How to Remove Ecobee from Wall: Step by Step 2 Minute Guide

Among many thermostat in the market, ecobee is a one of best smart thermostat that you can have.

Alexa enabled advanced features will make your life comfortable.

So, if you are to move your house or do a redecoration, then you may want to remove and replace your ecobee without any damage.

If so, this guide is for you. I’ll keep everything pretty simple and straight forward.

You can follow below steps to remove your ecobee thermostat from your wall.

Do not forget to use proper tools and safety precautions before going to remove your ecobee thermostat.

How do I remove my Ecobee thermostat – Step by Step Guide

For installing the cheap thermostat, you can follow above instruction in reverse order.

Ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch

Smart Lighting 

  • With built-in motion detection, ambient light sensors, and built-in Alexa
  • Control from anywhere

Does Ecobee have battery backup?

When removing your ecobee, you could be worried that your ecobee settings and schedules can be destroyed if its isn’t a battery backup. Am I right?

Smart Lighting for Home

Well, ecobee control device does not have a battery. But do not worry. It has a flash memory.

So it will save all your settings and shedules within it and reactivate them once the system get power through wires.

However, ecobee sensors do have coin batteries. You may need to change them once in a while.

There will be a notification in the ecobee device if its sensors battery become low.

You can change your ecobee sensor battery as the way explained in this video.

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Ecobee sensor battery life?

The remote sensors in the ecobee will last one and half year to two years for old models (which use CR2032 type coin cells).

However, the newer models have longer life span. They use CR2477 coin cells which could last around 5 years.

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