Does Blink Camera Have Night Vision?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

To secure your home, you need to trust in God and keep your powder dry. This is the point where you need not just any security camera but the best of them. And, you can always trust the Blink camera to deliver what it promises.

Blink cameras at the moment are available in three offers. As much security package as you want, you stand a chance with blink.

But, why is Amazon going above and beyond for blink cameras? Well, this security device is the best selling security cameras worldwide. Also, they’ve got a 2 years battery life, motion detection, and free cloud storage.

That aside, they have an easy set up and are user friendly. For the price, blink cameras are a bang on the buck.

So, are you searching for an outdoor or indoor camera? Well, then, the blink camera would be your jackpot hit. In the sections below, we’ve provided you up-to-the-minute details about blink cameras. Be sure to open it all!

Smart Lighting for Home
Smart Lighting for Home

The blink camera is a wireless security camera used for basic surveillance in homes. Let me say this straight; the device is a smart security camera.

Here’s something exciting- blink cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor. In essence, you can either opt for the blink indoor camera, the blink outdoor camera, or the blink mini. OK, I know what’s going on in your mind now. So here we go.

As the name suggests, a blink indoor camera can be situated anywhere inside the home. The product collaborates with appropriate Alexa permit devices. At any time of the day, even at night— whether at home or not,  you won’t miss a bit of the happenings in your home.

Blink outdoor, on the other hand, is weather proofed and many come. Come rain, come sun, you can always keep an eye on your house.

Finally, blink mini, small but mighty secures your home in the most effective way. Whenever there’s motion in your house, blink mini sends you an alert instantly.

But how does it works? Well, all blink cameras employ same blink sync module. It connects your WiFi network to your blink camera. The simple truth is you need to get one for your blink cameras. And the good news is that one sync module can support 10 blink cameras.

Here’s statistical information for you on the blink camera models. Take a look!

ModelBlink miniBlink outdoorBlink indoor
Detects motion
Infared night vision
Weather proof××
Two way audio

Think about this for a moment. You get to know everything going on at your house even when you are not there. So, yes, it isn’t some sort of voodoo.

But that’s not all. With this wireless security camera, you would give your home 100% protection at a relatively low cost. Yes, you heard that right. Blink cameras are quite affordable and worth the money.

Other than that, they’re easy to use and operate from the free blink home monitor app. Also, the blink camera has distinct features that help provide maximum security. That’s when we talk about features like infrared night vision and two-way audio.

What’s more? The blink camera is very efficient and has a solid built. The blink outdoor, for example, can withstand all forms of weather conditions. And, that’s a big plus.

Remarkably, all models of blink cameras have infrared night vision. And this makes the cameras stand out from others.

At night, the blink camera would clearly record everything happening around the house without anyone knowing it. This is more safer and better than the noticeable recordings of bright white lights at night.

By and large, enabling night vision on your blink camera would be one of your safest options. But, you’re probably wondering how to turn on this feature. We’ve got it under control.

Step 1: Open your Blink monitor app and select the settings icons. For starters, the icon is at the top of your camera thumbnail picture.

Step 2: Go to the night vision section at the lower part of the screen and enable it. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Step 3: Adjust the night vision’s intensity to your preference, either high, low, or medium.

Get this:  Night vision on auto would cause night vision to automatically comes up when your blink camera detects low light.

Video illustration:

In truth, the blink camera is pretty effective and reliable. It can record events in low light situations. Thanks to its IR illuminator, led that lights automatically.

The IR illuminator on the blink camera is like a flashlight, but it’s only visible to the blink camera. In order words, you cannot see it, but it’s right there, giving out light to the blink camera.

Like every other device, the dark mood on the blink camera adjusts your mobile device’s display. Oh yeah! That’s precisely what it does.

It turns out that the dark mood feature does not really have much effect on your blink camera. Much of what it does is to help cut down on the consumption of your mobile device battery. And, there’s only one way to find this out. Just go ahead and play with those buttons.


It all comes down to this. Blink cameras are the new deal in town when it comes to home security. Seriously, it’s all you need to protect the things you love.

Yes, you can set your blink camera to record only when motion is detected. Also, it can record for you all day. The ball is in your court.

Still, with the night vision on your blink camera, you’re going to be finally off the hook. And isn’t that what you really want?