How to Reset the Vivint Panel?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Resetting the Vivint panel using the manual or the software application could be possible. It requires low effort to perform this task. Typically the procedure takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You can efficiently perform this task at home without needing expert support.

In rare cases, the Vivint panel gets frozen or displays a black screen. The anomaly in the Vivint panel can cause the application to stop.

The unusual Phenomena cause by the software glitch, Wi-Fi connectivity problem, heating problem, or environmental damage. The reason needs to be verified to avoid the same problem occurring in the future.

The Vivint panels are installed in the open place. Direct sunlight, rainwater splashes, dust particles, or any other damage to the panel can cause the system to crash. Therefore, the system requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and work.

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What are the best options to reset the Vivint panel?

The non-functioning system would become a comfortable situation for the thief to steal from your assets or enter the house. You should take this problem seriously and work on it as early as possible.

The entire system’s reset would enable the system to clean the bugs in the software and run the application from the beginning and analyze the problem.

The application glitch will be resolve during the reset process, and the problem is reported to the centralized system or the support team of Vivint for further analysis.

There are several ways you can do the resetting of the panel. We will first look at the manual reset by working on the panel itself.

Here are the simple steps you can follow to solve the Vivint panel issue by resetting the whole system in a minute.

1) Disable the Alarm option

You know those alarms that alert you whenever someone tries to cross the boundary of your home. Those alarm needs to be disabled before you start working around the panel. Unless you switch them off, it will keep making a sound until you make them quit.

You may not want your neighbors or the people across the street raise complain about you. It is better you go through the process and first disables the alarm using your Vivint account in the app.

2) Disconnect the power

Cut down the primary power source that powers the panel. This is important as you will be working directly on the live wire. Any active power source on the panel would be life-threatening.

It is also advisable that you double the power source. Remove the plug from the circuit to ensure there is no connectivity.

3) Remove the front panel from the backplate

The Vivint panel is made of two components. The front panel resides in the back panel. The front panel is connected with the Screw. You would require a Philips screwdriver to remove the Screw, so keep your tools nearby.

Once you have removed the Screw, gently press the tabs on the top right and left to disengage the panel from the backplate.

Slowly pull the panel from the backplate. While removing the front panel, be careful about the wires and overall system. Kindly handle it properly and do not drop it while removing the panel. Use a soft hand while holding the boards to avoid any damage to the system.

4) Power down the panel

In the next step, you have to unplug all the wires that provide the device’s power. The primary power source to the panel comes from the direct circuit board. Another backup power is supply through the batteries.

You have to disable both the power sources. First, remove the wires that are the primary power source. After that, remove the batteries from the system. Keep both the batteries aside and wait 5 minutes before you put the batteries again in the system.

5) Put everything back in its place

After waiting for 5 minutes, put everything back in its place. Connect the power cable. Once that is done, put the batteries back in their area. While doing this, kindly take care of other connections and wires in the system.

Please do not remove or change them. If mistakenly some wire trips out from the panel, put them back at the same place.

6) Remount and power up your panel

Once you have put everything back in its place, the next step is to remount the panel. Properly line up the bottom of the panel to its location. Check the backplate carefully and put the front panel above it.

Align the panel properly and put the top Screw, and plug the panel back to the wall. Double-check if the panel is perfectly aligned to the back panel.

No wires come out from the side, or any damage has occurred while placing the panel on the top. Remember to close the front panel properly on the top of it to avoid dust particles from entering the panel.

 If the panel has a small back around it, the chances are that the dust particles will join the panel, which will damage the system making it un-useful.

7) Activate the panel

Once you are done with the panel’s reassembling, switch on the power plug, and let the panel’s current flow. The whole system may take 10 to 15 minutes to finish the reboot process.

The system will initiate the software update, error checking, restoring the default setting to the system giving you a smooth running application.

In case you are having trouble switching the power on, it would be advisable to talk to the Vivint support team. There might be some issue with the system which needs expert analysis.

The Vivint Team will guide you to make the system active again over the call, but if that doesn’t work, then you can call for the doorstep service.

The Vivint technician will visit the place as per the schedule and check the system for the problem.

How to Reset the Vivint sky panel?

Vivint router has an inbuilt system that makes resetting easy. The continues use of the system causes the heating problem in the lousy ventilation condition. You may have to restore the factory setting to get the basic settings back and remove any software glitch.

The factory reset button is placed on the backside of the panel. Press and hold the reset button for a minute, then release it. The panel will reset the system and activate the process again as usual.


The reset Vivint panel will not be complicated if you follow the given step carefully. Every electronic device faces a similar issue in its lifetime. Resetting would solve the problem and make it work again as usual. You can do the resetting by yourself.

You must have the required tools and a basic understanding of the opening and closing of the panel. If you know how to handle the panel’s hardware, it won’t be difficult for you to remove the panel from the backplate and perform the resetting task.

If you are not comfortable doing it by yourself, then no worries. You can contact the Vivint expert team for help. The Vivint team will arrange a visit to your place.

The experts come to examine the problem. The team will analyze the system’s performance and check the past data for the system performance difference.

If there is any problem in the recording, the information, or any software related problem detected, it would be solved immediately. In the case of a significant issue, the whole system may need to replace with the new one. You can complete the replacement under warranty.

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