Are Firestick Remotes Waterproof?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

The old Firestick remotes are not waterproof. They might get damaged if they accidentally fall into the water. However, the new Fire TV Stick 4K has a waterproof remote. You can use it near a pool or in your bathroom without worrying much. Just make sure you do not completely submerge it underwater. 

Are Firestick remotes waterproof?

A Firestick remote is a cute little thing that makes your life much easier. You can control your Firestick with this remote. You can do anything with it. From changing settings to changing apps- you can do anything from any corner of your room. 

Sometimes you use your Firestick remote by your poolside or in your bathroom. But beware, if it accidentally falls in the water, it will get damaged. Water can damage any electronic device. Your firestick remote is not out of that danger. 

However, Waterproof Fire TV Stick 4K offers a waterproof remote. Your firestick is not waterproof. It has to be kept in a secure location inside your house. But the remote is complete- waterproof. 

You can use this remote by your poolside or in your bathroom. It will float on your pool or bathtub but won’t get damaged. How amazing is that! Here are some of the key features this remote offers: 

  • It is a 100% waterproof remote. 
  • It will connect easily to any TV. 
  • It comes with Amazon Fire TV 4K Bundle. 
  • It has one year of warranty. 

This remote can be a great deal if you have plans to switch your firestick. You can now buy Fire TV Stick 4K to get a waterproof remote. But if you do not have a plan for switching, there are other ways you can protect your Firestick remote.

How do I protect my Firestick Remote from Water? 

If your Firestick remote is not waterproof, you have to make sure- it does not fall into the water or get damped. Water can damage your remote and, you might have to buy a new one. It will cost you some unnecessary money. 

Prevention is always better than cure. You can take a few protective measures to keep your remote- safe from water. Follow these steps to keep your remote safe: 

  • Do not use your remote with wet hands. 
  • Do not spill any food or water on your remote. 
  • Use soft water and rubbing alcohol to clean your remote. 
  • Never expose your remote to any extreme weather. 
  • Use a waterproof silicone cover to protect your remote from water. 

Will a firestick remote work after being washed?

You have to be careful while washing or cleaning your firestick remote. Do not use water to clean it. Especially do not put your remote into a washing machine. It can damage the remote in so many ways. 

Use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean your remote. Make sure it does not get wet while cleaning. Do not hold a remote with wet hands. It can damage the remote too. After cleaning your remote, let it dry for some time. Then put new batteries in and, your remote will be ready to use. 

But, you might face some trouble here. Your remote might not work! Don’t panic. There is a trick to making your remote work. Take your remote and press and hold the select button and the play button together for about 15 seconds. Your remote will start working. 

A video tutorial explaining how to fix a not working firestick remote

If it still doesn’t work, hold and press the Home button for a while your remote will start working. If your remote doesn’t work after trying all these remedies, it is time for you to contact Amazon customer support. You might have to change your remote. 

How do I Clean My Firestick Remote? 

You will have to clean your remote at regular intervals. Otherwise, dust or other residues will line up on your remote and damage it. Make sure you do not use water to clean the remote. Use a soft clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean it. 

You can also use a dishwasher to clean your remote. You have to make sure to dry the remote well after washing it. Follow these steps to clean your Firestick remote: 

  1. First, remove the batteries from your firestick. 
  2. Then take a clean cloth and dip it in rubbing alcohol. 
  3. Now, gently clean all over your remote with the cloth except for the buttons. Do not clean the button with rubbing alcohol because it will erase the marking from your remote’s buttons. 
  4. Mix some dishwasher with water. 
  5. Then take another soft cloth and dump it in the dishwasher. 
  6. Now take the cloth and wipe the remote’s button with it. 
  7. If you want to clean the inner side of your remote, you will have to open it. To open your Firestick remote, separate the bottom portion and the sides with a card. Then clean all the components. Make sure you do not damage anything.
A video tutorial showing how to open a Firestick remote and do a cleaning process

After cleaning your remote, keep it under direct sunlight or in the open air to dry it. Then put your battery in again and start using it. 

What do I do if my Firestick remote gets wet?

You should keep your firestick remote away from the water. Your remote will get damaged if it comes into contact with water. So, make sure it says away from a sink or poolside. Do not hold your remote with wet hands. Always take good care of it. 

But still, if it gets wet and stops working, do not just trash it yet. There are some remedies you want to try before you put them in your dustbin. 

If your remote gets wet, first wipe it with a dry cloth. Then remove the batteries from your remote. Then put it in rice. Yes, you read it right. Rice can soak up water from your remote. You might have to keep it in rice for several days. Then, put the batteries on and see if it works. 

You can also keep it under sunlight and open air. Your remote will dry from the inside in this way too. Contact Amazon customer support or your local distributor if it still doesn’t work.

What can I do if My Firestick Remote Does Not Work?

Your firestick remote can stop working if it gets wet or become damaged in any way. Here are what you will do if your Firestick remote stops working: 

  • Check the Batteries: If your Firestick remote suddenly stops working, the first thing you will do is, check the batteries. Remove them from your remote and see if they are installed properly. Use new batteries if old ones do not work. Never mix old and new batteries. 
  • Pair the Remote: If the remote loses connection with your firestick, it will not work. You will have to pair it again. To do so, take the remote near the firestick and press & hold its Home button for 10 seconds. Repeat the process a few times. 
  • Clean the Connectors: There is a chance that your remote connectors are covered with dust and are not working. You have to keep cleaning the connectors after a few days. Use a dry clean cloth to do it. 

Final Word

Water can damage your Firestick remote and, you might have to change it. It will cost you some extra buck. So, it is always wise to be careful while using it.