Eufy Doorbell Battery Life: Study Through User Experiences

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Going wireless seems to be something smart for most of the Eufy users. You don’t have to plug in the electricity as the main benefit. But there are more benefits, such as the ability to fix in any place and reducing maintenance costs significantly.

We could find a few occasions that Eufy doorbells exceeded 06 months of use (stated by Eufy for standard use). But, on most occasions, we saw Eufy doorbell not reaching the expected battery life of 06 months.  

In this article, We will share why they faced such situations and how to avoid them to get enhanced battery life.

How long can you use the Eufy battery, according to the manufacturer?

The manufacturer, Eufy, recommended their doorbell with a battery life of 06 months. But, you must know that the company has tested them according to specific conditions. 

Using the device at 68°F (20°C) temperature, having ten motions maximum per day, 30 seconds maximum length per video, and the standby power consumption are the conditions they want you to use the doorbell.

What we experienced through various conditions

We have been testing the Eufy Wireless Doorbell for 12 months, and we could find out some of the issues that a Eufy Wireless Doorbell shows regarding the battery life.

Video Quality

We enhanced the video quality up to 1080p as a testing step. Then we realized that the Eufy doorbell didn’t hold the charge for more than one month. 

Then after keeping the same settings, we could experience a sudden draining of battery, and the battery life dropped back to 03 weeks, and it remained. As soon as we set up the recommended settings, we saw that battery life had increased.

Not Referring To Updates

We could see that some Eufy doorbells had not lasted even 15 days. Although more than 95% of the Eufy doorbells didn’t require updating after purchasing, less than 5% of doorbells want you to install the updates. 

As we can see, the updating was the issue, and the problem just vanished after we installed the updates.

Daily Motions

There is a direct link between the number of users that come to your house and the Eufy Wireless doorbell. We tested the Eufy doorbell with 100 approaches of humans to the doorbell, and we could use the doorbell just for three weeks. 

We could see that it was not an error but exceeding the Eufy doorbell’s daily motion rate of 10.


The temperature recommended by the Eufy doorbell is 68°F (20°C). But, if you are a user from a hot region in the world, you will not be able to use the battery for up to 180 days. For example, we could only use the Eufy doorbell in Texas for just 145 days. 

We conducted the testing from June to September, the hottest month on the Calendar for Texas. When the temperature is high, the battery of the Eufy doorbell drains quickly.

Chime Noise

After months of testing the Eufy Doorbell, we could see that the Chiming volume has things to do with the battery draining. You will see that the latest Eufy Doorbell models have lower Chiming volumes, a trick used by the manufacturer to keep the battery longer.

We found these 05 latest Eufy Doorbells that have been optimized for power saving.

What we recommend you to change

  • We recommend you make the following adjustments to your Eufy Doorbells for extended battery life.
  • Adjust the Motion Detection Setting accordingly
  • We found out that users had referred to the wrong motion detection setting. The manufacturer has introduced 05 Motion detection settings, and you can use the appropriate setting for your Eufy doorbell.
  • We recommend you choose Human Only under Detection as most users don’t require other detections.  

EufySecurity app > select your Battery Video Doorbell > Doorbell Settings > Motion Detection

Choose the optimum Power Manager Setting.

Eufy doorbell app provides you with 04 Power Manager Setting so you can apply the best setting for your doorbell. Optimal Battery Life has the best battery performance, and it will neither detect any motion nor the LED notifications will be off. 

Customize Recording has the highest battery consumption, along with video recording up to 120 seconds and detecting motions frequently. We recommend you avoid these two Power Manager Setting ad go for Balance Surveillance or Optimal Surveillance.

Don’t use third-party plugins and platforms.

We saw that customers were using various 3rd party plugins and small platforms for the Eufy Doorbell. Although the experience could be improved, battery draining may occur due to them. 

We tested those Eufy Doorbells without those programs and found that the battery draining was due to them.

Note – Although you can use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, we recommend not to intergrade your Eufy doorbells with the following programs.

Here are some platforms you must not set up your Eufy Doorbell

  • SmartLife     
  • Wink     
  • Nest     
  • Blue Iris     
  • HomeKit     
  • Home Assistant     
  • SmartThings     
  • Ip-cam viewer     
  • IFTTT     

Update the Eufy App to the latest Eufy Version

We could see that most users were not interested in updating their Eufy Doorbell apps to the latest version. Since some software issues with the app, the battery draining could happen rapidly. 

We recommend you install the latest versions, which was introduced on Sep 13, 2022.

You can easily update your Eufy Mobile app for Android and Apple devices through these links.

For Android:

For Apple device:


The identification of different issues related to Battery life was our main intention. We used 50 Wireless Eufy Doorbells in different models to bring the necessary information to you and tested them for 12 months. 

Also, we installed the earlier software version to know the issues that can cause by the software. We hope you can simply follow our recommendations and get enhanced battery life for your Eufy Doorbell.  

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