How to Remove Ecobee from Wall: Step by Step 2 Minute Guide

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Among many thermostats in the market, ecobee is one of the best smart thermostats that you can have.

Alexa-enabled advanced features will make your life comfortable.

So, if you are to move your house or do a redecoration, you may want to remove and replace your ecobee without any damage.

If so, this guide is for you. I’ll keep everything pretty simple and straightforward.

You can follow the below steps to remove your ecobee thermostat from your wall.

Do not forget to use proper tools and safety precautions before going to remove your ecobee thermostat.

How do I remove my Ecobee thermostat – Step by-Step Guide

ecobee mounted in the wall

For installing the cheap thermostat, you can follow the above instruction in reverse order.

In summary, you are going to pop off your thermostat from the wall, remove the base plate, disconnect the wires and install a cheap one to reduce damage (optional).

The detailed steps are as follows,

Step 01: First, turn off your power to the ecobee-connected furnace.

Then make sure it is off. You can do this by increasing or decreasing the temperature value through your ecobee.

If your furnace is off, then it will not change the temperature in the house (even if you have instructed the ecobee to change it).

Step 02: Now, remove your ecobee system from its base plate.

You can just pop it off the wall.

Step 03: Then, take a clear picture of the wiring.

ecobee wires inside the panel

This will be helpful in reinstalling your ecobee in another place.

Step 04: Use your screwdriver and remove the nuts from the wall to remove your base plate.

remove the ecobee system from its base plate

After that, properly disconnect the wires (it’s a good practice to label the wires).

Step 05: If your system has a PEK installed, then you need to remove that too.

You can do this by connecting wires from the PEK to the furnace. Now, your ecobee is removed successfully.

Step 06 (optional): mount a cheap thermostat

If you’re going to a new house, then it’s good to mount a cheap thermostat in the empty wall base. Otherwise, a home without heat could damage due to extreme temperatures.

Tips for removing the thermostat more easily

  1. Always use the right tool
  2. Watch a Youtube video of the same model-removing process. Visuals help better way to understand.
  3. If you are doing this for the first time, just give a call to a professional and have a chat. They will educate you regarding risky points.

Risks of damaging the Ecobee thermostat or the wall if not removed properly

Removing your ecobee is easy, but you have to be careful. Otherwise, you may end up damaging both your wall and thermostat.

  1. Scratching or damaging the wall: The Ecobee thermostat is typically mounted on the wall, and removing it without care can result in scratches or damage to the wall’s surface.
  2. Damaging the thermostat: If the thermostat is pulled or twisted out of the wall, it can damage the device’s internal components or wiring.
  3. Electrical hazards: Ecobee thermostats are powered by electricity, and improper removal can result in electrical shocks or other hazards.
  4. Voided warranty: If the device is damaged during improper removal, the warranty may be voided, leaving the user responsible for any repairs or replacement costs.

Those are the most common issues you can face if you are not careful.

Issues that may happen during removing the ecobee thermostat

  1. Damage to the wiring system: One wrong move with a tool can damage your power lines to the thermostat. Therefore, you have to be in focus mind during the process.
  2. Use of additional force: Sometimes, your ecobee seems stuck. It will not move easily from the wall. When that happens, never use too much force to remove it. Instead, try to look at why it stuck.
  3. Metal screw corrosion: If your screws are corroded, then you need to put a little bit of machine oil to loosen the screw and try again.

Does Ecobee have battery backup?

battery backup in the ecobee system

When removing your ecobee, you could be worried that your ecobee settings and schedules can be destroyed if it isn’t a battery backup. Am I right?

Well, ecobee control device does not have a battery. But do not worry. It has a flash memory.

So it will save all your settings and schedules within it and reactivate them once the system gets power through wires.

However, ecobee sensors do have coin batteries. You may need to change them once in a while.

There will be a notification in the ecobee device if its sensor battery becomes low.

You can change your ecobee sensor battery as the way explained in this video.

Ecobee sensor battery life?

The remote sensors in the ecobee will last one and a half years to two years for old models (which use CR2032-type coin cells).

However, the newer models have a longer life span. They use CR2477 coin cells which could last around 5 years.

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