How To Blend Spotify With Friends?

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Just like you, there can be others who love listening to Music. If you have such friends who share the same habit, Spotify has introduced a new feature, Spotify Blend. It takes just a few seconds for you t blend your Music with those you want.

How to Blend Spotify with friends?

There are two main ways to end Spotify, with your friends and Artists.

Blend With Friends

You may follow the below steps to Blend Spotify with your friends.

  • Type “Blend” in the search bar
  • Tap on “Blend,” which is the first in the search results
  • Select “Create a blend List,” which allows you to create a playlist
  • Tap on Invite (You may copy the link to your Blend Playlist and then send it to your friends via any app you like. Also, you will be given the available choices through the Spotify app itself)
  • Ask your friends to open the link using the Spotify app and choose “Join.”

As soon as your friends join Blend Playlist, you may Blend Spotify with them.

Note :

  • The Blend will choose the songs that you and your friends may mutually enjoy. You can add songs and hide them from the Mutual Playlist as well.
  • You can see the Blend Taste Match percentage by tapping the three dots and then “See Stories.” It will show how you and your friend have the music favor as a percentage.
  • You can invite a maximum number of 10 friends.

How to get into the Blend Playlist You Have Created?

We found two main ways to get to the Blend playlist you created

1. Go to Library > Playlists and choose the playlist you created

2. Go to “Made for You” and then choose the Blend Playlist

How to add a friend to the Blend Playlist I created earlier?

If you have yet to exceed the ten friends in the Blend Playlist, you can add friends to the Blend Playlist anytime.

  • First, you must go to the Blend Playlists and then tap “Blend.”
  • Tap on the “Add Friends Icon”
  • Tap “Invite more” and then choose the friends you want from the list

Blend With Artists

You can enjoy the songs contributed and shared by your favorite artists with the Spotify Blend feature. Also, you can check how far your Music ate tallies with your favorite artists.

First, you must find the Blend invite link of your desired artist. We found most of the artists’ Blend invite links from their official social media accounts. Also, you may find that from the “Artist pick playlist.” You must go to their Spotify profile to get that.

  • Tap on the link
  • Open the link using the Spotify app and open the invite
  • Tap on “Go to Blend”
  • Now, you can see the songs shared by your favorite artist and enjoy them

How to share your Spotify blend with a taste match?

You can easily share embracing graphic-based stories on your social media or any place you want.

  • Go to Blend and tap on Three dots
  • Tap on “View Blend Story”
  • Tap on “Share This Story”

How can I exit the Blend I have joined?

  • Go to Blend and tap on Three dots
  • Choose Leave Blend and then confirm it

Note: Although you leave a Blend, you can join it again by clicking on the invite link.

Why can’t I blend on Spotify?

I saw that some Spotify users had faced problems when trying to blend. We found some solutions for them as below.

Updating the Spotify app to the latest version

Clearing the Cache memory of the app

  • Go to settings and tap on apps (Although Android and iOS have slightly different options, you will find the right path)
  • Find, Spotify
  • Tap on Store and then Clear Cache

Reinstalling the app

Delete the Existing Blend Playlist and create a new one with the same songs

Note: We found that some users could not join a Blend as the playlist had reached the maximum number of 10 users. Therefore, make sure the Blend has not reached the maximum number.

How to make a blend on Spotify iPhone?

You might bother about how to make a blend on Spotify iPhone, thinking you have a different path to follow as an iPhone user. But, we found that the particular path is similar to the one we explained above.

How to make a blend on Spotify Android?

You might bother about how to make a blend on a Spotify Android device, thinking you have a different path to follow as an Android user. But, we found that the particular path is similar to the one we explained above.

We found the following video that may give you a quick guide.


We have explained everything you need to know about Blending with Spotify. If you have more things to know, please contact us.

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