How to remove the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

There will be a situation when you want to remove your Vivint Doorbell camera from the wall. The occasion can be moving to a new place, changing the camera’s position, home renovation, or temporarily removing the system from the area due to some work.

The Vivint designer has already thought about such a situation, and they have built the system in a way that makes the removal or transferable of the device easy.

We will explain how to remove the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall without damaging the internal circuit. It would be best if you disabled the alarm before touching the device; else, it would alarm continuously, making your neighbor unhappy with the sound.

Before you begin the removal procedure, you should carry the required tools, such as a Philips screwdriver. The right tool would make the process easy, and you will remove the kit in a few minutes.

Here is the step by step guide to removing the Vivint doorbell camera from the circuit.

1) Disable the Vivint smart home system:

The Vivint smart home system is connected to the sensors that make it safe from the thief. The intelligent system produces an alarm if anyone touches the system or doorbell.

Before you start to disassemble your doorbell camera, ensure that you have disabled the warning using the smartphone application.

Double-check the settings and let the family member know that you are performing the task to avoid confusion. Once you are done with disconnecting, your alarm system moves to the next step.

2) Unplug the system from the power source:

It is essential to disconnect the system from the power source. Switch off the button before removing the plug. Gently unplug the course and keep all the wires aside; otherwise, it would tangle during the work. Take care of live wires or direct electricity flow from the circuit.

Utmost caution is needed to handle the electric board. Do not touch or hold the live wire during the process. It would be life-threatening. The fire can damage your essentials around it.

3) Removing the panel cover:

In the next step, reach to your doorbell alarm system. Use the Philips screwdriver. It is recommended that you check any direct current to the circuit using the tester.

The tester is the device looks similar to the screwdriver. When you touch the tester’s pointed part to the course, the light in the tester will blink, indicating the source of the electric power.

It is used to detect any power running in the application. There are chances that even if you switch off the electric current in the system, the electricity is still flowing. You may feel the current when there is contact with the system. Therefore, it is advisable to stay alert about any electricity flow in the system while performing the task.

If everything looks OK, move to remove the screw at the top of your panel using the screwdriver. The panel is attached to the circuit with two tabs mounted on the top. Push the tab gently and pull the cover out and down. Hang the panel cover on the backplate.

 You can use a white safety strip to fasten the lid. Do not worry if you hear the beeping alarm. The system indicates the opening of the cover with the beeping sound. The sound will last for a few minutes. Keep the panel aside in a safe place to avoid any accidental damage.

4) Removing wires from the panel

This step may require using a soft hand while handling the wires. Open the back panel cover. There will be two sets of wires inside. One is a power wire that directs the current to the circuit, and the other is for batteries. Use the small size screwdriver to remove the power wire gently. If your panel is connected to the ethernet cable, remove the cable and then open the circuit. Remember to disconnect the ethernet.

5) Remove Screws

Remove the screws available from the backplate. Once the screws are removed, the plate and panel will easily get detached from the wall. There will be small holes in the wall so ensure that you do not touch them. Keep it as if you want to fix the panel again after you are done with your work.

6) Remove power wires

Check the end of the outlet. You will find the power cable attached to it. Gently pull the power wire. You may have to pull the outlet cover before removing the wires.

7) Reassemble your panel

Put the front cover on the top of it and push it gently to fix it to the place. You will hear the click sound when the panel gets attached to it. Now replace the top screw.

8) Final touches

Carefully re-screw the top section using the screws into your wall. Place the kit given to you on top of it. The plate will protect the place from the dust and direct human contact. It will hand on the wall and look beautiful.

You are done with the removal of the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall. If you are moving to another place, do not forget to bring the panel with you to your new home.

Vivint doorbell camera from the wall

The Vivint doorbell camera is ergonomically designed by keeping all the aspects in mind. Once you have the system in place, you will no need to worry about installing and removing the panel (remove vivint thermostat). The system comes with an easy installation guide.

You can follow these guides when you want to re-install the Vivint doorbell camera to another place. Additionally, a simple tool would be sufficient to manage all the equipment of the system.

why should you use Vivint doorbell camera?

Vivint doorbell cameras are great equipment in maintaining the security in your home and office premises. Once the system is installed, the operation works 24 x 7 making it autonomous.

Any unforeseen event would be tracked and counted as a thief attack. The owner of the Vivint system will be notified with the message when there is unusual activity.

After all, the security of your love once and the assets is essential for you. You cannot comprise it. Any direct attack from the robber or thief would be life-threatening. The security camera enables you to track and record the activities outside of your door.

The delivery boy who enters your premises would be alerted by the doorbell sound. Any person walking through your door would not attempt any illegal activity after seeing the doorbell camera.

What is the Voice alert of the Vivint doorbell camera?

Vivint doorbell cameras are in active mode all the time. The system’s wifi connectivity enables the owner to track the activities and respond directly to the voice command.

The speaker mounted on the doorbell camera produces the voice message now instructed by the owner. It works remotely, and you can give a message from anywhere in the world using the wifi service.


The Vivint doorbell camera is excellent for handling the security of your home. You can remove the kit whenever you want by following the above instructions. You can even take the help of the experts who will visit your location to remove the system. The doorstep service is available at the Vivint.

The Vivint team works with you during your need, and you can instruct them to manage or maintain the system in good condition. Regular maintenance would keep your design intact and ready to protect your home.

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