How does google nest thermostat work?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Google nest thermostat is one of the smart devices that got widely accepted faster. This device was introduced in the market in 2011 way before smartphones were a thing. This device ensures your home temperatures are regulated keeping your home cozy.

Later in 2018 after a merge with Google, Nest started operating using the software. Ever since the merge, the number of people that use this smart device have significantly grown world-wide. Google hub helps this multi device collaboration pretty easy.

I will give you some background information on how this amazing device and also explain how Google nest thermostat works. Stay tuned.

How does google nest thermostat work?

Google nest thermostat is a smart device that detects the temperatures of a room and adjust it to your preference. The device is connected to the home Wi-Fi system and operated using an a mobile app. You could also adjust the settings using Alexa for voice commands. Unfortunately, Alexa services were retired in may 1st 2022.

Google nest thermostat is able to detect if you are in the room and adjust the temperatures to suit your body temperatures. Once you leave the house the device will adjust the temperatures back to normal saving you thousands of dollars you would have paid for heating or cooling your home.

If you are not at home but your kids are around, you can control the device through the Google nest app. Provided you are in an active Wi-Fi connection. 

Google nest is easy to use provided you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Google nest thermostat installation guide

Google nest thermostat installation is very straightforward. You can choose from a variety of colors available to fit your décor. This video gives you a general procedure on how you should install this smart device. However, I am going to give you a step-by-step process of installing Google Nest Thermostat.

Step 1: Check if the box has every equipment needed for installation.

Before checking what is in the box, check if the equipment is compatible with your home system. Some of the equipment you will find in the box if you are installing Google nest learning thermostat are;

  • Nest thermostat display and base
  • Trim and steel base
  • Mounting screws and wire labels
  • Nest screwdriver
  • Installation guide
  • Welcome guide and pro installation guide.

It would be better if you followed the guide provided on the user manual to ensure you are doing everything right.

If you want to drill holes on the wall, you can use the provided Nest screwdriver. Use the installation manual for mounting the smart home device into your system. However, there are some more complicated process that are explained below.

Step 2: Install the app into your mobile

You can find the Nest app on play store for Android users and on Apple store for iPhone users. After installing the app, you can go on and create an account or login to an existing account.

  • On the nest app, tap on settings.
  • Look for the add product option to add your device.
  • You can scan the QR code on the back of the device. Alternatively, you can check for the device model number and choose it from the option provided.
  • Once you press continue, your app will give the installation guide for your specific model.
  • The app will ask you questions about your wires. Answer them accurately. At the end of the questions you will receive diagrams showing how you install your device.

Step 3: use the guide provided by the app to mount the smart device

After setting the device on your already installed app, you will get diagrams and guides for installing the wires into your HVAC system.

  • Switch off the home power before starting the installation process.
  • You can install your nest thermostat on the place where the old thermostat was installed. However, check for compatibility. If your thermostat is labeled 120-240V, it is not compatible with the nest thermostat.
  • Take a picture of the current thermostat wiring before disconnecting.
  • You can then use the diagram provided by the app to do the installation.

Where can I find google nest thermostat manual?

If you are looking to install nest thermostat, you need to know how this device operate, how it senses the temperatures, how to install, how to override the device and the specifications of the device. A thermostat manual provided all that information and many more. Some of the other advantages of using a thermostat manual include;

  • A manual provided you with the information about the voltage needed by the thermostat.
  • You can tell the type of batteries used by the thermostat in case you need to replace
  • You can use the manual for installation purposes.
  • A nest thermostat manual will provide you with the information about the sensors available in the device
  • A manual will tell you the exact model of nest thermostat you are using.
  • You can use the manual to tell the connection needed.
  • It also provided you with the information you need to know about the bandwidth of the device
  • It outlines the size of the thermostat. And finally, you can use the manual to estimate the amount you will use Wi-Fi

Aside from the manual provided by the manufacturer, you can download the manual from here. You will find guides for different types of nest thermostats.

How to manual override nest thermostat?

A nest thermostat works by automatically setting the temperatures of your home based on your routine. If you are used to being away from your house for five hours, your nest thermostat will learn that and adjust accordingly.

There are instances where you will need to adjust the settings manually;

  • If you are planning to be away from home for more than a week
  • When you have visitors and you don’t want your thermostat to use your temperatures
  • Sometimes the default settings do not work for your home environment.

Here is how you adjust the nest thermostat manually

Step 1: On the screen of the nest thermostat, choose settings.

Step 2: Scroll right and choose Net. Sense for Auto schedule function

Step 3: Change the option to no and click done

Step 4: Next scroll counterclockwise to reset the Eco-function

Step 5: Change the setting to heat to and cool off. Press done

Step 6: Scroll clockwise to reset home away assist.

Step 7: Choose stop using option and press done

Step 8: Onto the main menu, click restart, choose schedule and then reset

Step 9: The screen then displays a ring. Turn the ring 90 degrees clockwise. This resets all the schedules.

How to turn off Nest thermostat manually?

Step 1: Choose settings on the thermostat screen

Step 2: Scroll right and choose Nest Sense then choose Auto-schedule and change the option to no then click done

Step 3: on the main screen choose setting menu, click restart, select schedule and click reset.

Step 4: The screen then displays a ring. Turn the ring 90 degrees clockwise. This resets all the schedules.

Google nest learning thermostat

A Google nest learning thermostat is a smart home device that works by leaning the temperatures you like and adjust them automatically. This device also detects when you are not home and adjust the temperatures accordingly.

You can however adjust the settings on screen if the default settings are not working for you.

Nest learning thermostat 3rd generation

Nest learning 3rd generation has some of the most advanced features compared to the 2nd generation. It has the sending ability in a way it can detect your body temperature and adjust the temperatures accordingly. Some of the other features of this smart home device include;

  • Sunblock: if the sun is making the temperatures very high, the device will detect the high temperature and lower them.
  • Time-to-temperature: This device has the capability to detect how long it takes to cool or heat your home
  • Sensors: 3rd generation nest learning thermostat has more sensors than any other thermostat available.
  • Automatic adjustments

3rd generation nest learning thermostat has the ability to detect the temperatures outside and automatically adjust them based on the set temperatures.

  • Safety alert: This smart home device will detect when something is not going as usual and inform you through the app even when you are not around.
  • Furnace heads up: This feature available in the 3rd generation nest thermostat is the one that detects an issue in your HVAC system.

All the cool features of this new generation of thermostat, it is the most compatible thermostat available in the market for your home.

Google nest thermostat app

You can download the nest thermostat app from google play store for Android users and Apple play store for iPhone users.

Using this app is very straightforward. You will find all the directions in the user manual provided by the manufacturer or through this video.


Google nest thermostat is one of the most advanced thermostat in the market. It detects your body temperature, your home temperature and the temperatures of the environment and adjust according to the set figures.

If the default automatic settings are not working for you, it is possible to adjust those temperatures. Use the guide above to learn how to install, use and adjust the settings of your nest thermostat.

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