Mix Old and New Arlo Cameras: How-to Guide

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Arlo has become a pioneer in building efficient and affordable security cameras that support modern technology, such as the AI-powered video filtration process. 

The Arlo camera range is growing every year. With new cameras introduced in the market, new features are offered to the buyers. 

Each camera is significantly different from the old version of the Arlo cameras. 

The team of Arlo is working on offering various security services that keep their home or property safe. 

They are working hard to inbuild modern technology that works seamlessly in any environment. 

can you mix arlo cameras

Therefore, many devices are introduced, such as a base station, and a smart hub that facilitates the old and new users to mix the old and latest version of the Arlo cameras to produce an excellent security system. 

The Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, Pro, and Original Arlo cameras are compatible with the latest software release. 

Also, all of them connect easily to the hub without needing any other device. The Arlo app would be sufficient to run the system efficiently. 

Even the new standalone cameras connected directly through WIFI connectivity can also combine all the camera devices.

Step by Step guide to add Arlo device to the existing Arlo Setup.

1) Go to the Arlo Smartphone app. Log in to your Arlo account with the given login credentials.

2) Next, tap or click to add a new device.

3) Select the device that you want to add to the list of devices. Remember that you can add a maximum of five devices at a time. 

To add more devices, you have to set up an entirely new base station.

4) Follow the prompted instruction to add a new device and get your system ready to activate multiple Arlo cameras simultaneously. 

Note that the Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus, and Arlo Baby cameras do not support the Arlo or Arlo Pro base station. 

Do not try to connect them as it may show an error or it will not work.

Which Arlo cameras are compatible?

Arlo Pro 3 and Ultra cameras are compatible with each other. You can connect the Pro 2 with any of the new camera devices without needing to change the setup. Many old versions of the Arlo camera device are compatible with the latest version, and they don’t require changes in the setting to connect them. 

You may not use some new features, such as 2K video streaming or auto zoom features, as these features require upgraded hardware. 

The old version runs on the old hardware system. 

Combining old and new camera setups with the base station’s help would help increase the security system to capture more areas around the house. 

The combination of the old and new camera would also increase your security system’s power at no extra cost. 

It allows you to upgrade the system whenever you want.

Even in the future, if a new version of the Arlo cameras is launched, they will be compatible with the old cameras you are holding. 

The Arlo device’s smartphone app is upgraded, keeping the need of the old customer in mind. 

There will be no restriction on using the app on the old device. From the first model to the Arlo camera’s latest model, all the versions are compatible with the device.

How many can Arlo cameras run on one?

You can run five Arlo cameras on one base station simultaneously. The client has to set up all the cameras for maximum output. Once the cameras are set up, you can move swiftly from one camera to another easily to view the real-time footage. 

If you want to add one more camera to the existing setup, you have to pause one of the cameras from the five camera setups to create room for the new camera. 

You cannot connect six cameras at the time. The extra camera would require an entirely new base station or a smart hub to run. 

Can I connect my Arlo cameras to my TV?

No. You cannot connect your Arlo camera to your TV. The device doesn’t have software compatibility to work on third-party applications. Also, the device is restricted to work on the base station only due to security issues. 

The product maker does not want the other device to interfere with the core software, adding vulnerability.

Their other options might be available where you can use the Google Chrome cast or the android TV to connect the Arlo camera to the TV.

However, the application might be independent without any support from the Arlo team. So use the third-party device at your own risk. 

If the base station gets corrupted or the camera is not working, you try to set up the third-party application, and the Arlo team would not be able to support restoring the device. 

You have to re-set up the core function again to get the Alro in normal working condition.

Can you mix Arlo cameras?

Yes. It is possible to mix all the old and new versions of the Arlo cameras to create one unit and expand your horizon. You can connect up to five Arlo cameras on one base station or the smart hub. Note that the Arlo camera works only with the other versions of the Arlo devices and cameras. 

You can connect old and new versions, but it will not work if you try to connect other companies’ cameras. 

Also, the mixing of the Arlo camera reduces the options to work on the advanced features. 

When old cameras are linked to the new version of the Arlo camera, the advanced features cannot be used. 

The old version does not support the Arlo system’s latest features, such as auto zoom features, AI functionality, and many other features that make the modern device more useful in certain conditions.

How do mix-and-match compatibility with other Arlo products?

Arlo camera device comes with the complete solution. The camera setup has the base station that resides in your home. The base station does all the syncing process of data and monitoring of the Camera devices. Arlo ecosystem enables the devices to communicate with each other effectively. 

With the Arlo product, you get the easy upgrade functionality, and the security system’s expansion is easy. 

Your device can work on up to five separate cameras, all connected. Connect your new Arlo Pro wire-free cameras with the existing cameras and base station. 

You also have the facility to connect your existing wired cameras and new wireless camera device. 

No matter what model you have in your home, the Arlo devices keep you covered in every aspect of the service.

Why do you need the setup of multiple Arlo Cameras?

There will be occasions when you want to cover your entire house under security cameras. The primary location to fix the camera is the front door, where most of the activities happen. However, another part of the home is also crucial, and you should ensure that every area is covered. 

Arlo understands the need of the users, as the company has created an ecosystem of security systems that supports multiple cameras in one centralized device. 

The single unit of the base station and smart hub gives you the power to connect a maximum of five camera devices at once. 

These devices auto-sync together to the base station, where all the recordings are stored. 

The device works seamlessly, giving you the option to jump to any camera and view the real-time footage.

It would be the best way to cover your entire house under the security camera. When you are not at home, the security camera would give you an eye on the home. 

You can set up the cameras to cover essential entry points and ensure the safety of the house. 

Even you can have one camera set up in the home to capture the indoor footage to ensure no one has passed through the security camera and enter the house. 

Setting up the five security cameras is easy using the Arlo smartphone device. 

The app has added new device options, giving you instant access to nearby devices on the wireless connection. 

The base station communicates with the app and provides the necessary information to detect the nearby Arlo camera devices. 

Once you see the camera list in the app, select the camera you want to add. The device will automatically get configured, and you will have your device ready to launch. 

Remember that you will not be able to use the latest features on the old version of the camera. 

You only get the option to run the latest features on the modern camera device of the Arlo. The old device is not compatible with the new features. 

You can run the old and new cameras on basic features such as video recording. 

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