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Arlo Pro 3 is a security camera that comes with impressive features. The camera is capable of shooting high-definition indoor and outdoor videos.

View the video on a 2560p HD Video display plus 2K HDR sensors.

Videos are recorded in digital color and the infrared night vision plus supports two-way audio communication.

Arlo is best known for its 2560p HD Video quality. Compare to 1080p HD videos, the camera is capable of capturing 2x better quality videos.

The new HDR technology makes the footage clear even captured in night vision. It will not affect any shadows or flare on the video.

The smart sensors make the video recording seamless for better performance in all kinds of weather conditions.

Quick Answer

According to Arlo’s official source, the Arlo Pro 3 camera battery will last around 3 to 6 months only.

How long do Arlo Pro batteries last?

The Arlo Pro batteries last for six months under regular use. You can recharge the batteries if they drain quickly in some conditions. Some experts believe the batteries can last more than six months if the camera is set in the automated sensor mode.

The smart sensor in the camera gets activated when there is movement in front of the camera.

On an average day when there is no movement, the camera goes into power saver mode.

If you have installed Arlo Pro 3 in an area where there are few movements, then the batteries may last longer than what is claimed.

Arlo Pro 3 Battery Life

The company is also selling a solar charger connected to the Arlo Pro 3 camera for recharging the batteries with solar power.

It will increase the efficiency of the camera and extend the need for battery recharge.

A solar charger-connected camera device would not require charging if it receives a sufficient amount of solar rays throughout the year. As a result, the Arlo Pro 3 battery life would get an extension over time.

Why do my Arlo batteries die so fast?

There are several reasons why your Arlo batteries are getting exhausted quickly. Before you jump to any conclusion, you should first ask a few questions to identify the actual problem.

Have you placed the camera back at the same where it was before? It the movements around the camera gone up recently? Have to add or remove anything new to the cameras, such as the solar panel connected to the device?

Generally, the batteries get consumed due to the following reasons. Check the given reasons one by one to find the exact problem with your camera device.

1) New activities are happening in front of the camera that consumes more battery power.

2) Direct interference with the signal due to camera position relative to the base and router. The wifi router in between the base and camera could be the reason for the rapid battery drain.

3) Check the signal quality. The screen will show the bar of the signals, and the poor quality of the signal force the batteries to consume more power in search of the network signal.

4) Base station is not reachable on the camera, making it continuously seek the base station to consume more battery power.

Use the power cycling method to restart both the base station and camera device again. Remove the batteries and replace the batteries.

5) If the above method doesn’t solve the problem, disconnect the camera from the Arlo app’s base station.

Run a new synchronization method the solve the software bug of the product. It may remove any error or cache files from the application and restart the device again.

How often do Arlo batteries need to be recharged?

In normal conditions, the batteries last around five to six months. However, the different version of the Arlo device has different types of batteries so the average time would be three to four months. The battery consumption is depending on several factors.

The most common reason is how often the camera is recording the videos.

The more recording happens through the camera, the more it will consume the batteries.

Therefore, if you reduce the amount of recording the camera does, you can easily increase the Arlo pro 3 battery life.

How do I extend my Arlo battery life?

You can follow the below-given step to optimize the Arlo battery life and get the most out of it.

1) First, be sure that you have updated the device with the firmware’s latest version. It should be installed on the Arlo Base station.

2) Follow these steps to change the setting

•           Go to the power management settings.

•           It will ask you to log in, use your login credentials to log in to the Arlo account with username and password.

•           On the next page, now select camera settings.

•           Select the best battery life setting. The setting improves the battery life by reducing the video quality.

•           Default setting makes the device record four minutes of viewing or recording per day. It is an optimized version of the device.

Note that the base station’s camera distance requires more power to exchange the signal back and forth, which affects the battery life.

What is the Arlo Pro 3 battery charge time?

Compared to the other security cameras found on the market, the Arlo Pro 3 takes around three hours to charge the batteries from zero to a hundred fully. It runs on fast charging technology that fulfills the need of the customer.

In the case of an emergency, charge the batteries quickly and start using the camera. The device has a magnetic charge cable that easily snaps into the charging port.

What are the features of the Arlo Pro 3 day and night vision camera?

The Arlo Pro 3 is the upgraded version of the early release cameras of the Arlo. The improved camera device comes with much latest technology, added features, clear video quality, and many more.

Here are some of the best features you get to enjoy using the latest Arlo Pro 3 camera device.

1) Video:

The security camera of the Arlo Pro 3 comes with the latest video camera device that provides crystal-clear videos. Instead of 1080p HD quality videos, the Arlo captures 2560p HD video with the 2K video quality help.

Compared to the similar device found in the market, the HD quality video’s added features are more clear than the industry standard.

The HDR support is helpful to produce bright outdoor light. The camera is capable of taking a 130-degree horizontal view.

It is sufficient enough to capture a large part of the viewable area. Use the 12-time digital zoom to record the distance object with more clarity.

 2) Night Vision

Night vision has two options. If the spotlight on the camera is on, you will be able to record the color images.

Without the spotlight, the infrared night vision stemming from LED Sensors would take clear images. Infrared will produce black-and-white images at night.

Infrared night vision could help you to save battery life and use the device more efficiently.

If you put the spotlight on it, it will consume more power, and you will have to charge the batteries frequently.

It is entirely up to you how you would like to use the Arlo Pro 3 during the night. You can change the setting using the mobile app.

3) Audio Quality:

Arlo Pro 3 comes with a two-way audio facility. You can speak to the person at your door with the speakerphone’s help while watching the surveillance camera from your drawing room.

The two-way communication system is helpful in the case of intrusion.

You can alert the person with a voice message and let them know that you are watching them.

Additionally, you can instruct the delivery guy about the delivery package place using your phone. Or tell kids that they cannot play basketball at the home near the dinner table.

It gives you the freedom to communicate using your smartphone while on the go. The device is connected wirelessly.

 It gives you access to your home without needing you to be present at the place. When you are on holiday, you can track what is happening around the house.

4) Storage:

Arlo’s product manufacturing company also offers a cloud storage facility. The security camera linked to the cloud storage would store all your video files on the server.

These video files will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

The security camera is always connected to the cloud server, so in case of an unexpected event in your home, the video files are always safe on the remote server.

Also, you can download these files anytime.

Arlo Company offers various cloud storage packages with a monthly subscription. You can choose the package based on your need.

If you do not want to go with cloud storage, you must have our local storage system connected to the device. The recorded video will be stored in the local storage system.

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