How to Update Ecobee Firmware: Straight Forward

We all love to have the latest features in our smart house devices. Don’t we?

So, once there is a piece of news out there saying “An update is coming”, we will be looking forward to seeing how it will improve our devices.

However, the updating process may not be quite straightforward. It can take lots of time to receive. Sometimes, you may need to take manual actions to install it too.

Well, for ecobee, is this same, you may ask?

Ecobee seems to have a smart way of updating its firmware. This ability seems to be available in all type of ecobee versions.

Does ecobee automatically update?

Yes. All the ecobee devices (including ecobee3) are programmed to update them automatically. Once, there is a new update available; the ecobee device will automatically download it through the internet. Then It will automatically update its firmware.

What is the latest version of ecobee?

If you have any doubt about your ecobee firmware update process, then the best way to confirm it is to check your firmware version in the device.

If it is the latest one, then you do not need to worry about anything. Everything works fine.

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However, your firmware seems to be a lower one than the currently available firmware version (in the market), then you need to check the reason.

To find the version of your ecobee, you can follow these steps.

  1. Goto the ecobee thermostat interface.
  2. Navigate into the Main Menu section.
  3. Then select the About option.
  4. In the about section, you can find the ecobee version.
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Check if you have these firmware version numbers. If it isn’t, then your ecobee need to update.

Data derived from the manufacture website. Please visit this link to check any changes.

DeviceFirmware Version
ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control4.6.3.92
ecobee3 lite4.6.3.86
Smart Si3.4.1.56
EMS Si3.4.1.56

How to update ecobee firmware?

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