Can a Stolen Firestick be Traced?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Sadly you cannot trace a stolen firestick; if you lost your firestick or it gets stolen, Amazon has no mechanism to trace it back to its location. They can access IP addresses at most, but this is just a location- no accurate information about its whereabouts and the person who is now using it. 

Can a stolen firestick be traced?

Amazon firestick is a small device that can go missing or stolen easily; you should be particularly careful about your firestick if you have an open house.  

Amazon has internal trackers that trace internal activities like what you are watching on your firestick but, the sad thing is, they cannot trace a stolen or lost firestick. It is impossible to identify the new owner and their location. 

Amazon does not have any mechanism yet to trace down a stolen firestick- it can just locate the IP address, which is certainly not nearly enough. So, if you somehow lost your firestick- that’s it, it’s gone forever. 

In that case, you have to disable your firestick. Contact Amazon support- to permanently disable your firestick account. 

How to Disable my Stolen Firestick?

You should disable your firestick if you accidentally lose it or have it stolen; you have to do it because firestick has your Amazon account on it- the person who has it can access your account and make a purchase. 

You have to report it as lost from your Amazon account to disable it; nobody will be able to use it online. You cannot stop them from using it- they will not be able to register it with an account and use Amazon store. 

If you report your firestick as stolen, Amazon will use all the data they collected from your firestick to block permission of making any purchase using your account. So, make sure you report as soon as your firestick goes missing. 

There is an easy way to report your lost or stolen firestick from Amazon website; contact Amazon customer care after deregistering your firestick. Call them using their customer support number or live chat with them. 

Follow these steps to deregister your firestick device

  1. First, visit Amazon website and log in to your account. 
  2. Then go to Manage your Content and Devices and select Your Devices 
  3. Now select the device that you have lost or stolen. 
  4. Next, select Deregister and confirm your selection. 
  5. Finally, contact customer care and tell them your case. 

You can call and talk to their customer care executive and tell them about your lost firestick, or you can use the live chatting option. 

How can we use third party methods to enable tracing of a stolen firestick?

Amazon does not have any tracing mechanisms for firestick devices. So, if it somehow goes missing, there is no way you can trace it. Using a third-party tracking device can be helpful in this case as it can tell where your device is and who has it. 

Amazon can only detect IP addresses if your firestick goes missing and someone else uses it, but knowing IP address won’t bring your lost or stolen firestick back. A third-party tracking method might help you.  

There are many third party methods to enable tracing on a stolen firestick device. Apple AirTag and many other GPS-enabled trackers are such devices. I will show you how you can use them to trace your stolen firestick device.

How Can I Track My Firestick with Apple AirTag? 

Apple AirTag is a small device that can track lost items such as your remote, wallet, keys, and just about anything- a small, lightweight device that you can attach to anything and track using your iPhone. 

It is made of stainless steel and has a built-in speaker that makes sounds and helps you find tracked items. It has IP67 water and dust resistance ratings. So it is water and dustproof. 

You can use Apple AirTag with your firestick to trace it. You have to attach the AirTag device with your firestick. If your firestick goes missing somehow, you can track down the AirTag location using your phone to know where both the device went. 

Apple AirTag can trace within or beyond the range- it uses Bluetooth to find devices. The Bluetooth range is AirTag’s range that is 10 meters. You can trace it beyond it too. 

When you set your AirTag, you will find it on Find My app on your iPhone. Find My app tracks all your apple devices. It will show you the current and all recorded locations of your AirTag. So, if you attach it with your firestick and if it goes missing, you can check it on Find My app to see its current location. 

Apple uses a lot of data points to find AirTag’s location. It uses a camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, ARKit, etc. to track its location. You can see its current location on a map and make sounds in your AirTag to find the tracked item. 

If your lost firestick is within a 10-meter range, you can use Find My app to make sound from the AirTag to locate it. AirTag uses Ultra-Wideband technology. It is like a small-scale radar. Nowadays, many smartphones have it. It allows precise real-time tracking. It can show the direction to your firestick- if within the range. 

But it is unlikely that your firestick is stolen and stays within the 10-meter range. In that case, you have to use Find My network to track down your AirTag and firestick. There are millions of Apple devices in this network and, they can locate devices that are in this network. 

The connected devices can detect Bluetooth signals from lost or stolen AirTag and send location status to its owner. When you lose your firestick that has AirTag attached, put that AirTag into Lost Mode and wait till Find My network finds it for you. 

Here’s how you will set up your AirTag using an iPhone: 

  • At first, you have to peel the plastic tab from the back of your AirTag to activate the battery. When you hear a sound, you know your AirTag is on. 
  • Next, hold your AirTag near your iPhone. Your phone will detect it automatically. 
  • Then select Connect from the popup window. 
  • Now, give a name to your AirTag. 
  • Finally, register it with your Apple ID and, your AirTag is all set. 

The good thing about AirTag is now it runs on many android phones too! 

Can I Track Firestick with GPS Trackers? 

You can use small GPS-enabled trackers with your firestick. If your firestick goes missing or someone steals it, you can use these trackers to find its location. You have to attach the tracker with your firestick. You can use them in your firestick remote to locate it too. 

You can install a GPS tracker on your firestick too. You will have to sideload the GPS tracker app using APK. But they do not deliver good results in most cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Firesticks have GPS?

No, Amazon Firesticks do not have built-in GPS functionality. They primarily use your internet connection to stream content and do not have the capability to track physical location via GPS.

Can a jailbroken FireStick be traced?

Technically, it’s possible to trace any device that connects to the internet, including a jailbroken FireStick. However, Amazon does not actively track or monitor the use of jailbroken FireSticks. It’s important to note that while jailbreaking a FireStick is not illegal, using it to stream copyrighted content without permission is against the law.

Is it illegal to chip a FireStick?

The act of “chipping” or “jailbreaking” a FireStick is not illegal. However, using such a device to access copyrighted content without authorization is illegal. It’s always recommended to use legal streaming services and follow all applicable laws when using your FireStick.

I bought a stolen FireStick: What should I do?

If you suspect you’ve purchased a stolen FireStick, it’s best to report it to your local law enforcement and provide them with any information you have about the seller. You should also contact Amazon Customer Service to report the situation.

Can you track a lost Fire Stick remote?

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in feature to track a lost Fire Stick remote. However, you can use the Amazon Fire TV app as a remote on your smartphone. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Can Amazon block a stolen Fire Stick?

Yes, Amazon can block a Fire Stick from accessing their services if it’s reported as stolen. If you’ve lost your Fire Stick or believe it’s been stolen, it’s recommended to contact Amazon Customer Service to report the issue and prevent unauthorized access to your Amazon account.

Final Words 

If your firestick gets stolen, there is very little chance to track it and get it back. So it will be wise to take preventive measures because nobody will be willing to go far to find a $40 device.