Spotify Blend Color Meaning: Palette and Music Genres

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Spotify Blend is a cool feature that I have recently experienced. Spotify color palette allows me to create a personalized playlist with my friend.  

The playlist is updated daily with new songs that are suited to our tastes and moods. That is soo amazing it understands our feelings and customizes the playlists.  

The colors of the dots on the Spotify Blend playlist represent the different types of music that my friend and I like most.  

What Do the Colors in Spotify Blend Mean? 

The colors in Spotify Blend represent different aspects of music taste such as energetic, danceable, and happy.

Here is a brief of what each color means: 

1. Red

The red palette represents passionate and energetic music. So if your playlist looks on red that means you are enjoying listening to rock, pop, and electronic music

2. Orange

Orange represents upbeat and positive music. People who are associated with the color orange tend to enjoy listening to pop, dance, and hip-hop music

3. Yellow

Yellow represents happy and cheerful music. People who are associated with the color yellow tend to enjoy listening to pop, country, and folk music

4. Green

Green represents relaxed and calming music. So your playlist design with green tends to you enjoy listening to classical, jazz, and ambient music

5. Blue

The blue color code represents thoughtful and introspective music. People who are associated with the color blue tend to enjoy listening to indie, folk, and alternative music. 

6. Purple

The purple color palette represents mysterious and ethereal music. People who are associated with the color purple tend to enjoy listening to electronic, experimental, and world music.  

How does Spotify blend playlist create?  

Jen Lamere, one of the senior engineer in the Spotify team mentioned blend is automatically combining the tastes of two different people into one playlist.  

Moreover, Rosie Maharjan associate designer who works on creating Spotify Blend expresses her ideas that Blend is not just a playlist because it is an in-app experience for all the users.   

So you want to create a Spotify Blend playlist, you’ll need to have a Spotify Premium subscription.  

Once you have a subscription, open the Spotify app and go to the “Made for You” tab. Tap on “Create Blend” and then select the friends you want to add to your playlist. 

Once you’ve selected your friends, Spotify will create a playlist that includes songs that you all like. 

Then you will be able to create and experience your own Spotify color palette for a better music experience.  

What are the benefits of Spotify Blend?  

I explored more and more new music trends around the world. when I was using this new feature. Because it shares my friends and my interest as well.  The shared listening interests explore more new music than individual tastes. 

It is a fun and easy way to everyone can use it.  So, simply go to the Spotify app and go to the browse tab. Next, tap on the blend icon.  

Wrapping things Up 

The color codes in Spotify blend is a new feature that was introduced to Spotify users and I think it is more cool and fun for the start new conversation on world music. So, don’t miss out to take a look at your Spotify Blend colors and what they mean about your music taste to your friends.