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Brainyhousing makes the dream of owning a smart home attainable with the articles they publish on their website. With smart homes as the core of the website, you’ll get every information you need to build your smart home successfully.

You’ll find articles on smart home product reviews, troubleshooting, etc. Aside from preventing danger, smart homes simplify your daily routines. For instance, you can finally leave basic tasks like opening and closing the windows, opening the front door for a visitor to enter your house, drowning the atmosphere in the house in great music, locking the door, etc., to the house.

Our objective at Brainyhousing is first to help you build your smart home. Then, we’ll ensure that you access the latest information, news, etc., on smart home technology and devices at your fingertips.

Brainyhousing Simplifies Smart House Development

We believe owning your own smart home is not out of your reach. You only need a realistic plan and the right smart house products to build the smart home of your dreams.

So, we harvest information about the best smart home products we review through user interviews, user reviews on top and reliable websites, salespeople, and other reliable resources.

We also conduct in-person testing where our expert gets in the shoes of end-users. They shop for these products and experience all the processes it takes to install them, down to how easy to use the product is.

This testing model is vital as we’d love to obtain first-hand experience with the product. So, our experts take a period to test the product for accurate and detailed feedback.

Brainyhousing Objective

We understand that building your smart home seems like it takes too many processes. Our expert writers collaborate with world-class researchers to provide high-quality and accurate information. The best part is that the information comes at no cost. You’ll learn intricate and valuable information about the latest smart home devices, updates, buying guides, etc.

We also answer most of the questions common among smart developers, exposing them to the smartest, easiest way to execute their smart house projects. It is about making the smart house development phase easier and more convenient for everyone.

Brainyhousing: History

The date was the 13th of September 2019, when the Brainyhousing.com blog was born. It started as an idea in the mind of our founder- Dr. Dinu Sri Madusanka, out of his passion for electronics and the building of smart homes.

Since Brainyhousing launched in 2019, it has only delivered valuable information to its audience and readers. So, it’s no wonder we got our first 50,000 visitors in 2020- barely a year after the site launched its activities.

But that’s not all. We have helped over 1 million visitors who diligently interacted with our content by building the smart homes of their dreams from scratch.

We firmly believe that anyone can champion the birth of their smart homes. That’s why we have made all the information you need to actualize your smart home dream accessible.        

How does Brainyhousing Stand Out?

If you’ve always wanted to own your smart home but feel like it’s out of your reach, Brainyhousing shows you that it’s possible. It teaches you all you need to know about developing smart homes.

You’ll also stay updated with trends within the smart-home industry, so you’ll know what’s next for your smart home.

Aside from taking you through the intricacies of top smart-home devices and gadgets, Brainyhousing would walk you through buying guides that further simplify your smart-home development journey.

Brainyhousing: How We Do Research and Testing

Our goal at Brainyhousing is to connect you with top-notch smart home products that will never fail. To achieve this, we devised a product and research testing model to check the integrity of every product we review before we write about them.

Every review we pen down about a smart home product has been tested, and its weaknesses and strengths extracted organically. The best part is that we provide this information to you at no cost at all. So, if you’re wondering who pays us or how we get paid, here’s how it works.

We earn a small commission on every recommended product you purchase through the product’s link on our website. That way, we’ll be able to put more energy and resources into product testing and research. And you’ll keep accessing valuable information about these smart house products.

Our Process

Our process includes a thorough examination of each product. Our researchers put themselves in your shoes as a buyer. Then, they go to each brand to experience what each smart home product has to offer.

Then, they document their experience from the point of getting the product- how easy the process was, to the installation and usage phase. Our in-person testing technique also features a window period that allows us to monitor the product’s performance for a period.

Based on the product performance, we’ll whip up a quality review. We prioritize experiencing each product we review. That’s why we created and devoted an entire team to attending usability testing conducted by the brands we review. We also take it further by conducting user interviews when the products hit the market.

So, rest assured that we do not fabricate our buyer guides or product reviews. We also do not accept payment to develop false positive reviews on products. We say it as it is.

Gear and Revenue

Our team of expert researchers prides themselves on having first-hand experiences with smart-home devices before writing a review. To achieve this, we acquire the gears for testing in two ways.

First, our expert researchers shop for these gear either at a walk-in store or a reliable online store. Then, they experience it like every regular end-user. Second, some of these brands supply our team of researchers with the first version of their products before they hit the market.

As a result, we can subject the products to deep testing days and months before the product hits the market. Then, our team of experienced writers develops reviews based on our experience with the products. That way, we’ll help you invest in valuable products or save you from a bad investment.

We only partner with these smart-home brands to get the word about their products to the public while helping end-users decide if the product is worth their penny. We do not get paid by any of the smart-home brands we review.

We also do not get any profit from writing reviews on these products. We maintain this stance to prevent publishing articles heavily influenced by favoritism. Our articles are made from 100% accurate, true and just information. They are devoid of bias, as our primary concern is helping you get the best smart-home products.

Our revenue comes from the commission we get when you purchase the products through our link. It promotes bias-free, honest, and genuine articles. Through the commission we earn, we can continue to deep-test every product we can lay our hands-on. A great way you can help us keep genuine and honest reviews is to purchase with our links.

About Brainyhousing: Who we are

Brainyhousing comprises different teams of individuals who have dedicated their time to testing, conducting user interviews, and using smart-home products we intend to review. The reason is that we strive to give only valuable and honest reviews.

Founder: Dr. HTDS Madusanka (aka Dinu Sri Madusanka)

Brainyhousing was created by Dinu Sri Madusanka, a man with an intense love for electronics and smart home development. With a BSc degree in electronic and information computing systems and a Ph.D. in nanoelectronics at the same University, Dr. Madusanka has been able to channel his love for electronics and smart homes into something productive.

During his undergraduate years, Dr. Madusanka did some electronics-related projects, and competitions in school, including robot games, off-grid systems, automated embedded systems, agriculture smart greenhouses, POV LED systems, and even writing firmware for quadcopters.

Over the years, Dr. Madusanka has learned that the advancement in Smart home technology has made it easy for anyone to create their own smart home. According to him, it takes a proper plan and reliable smart home product brands to achieve a valuable smart home.

That’s why he created Brainyhousing to help anyone achieve their dream of owning a smart home. Brainyhousing started as a one-person blog. But now, Dr. Madusanka has expanded his team to include skilled writers and detailed product researchers to deliver maximum value to his audience.

Brainyhousing: A Credible & Trustable Website

At the core of Brainyhousing is the need to deliver valuable information harvested organically. We thrive on investing in the products we review to extract all the weaknesses and strengths of the product. Then, we relay them to our end-users with zero bias.

We do not get paid to review any product to prevent our raw, first-hand opinions of the product from getting polluted by biases and influence. We only include the necessary information that is valuable to our readers regarding smart-home technology.

So, think of our website as the one-stop shop for information on anything related to smart-home. When you come to our blog with questions, you’ll leave with all the answers you need.

Our skillful writers don’t just write reviews and buying guides. They curate each article to give you a delightful reading experience.



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