Arlo Without Subscription: Is It Possible?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Yes. You can activate the Arlo security camera without a subscription. The recording of the video will be stored in the Arlo-based station. However, it is not recommended to purchase the Arlo camera without getting a subscription. 

Why should you not use the Arlo without a subscription?

The important feature of the Arlo camera is the cloud storage facilities. All the Arlo camera is designed to run on the cloud computing service where all recorded videos are stored. Therefore, you have to pay monthly subscription fees to use the camera. 

More features are added to the paid subscribe members, frequently adding more value to the amount you will be paying to run the device. 

Also, the paid members receive priority support for any issues with the camera or technical difficulties. 

The customer support team will be available 24×7 to assist you with any query related to the security camera. 

Additionally, the Arlo security camera with the paid members gets to enjoy the AI technology.

 All the stored videos are scanned by AI-powered software that makes the detection of unusual activity easy. 

When the security camera is connected to cloud storage, the AI automatically gets activated. 

It senses every movement that happens in the view of the camera lens. The device immediately alerts the owner of the Smartphone device about unforeseen activities. 

The owner can immediately take control of the video camera and access the security camera’s live feed. 

Another essential feature of the camera is real-time monitoring from any location. 

The device is connected to the Wifi network that keeps uploading the real-time footage of the security camera on the cloud server. 

This footage is accessible from anywhere in the world. You can log in to your Arlo account and view the recently uploaded videos. 

Arlo gives you the power to monitor your house without needing to stay in the city. Your home is always secure with the Arlo security cameras. 

Does Arlo 3 require a subscription?

No. A subscription is not necessary. However, you cannot have access to the premium services offered by Arlo. The majority of the value-added services are on cloud storage. The features of the premium plan get updated frequently. You cannot use the new service if the premium plan is not enabled. 

Can I use Arlo without a subscription?

Yes. You can use Arlo without a subscription. Arlo has two options for the users to secure their premises. The paid plan comes with premium services that only subscribe members can enjoy. Premium service provides full control to the users. Whereas the free service is limited in nature. 

People who are not willing to pay the monthly fees can go with the free service. 

All the versions of the Arlo camera can connect to the Base station. This includes the Arlo Video Doorbell camera device. 

Your device is wirelessly connected to the base station over the WIFI connection. Additionally, the local storage can store the recordings and access them on your Smartphone device. 

Use an external storage system such as a microSD card, or USB Stick to store the files. 

There are different types of Arlo base stations, so before you buy one, check the kind of external storage device supported by the system.

All the new version of the Arlo camera is stored locally for free. You will not need to have a paid plan to store the video footage on cloud storage. 

How does Arlo’s no-subscription plan works?

Arlo without a subscription can be used if you are unwilling to pay monthly fees for the cloud service. The paid plan is designed to store the file on cloud storage. Also, it provides you with added features that make video recording easy. Furthermore, AI power features are only available on the subscription plan. 

The locally stored video files cannot be monitored by the AI-powered service. 

The only premium member gets access to the most advanced AI system that runs on the cloud as well as local storage devices.

Can I use Arlo Pro 3 without a subscription?

Yes. You can activate the Arlo Pro 3 without a subscription. All the new Arlo devices support local storage. It would be best if you had a base station to store all the video recordings locally. The base station would also have external storage device support to connect the USB drive or the microSD card. 

When Arlo Pro 3 is connected to the local storage device, it keeps sharing the data with the base station. 

Use the Arlo app on your smartphone to access the footage. Ensure that your smartphone is connected to the same WIFI connection. 

You will not be able to access the base station files if both devices is active on two different networks.

Does Arlo essential without a subscription?

Yes. You can use the Arlo essential without a subscription. The subscription is for premium services and advanced features. The free service is sufficient to record and store the videos on the local server. The local base station gives you access to the stored file. You can connect to the base station with the help of the Arlo app. 

The smartphone will provide you with access to locally stored files. 

You do not have to remove the external storage device and connect it to the computer to view the stored file. 

Connect the smartphone app and the base station to a common LAN network. 

Although, a subscription is recommended if you want to use the Arlo camera at its full capacity. Arlo essential is the most powerful security camera in the category. 

You have the option to choose an AI-powered security camera that runs autonomously and detects moving objects in front of the camera lens. 

AI software is useful in night or low-light locations. The AI software will be able to detect the object with the help of night vision sensors. 

The powerful sensors identify the common objects and change the viewpoint instantly. 

Arlo essential powered by AI software gives you the much-needed advantage to enhance the security system. 

Also, you can set the parameters to your stored files to recognize the face or object. 

The AI software will identify the common video clip containing a similar face or object in the stored files.

Several other features added to the subscription plan give you instant access to your security system.

Does Arlo ultra without a subscription work?

Yes. The Arlo Ulta works without a subscription plan. You do not have to register for the premium package for running the Arlo Ultra video security service. Your setup will be done on the basic plan, where the local base station will manage the storage. 

The base station is connected to your WIFI network and with the Arlo camera fixed in the house or at the doorbell on the same wifi network. 

The data collected from the camera is transferred wirelessly to the base station, where it is stored in the external device. 

What are the pros and cons of using the Arlo Security camera?


  • The camera is made of durable material that lasts longer. It also has a weatherproof coating and hardware that sustain in harsh conditions. 
  • Enjoy 2K HRD video quality with the Arlo camera device. Clear footage in the wide-angle viewpoint gives you detailed video quality.
  • Enhance night vision camera captures life footage in a dark area. You will be surprised to see how the clean images it produces in the pitch-dark area.
  • There is no contract on the offered service. Enjoy the product without any conditions for use. If you do not like to product, return it before the return policy is over.
  • The device is simple to install. No expert support is needed to manage the device. Follow the instruction given in the manual and connect the device to the wires.
  • Get the 160-degree field of vision with the Arlo camera. It captures wide-angle video covering the entire viewpoint.
  • Noise cancellation voice receiver captures clear sound.
  • One system supports several cameras. You can easily install multiple cameras in different places and cover the entire house under the security camera.


  • Sometimes you may face recording delay issues with the camera. It becomes difficult to talk to the person at the door.
  • It cannot support the home automation device. It works independently. 
  • Lacking vital security features.
  • High upfront cost.
  • SmartHub cannot connect to the Wifi device. It requires a dedicated ethernet connection to function. You have arranged a separate wired connection to the device, which may kill your aesthetics. 
  • Occasional bugs in the automated software make the device useless. You may have to contact customer support to identify the bugs and solutions to fix them. 


Arlo without a subscription could be possible after the trial plan is over. Connect your Arlo device to the local base station and get the service started again. 

You may have to purchase an external storage device to store a big file. Overall the Arlo security video camera is the best in the category. 

You will get to explore many new features that you have never used before.

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