 2 weeks.


How can you resist the Vivint app? When it comes to smart home security apps offering 100% peace with no stress, the Vivint app is one of the best currently available. Nonetheless, we implore you to follow that still small voice inside you. However, the Vivint app is the Best-selling.

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