Easy way to find mac address on LG smart TV

MAC addresses are one of a key figure in any hardware that used to connect to a network.

The combination of IP address and MAC address makes the network data transfer protocols easier for the routing part.

In the early days, mac addresses can be seen only in computer-related products.

However, with nowadays technological advancement our each and every electronic device becoming smart and internet connected.

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Therefore, they all have a unique mac address. SMART TV is one device category from this pool.  

Finding a mac address from a certain device can be different from device to device due to manufactures firmware differences.

So, if you are wondering a way to find the mac address of your LG smart TV, then you can use the following steps. There are pretty simple and straight forward.

Following the same steps, you can find the LG Smart TV’s IP address too.

How to Find MAC Address on LG smart TV – Step by Step

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For this process, you can use your remote control. It will be easy to navigate through the menu.

Step 01 – First, you need to go to the “settings” of your LG TV. To do that, press the “gear” icon on your remote control.

Step 02 – Once you have clicked the gear button, then a set of icons will be visible on the left side of your TV screen. In this set, you have to go to the purple icon called “Network”. Use down arrow key in your remote control to navigate into the network icon. Once you are there, press “ok” button.

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Step 03 – Now, you will have another menu activated on TV left side. In this menu, there are two sections. The first section with icons is the core menu. The second menu is the sub menu of your selected core menu item. Typically, you will see the sub menu of network icon.

However, to select items on sub menu, you have to move into that section. To do that, press the left arrow button in the remote. It will move a selection label into sub menu section.  

Step 04 – In this sub menu, go to the sub menu item called “WI-FI Connection”. Once you have clicked on this, you will see the connected network in the coming window.

NOTE: before you proceeding to above stages, make sure to connect your TV to the internet.

Step 05 – Inside the new window, you will see a menu item called “Advance WI-FI Settings”. Highlight it and press it using your remote control.

Step 06 – Once you have press the above menu item, you will see your MAC address along with IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server address.

This video provides good visualization of the procedure that I have mentioned in above steps. If you are having some problems to understand it, then please check this video. It will help you to find your MAC address too.

Can I change MAC address of my LG TV?

No you can’t! MAC address is a physical address permanently embedded into your network device. In this case, to your smart LG TV.

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However, there are some mechanisms available for several modifications or “spoofing”. These things can be done on advance operating systems only.

So do not keep hope for your LG TV. It does not have advance capabilities to spoof.

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