Can’t Find the App Store on My Samsung Smart TV? Solutions

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

You need Smart Hub to access the app store on your Samsung Smart TV. Check if it is installed on your Smart TV.

If not, then installed it and then launched your favorite app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Smart Hub is a web search application that allows you to download the popular app on your Samsung Smart TV.

What is the Smart Hub?

Smart Hub is the interface installed on the Samsung Smart TV that enables the users to search and download the app on the smart TV. You can download and install apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

You can even view photos, and videos and listen to your favorite music online. Using the Smart hub features, you can use your offline storage facility to access the phone, hard drive, and USB drive content on your SMART TV.

Can't find the app store on my Samsung Smart TV

Kindly remember that not all the features available on the Smart hub are free. 

You may have to set up your account to access some of the premium services and pay the service charges. You would require an internet connection to use the SMART hub.

Samsung smart TV app store missing: possible causes

There might be several reasons why your Samsung Smart TV app store is missing on your device. The below guide will help you to identify the possible cause and fix the problem.

1) Restriction by local authority: There is evidence that people have reported that they cannot access some of their region’s applications. 

When they reported on the forum, the user knows that the app is banned in the area. Therefore, the users are not able to use the Smart Hub service on their Samsung Smart TVs. 

Also, in some cases, language barriers and restrictions from the service provider are the possible reason you cannot access the Smart hub app.

2) Internet Connectivity: There is the possibility that your region has a network issue. Check the internet service in your area and update the Smart Hub App. 

3) Premium Service: The Smart hub is not entirely free. A premium app requires the user to pay to fix the monthly amount to use the app. 

How do I find the app store on my TV? 

You would require to install the Smart Hub application on your Samsung TV. The Smart Hub app would help you to find your favorite app.

Step by Step guide to finding the app store on TV.

1) Open the Smart Hub app available on your TV.

2) Go to the search box and type the name of the app that you want to install on your Samsung Smart TV.

3) When the app appears, click install to initiate the download process. It may take a few seconds to install the app on your device.

4) Once the download is complete, your downloaded app icon would be available in the application. 

5) Click the app to open it.

Can you install the Play Store app on Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV does not permit users to install Android or Google OS on the TV. Hence, you will not be able to download the Android app on the smart TV. Although, Samsung Smart TV has an application that offers an app download facility. 

The Smart Hub is a web search application that has a library of popular applications. Search your required application. If the Samsung Smart TV supports the app, it will be listed in the App store. 

How to search for apps on Samsung smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV comes with an application called “Smart Hub” that you can use to search for the app. It is similar to the Google Play Store. Smart Hub has a huge app library, and it contains the most popular app. 

You can access the Smart hub on the Samsung tv and type the required application name in the search bar. 

Hit the search button, and you will get the available app with a similar term in the search. Note that not all the app will be listed in the Smart Hub application.

You cannot compare the Smart Hub app search with the Google Play Store. The Google Play store has the most extensive collection on the web. 

Also, the Smart Hub would not have a premium application. The app that requires a subscription will be marked as a paid app, and you have to pay the monthly or yearly subscription fees to use the service offered by those apps. 

How to Install Apps On Your Samsung TV?

There are ways you can install some of the apps on your Samsung TV. The below video tutorial would help you to understand how to use the Samsung TV. 

How to update apps on Smart Tv?

Smart TV app would require an update as you update your smartphone software. The application would be connected to the authorized server and get the updated file while connected to the internet. Ensure that your device is connected to high-speed internet during the download to avoid trouble during the update. 

The manufacturer of the TV will research the periodical update. When your smart TV needs the update, it will show the message on the screen or in the notification bar. 

Immediately update the software to keep your Smart TV up-to-date and error-free. The update adds new features to your TV and fixes the earlier version’s bugs, giving you smooth-running functionality. 

Remember that your settings would be reset to default after the update is complete. You might have to set some of the settings back as you need.

During the app, you would see the missing apps are getting back to normal. The icons of those missing apps would appear on the screen in the app section. 

You have two options to begin the regular update, either you do it with the manual procedure or use the automatic process to run the update.

It is advisable to keep your automatic update ready. Whenever there is a new update available, the TV will prompt you about the latest update and start installing the update the next time you start your Samsung TV. 

Do not worry; it will not work in the middle of an operation. Generally, an update takes place when you start the TV or when you switch on the TV. 

A manual update is also possible so that you can set the time for the update. Choose nighttime so that the software will get updated, and the TV will be shut down automatically once the update is complete.

The major update takes several hours to complete, so you should keep the TV in the update mode when you do not want to use it for a few hours.

Final Verdict:

Samsung Smart TV might include the Google Play Store service in the future model of Samsung TV. 

Currently, you have only one option, which is the Smart Hug application. This runs a similar way and provides the application download facility for free. 

You can search and install the app on your Smart TV and start using them. 

The app list may not be significant compared to the Play store, but it has the most commonly used application, so you will be able to use the Samsung Smart TV for your everyday social and entertainment time.

You may miss some of the features that you find in the other smart tv that support the Android operating system, but there is no possible solution to fix this problem. 

Use Smart Hub to find the app and see if it solves your problem.