Easy way to find mac address on LG smart TV

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MAC addresses are one of a key figure in any hardware that used to connect to a network.

The combination of IP address and MAC address makes the network data transfer protocols easier for the routing part.

In the early days, mac addresses can be seen only in computer-related products.

However, with nowadays technological advancement our each and every electronic device becoming smart and internet connected.

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

Therefore, they all have a unique mac address. SMART TV is one device category from this pool.  

Finding a mac address from a certain device can be different from device to device due to manufactures firmware differences.

So, if you are wondering a way to find the mac address of your LG smart TV, then you can use the following steps. There are pretty simple and straight forward.

Following the same steps, you can find the LG Smart TV’s IP address too.

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How to Find MAC Address on LG smart TV – Step by Step

For this process, you can use your remote control. It will be easy to navigate through the menu.

Step 01 – First, you need to go to the “settings” of your LG TV. To do that, press the “gear” icon on your remote control.

Step 02 – Once you have clicked the gear button, then a set of icons will be visible on the left side of your TV screen. In this set, you have to go to the purple icon called “Network”. Use down arrow key in your remote control to navigate into the network icon. Once you are there, press “ok” button.

Step 03 – Now, you will have another menu activated on TV left side. In this menu, there are two sections. The first section with icons is the core menu. The second menu is the sub menu of your selected core menu item. Typically, you will see the sub menu of network icon.

However, to select items on sub menu, you have to move into that section. To do that, press the left arrow button in the remote. It will move a selection label into sub menu section.  

Step 04 – In this sub menu, go to the sub menu item called “WI-FI Connection”. Once you have clicked on this, you will see the connected network in the coming window.

NOTE: before you proceeding to above stages, make sure to connect your TV to the internet.

Step 05 – Inside the new window, you will see a menu item called “Advance WI-FI Settings”. Highlight it and press it using your remote control.

Step 06 – Once you have press the above menu item, you will see your MAC address along with IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server address.

This video provides good visualization of the procedure that I have mentioned in above steps. If you are having some problems to understand it, then please check this video. It will help you to find your MAC address too.

Lg Tv Mac Address Without Wifi

  • Select either a wifi connection or an internet connection from the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Settings for more advanced wifi connections.
  • The location of your MAC address is here.

Lg Mac Address Lookup

The MAC address of your LG Smart TV may be found by following these steps:

  • Select Connection Setting from the Setup menu and click Enter.
  • Press the Enter key to choose Wireless.
  • Press Enter after selecting yes. You now have a new connection set up.
  • Enter the name of the wireless router you want to use as an access point.
  • Select Dynamic IP as the connection type. If you want an IP address assigned automatically, go with Dynamic. Using Test and Enter, you can check whether the connection is working.
  • To put the changes into effect, click OK and then press Enter.
  • To test the network connection, the player will ask you to do so. To finish, press the Enter key.

How To Find IP Address Of LG Smart TV

  • The Network option may be found by pressing the Menu button on your remote device.
  • Select the System Information tab.
  • Connect through Ethernet or wifi if available.
  • The IP address may be found in the Advanced section. Your TV’s current IP address is shown. A private IP address is assigned if you connect to your ISP through the router.

LG TV Mac Address Range

Six pairs of six hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens, make up a Mac address. From 00-00-00-00-00-00 to FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF, MAC addresses are accessible. The first half of the number is often used as a manufacturer ID, while the second half is a device identification.

How To Find LG TV IP Address Without Remote

Is there any way to get around this if you lose your remote if it is unavailable at the time? If you wish to access your IP settings, you’ll need to double-check your LG smart TV’s network settings. Without a remote, how can you determine the IP address of an LG TV?

LG TV IP addresses may be found without a remote. First, and most importantly, why do we have to alter our Internet Protocol (IP) address?

There are times when we need to update our network’s settings, set up a new network configuration, or link our TV to another electronic device that requires its IP address. Opening network configuration and following the on-screen instructions are required in each circumstance.

Let us talk about how to get our smartphone’s IP address if we misplace our magic remote.

  • A Mouse Or Keyboard May Be Used To Control Your LG Television

Check whether your LG TV has a USB port for an external mouse or keyboard. In addition, read your TV’s user manual or guide that came with the TV and go through the remote control section to locate all the compatible keyboards and mice that your TV supports.

All the most recent LG TV models include these possibilities. To get your TV’s IP address, go to the network settings, then IP settings or network properties, and you’ll see it when you connect your keyboard wired or wirelessly to your TV.

There is no need to be concerned if your mouse or keyboard is not supported. Make use of all the additional options at your disposal!

  • Navigate Your TV With A Computer Or Laptop

Any device which connects to your network, or shares your network with other devices, will have its IP address. Installing and executing third-party software is the simplest method.

IP and MAC addresses of all connected devices will be shown, including your mobile phone, IOTs, TVs, and computers. From there, you may find out the name and IP address of the LG smart TV.

  • Open The Router’s Settings

Every device connected to your home network is routed and managed by the router. To access the main router page, log in to your router using a laptop/PC or smartphone and enter your login id and password. Look for your LG TV in the LAN/WAN settings and take note of your IP address.

  • Using The LG App For Mobile Devices

Almost all of today’s most well-known firms have mobile applications. Applications might be dedicated to a single device or a group of devices, or they can be general-purpose apps that work with a wide range of gadgets.

They may be found in the App Stores. Users of Apple devices can get it via the iTunes App Store, while those using Android devices can get it from the Google Play Store. In addition to controlling your LG smart TV, you can also learn your IP address by using this program.

To utilize your smartphone as a remote control, you may download the LG TV Plus app from the LG website. To get the official LG App on your phone, follow the instructions provided below –

  • Select and tap on a compatible app store on your mobile device to begin.
  • Enter these terms into the app store’s search bar to look for an LG app.
  • Once you have chosen an app, you can touch it to bring up a new window with all of the app’s data, ratings, and reviews.
  • Verify the specifics to be sure it is legitimate.
  • When you have checked all the information and tapped the Install button, your app begins.
  • Navigate your TV to get the IP address of your smart TV once you have installed the app and connected it to it.

Can I change MAC address of my LG TV?

No you can’t! MAC address is a physical address permanently embedded into your network device. In this case, to your smart LG TV.

However, there are some mechanisms available for several modifications or “spoofing”. These things can be done on advance operating systems only.

So do not keep hope for your LG TV. It does not have advance capabilities to spoof.

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