How do I bypass the Vivint camera?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Vivint has developed a smart security camera device that uses AI-powered technology to monitor your home security from anywhere in the world. The whole purpose of applying a security system is to keep all your essentials and assets safe from the thief.

 You can track people passing by your home and monitor the people who reach your doorbell without opening the door or following the home delivery people. The Vivint camera is significantly advanced. It would be difficult for the thief or any third person to hack them.

The service offered by Vivint protects the user’s data from getting manipulated. The device runs on high-end software that records each movement happening on the doorbell and reports the owner immediately.

The Vivint camera can analyze the familiar face and the new face alerting the owner when it sees a fresh look at the doorbell.

The system provides several impressive features, such as an auto alarm in case of unusual activity in front of the camera. The alarm works autonomously, making the person aware that the home is under a CCTV camera, and all the activities are recorded.

Anyone trying to steal something or wants to damage the property would stay mindful of the home to avoid any trouble.

Smart detection records

The Vivit camera records the video 24 x 7 and makes each video file log on the cloud service. The store data is analyzed for future reference. It is the store for the 14, so the house owner can revisit the record and check for the activities that happened when he/she was away from home.

The pros visitor detection facility enables the owners to distinguish the people and the packages, passing cars, dancing shadows, or waving branches. The real visitor activities are closely monitored for the pattern, and it alerts the owner for any new activities which seem unexpected to the system.

Bypass the Vivint camera

Vivint cameras are designed using smart technology and the most advanced applications; therefore, it would not be easy to fool the system with simple tricks.

However, there has been an incident where the thief has blocked the security camera before stealing everything from the house and leaving now clues. No matter how far we go in technology development, there will always be flaws that people find to manipulate the system.

A similar thing can happen to the Vivint Camara if anyone understands the basics of security camera building.

Here we see some of the past ways that make the security camera not useful in some exceptions.

1) Suppress alarm – The security system that relies on the warning can be suppressed using a simple device. The hacker can disable the feature using the remote control system without letting the owner know.

The attacker can subvert the design from the ten feed distance and enter the home. You will experience that no one is around your home as you are wholly reliant on the alarm.

2) Breach of encrypted data – The modern security alarm system uses a radio signal to communicate with doorbell cameras to the system located in the home. It is wirelessly connected and produces low radio frequency at the encrypted data, which only the system can read and respond to.

The researcher has found that the data that use to communicate is easy to decrypt. Once you know what the message door alarm sends to the internal system, you can quickly solve the message and send the new message indicating the system keeps silent even if the door is open by someone. The owner never gets to know that someone has entered to room.

3) Use of Magnet – Magnet is a weakness of all the technology that we use around us. You might have seen the devices or mobile phones reacts UN=expectedly when they contact Magnet.

The Magnet produces the magnetic field around it, which destroys any radio frequency around them or the electric bond. It causes mechanical switches to fail. The Magnet is sensitive to the camera device as it uses electricity to capture the videos.

When the camera comes into contact with the Magnet, it stops working. The image gets corrupted, and it will not be able to record any videos during this period.

This could be an easy way out for the thief to bypass the Vivint camera. However, it would be tricky to reach the door with the Magnet without letting the alarm go on, but it is not impossible to do.

4) Signal jamming – Another old fashioned way of fooling the security camera. All the camera devices that work on the wireless communication system uses radio frequency to communicate.

The radio frequency can be jammed using a simple jammer. Once the jammer has done its job, it prevents the alarm from responding when it detects anyone on the door. It goes utterly silent until the jammer has been removed.

Any device that uses the radio frequency is disable using the jammer, making the system useless.

Some modern security system uses the anti jammer system to prevent any direct attack. If the anti jammer detects the attempt, it immediately produces the audible alarm to let the owner know someone has triggered the transmission trying to penetrate the security barrier.

5) Hacking your mobile or computer – Some hackers try to hack your phone or computer, which is used to access the Vivant app. Once the hacker reaches your device’s data, the person can find the password needed to login into the Vivant account and disable the alarm or even the whole system for a while without indicating you.

The hacker prevents your device access until they finish their hacking work and feel that your device has some hardware problem. This way, the whole security system would go down for a while, and the thief would perform his robbery and get all the expensive stuff, essentials, cash before giving you access to your device.


Vivint cameras are highly advance and protect the home from thieves at any cost. The system is designed in a way that no one can bypass the Vivint camera security system easily. However, many loopholes need to be addressed before considering any security camera for 100% safety.

 There are no easy ways to bypass the Vivint camera; however, it is durable in certain conditions. The Vivint system comes with settings to switch the alarm off and on as per the client’s requirement. The owner can turn the device off if he needed anytime using the Vivant mobile application.

Technology is helping us to live an intelligent life, but they are not entirely reliable yet. Event the advance systems such as banks application gets hacked by hackers.

The vulnerability is in every device and network; hence, you should protect your belonging with a dual security system instead of just relying entirely on the technology.

The combination of human and technology would work best for keeping your home safe. It would be difficult for any person to break both the barriers and enter the house. Choosing the right security system for your home may require research. The vivant team would help you to get one that suits your need.

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