What is the stage 1 cool of EcoBee?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Stage 1 Cool of Ecobee is the device’s primary setting that ensures the maximum temperature set by the users. Once the pre-set temperature is reached to its max runtime, the stage 2 level is enabled automatically.

The two-stage Smart thermostats device of Ecobee facilitates the on-demand colling service to the homeowners. The demand for the smart air conditioner is rising among homeowners. The device is compatible with two levels of operation that provides various cooling options. 

You can run the device at the full capacity in the summer and reduce the winter’s ability. Ecobee is known for high-end devices that are energy-efficient and cost-efficient. 

Duel staging options enables the homeowner to enhance the efficiency based on the environment. Two stagings produce a more fast cooling facility that makes your device work at its optimum power.

What are the Benefits of Two-Stage Cooling?

Two-stage cooling is a new technology used by the thermostats device development company. Two state units run longer than the traditional single state unit. Another benefit of the two stagings is energy saving during the use. 

The part capacity operations give you a demand facility that makes your home temperature stay in the moderated condition. 

Comfort: The smart Ecobee system does the indoor cooling based on the temperature. The two-state smart features minimize or maximize the output and control the room temperature efficiently. 

Ecobee home automation device pre-heat or cool the home before you arrive. You can use the build-in application to operate your Ecobee device from anywhere in the world. 

The mobile app will provide you complete details about the current room temperature.

Remote access: The Ecobee device is designed to convert your traditional temperature control devices into a smart device. 

The Ecobee device comes with Wi-Fi enables facilities that makes you control the device from your Smartphone. 

Download the Ecobee application on your device, set your device in the setting, and you are ready to use the app. 

When traveling abroad, select the device on vacation mode. The Ecobee will go to the conserve energy mode. 

During the trip, the device will track energy consumption and give you a comprehensive report on the mobile app. 

Dehumidification: The two-stage temperature control device runs longer until it removes moisture from the interior. The device will lower the indoor humidity level during the cooling process. 

Better humidity control makes you comfortably enjoy your stay and keep the interior air at a moderate level. 

The high humidity would increase the discomfort, and you will not enjoy your time at home. It takes time to air to get the humid air to settle in the room. cleaner

The lower stage in the Ecobee maintains the pre-set temperature throughout the day, making its system turn off when it reaches the upper limit. The smart system allows steady cooling control.

Cost-saving: The Ecobee smart device reduces strain on the electricity grid during the room’s air cooling or heating. The automatic system maintains the electricity flow in the system. 

It activates when the energy demand is low and lowers the consumption when the demand is high. As a result, you get cheaper and cleaner energy sources. 

Your comfort is managed using the high and low humidity seasons. The device tracks your activity and inputs you give while increasing or decreasing the temperature. 

It learns from your activity and uses the pattern to keep your device pre-set mode based on the record. Next time the room temperature is automatically adjusted to fulfill demand. 

Smart Sensor: EcoBee comes with a smart sensor device that detects the room temperature change and automatically adjusts the room air temperature accordingly. Place sensors anywhere in the room, and it will start doing its job effectively. 

The sensor helps the ecoBee system to find the hot and cold areas in the room. It will evenly spread the temperature throughout the room, giving you comfort in all the corners of the home.

How does the two-stage ecoBee Furnace setting work?

A two-stage setting enables the ecoBee to control the room temperature on the predefined ground. The heat stage two temperature delta setting would monitor the room temperature. 

You can set the threshold point in the setting, and when the room temperature reaches the defined threshold, stage two is activated. EcoBee activates stage 2 automatically without needing manual control. 

Heat stage 1 max runtime needs to breach before stage two is activated. The two-stage options are available in particular ecoBee devices only, so check whether the two-stage furnace is available in your device.


The EcoBee smart home improvement device works in all kinds of environmental conditions. The devices build on a two-stage operation where stage one is the primary setting that keeps your home in the moderated condition. 

The uncertainty in the temperature change can be a discomfort to the people who are at home. 

The ecoBee provides the two-stage level that gives you an additional layer of the temperature control facility. Once stage one crosses the predefined trash hold, stage two is activated. 

The method helps you save energy costs and control your device from running at the maximum power when not needed.

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