I lost my LG TV remote (How to ON/OFF What to do)

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Losing a remote does not mean that one can never use the TV set. However, what to do when this happens? LG TVs are smart TVs that are so popular nowadays that you can browse various social media content on the TV itself. But wouldn’t it be weird if you couldn’t use the TV because the remote was damaged or lost?

Since LG TVs are smart TVs, one can use more than a remote to control the volume, browse the channels and even play movies on apps like Netflix and Amazon prime without a remote. If something similar happened to you, then read this article below and see if anything helps! Let’s get started! 

What can I do if I lose my LG TV remote?

Nowadays, Smart TVs are the buzzing new things that let you watch normal TV channels and browse apps like YouTube, Hot Star+ and even Netflix with a proper Wi-Fi connection. Use the remote to control everything when watching the TV; however, what can you do if the remote gets lost or, worse, damaged?

Well, technology has expanded so much that working a TV without a remote has become possible. While one can use the buttons on the TV to turn ON/OFF the TV, you can use your phone as a browser or cast videos on the TV through a smartphone to watch your favourite show.

Therefore, even if the remote is lost, the TV can still function since the basic model of a TV includes buttons or touchpads for the most basic functions, such as Power ON/OFF switch, volume up and down and Menu button.

How to turn ON/OFF LG TV without a remote?

The most accessible option is the power buttons present on the TV itself, which can power on or off the TV.

This method has been invented for such a situation only, i.e. if anybody loses their remote control. Then, the logo be located on the bottom side of the TV.

The button only functions as an ON/OFF button with a single tap. Some TVs have a “+” and a “-“sign that is used to navigate through the channels or increase and decrease the TV volume.

A menu button is located on the bottom side of the TV, which helps you open the Guided Menu that work with the usage of the plus and minus buttons.

Is it possible to control my LG TV without a remote?

Yes, it is possible to control your LG TV without an actual remote control by using the physical control buttons on the bottom side of the TV set.

However, the world has excelled on the road to technology and has invented smartphones that control our lives.

If a person has LG TV, they must download the LG ThinQ app, which works as a remote for you to use the Smart TV. The app is available to everybody using Android as well as iOS. One has to pair their apps with the TV to use them without using the remote control.

Apart from this wonderful app, one can even use the LG TV Plus app to access the TV and turn it ON or OFF easily.

However, be careful of a few things:

  • The LG TV and the Smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection for the app to work on the phone.
  • When you launch the app, click the +symbol present right at the top of the screen.
  • Read throughout the information and select OK.
  • Choose the TV option present below the Home Appliances section.
  • Choose the LG TV model no. Of your TV on the devices searched through the app.
  • Enter the verification code displayed on the TV screen and select OK.
  • Link email-id at this point which adds to security and flexibility of the connection.
  • Choose the Move to Home option.
  • Now, successfully work the app and turn it ON or OFF as per will.

How do I find my lost LG remote?

Losing a TV remote infuriating since you watch the television daily. However, it is even funnier to imagine not losing the remote since everyone at the house uses the remote quite often, surrounded by pets. Therefore, let’s look at some possibilities that happen around your home:

  • Check the clutter around the TV and the sitting area. See if the coffee table is hiding the remote under all the mess filled.
  • Inquire each family member for the remote and especially the one person you suspect the most. Or, ask the person you saw with the remote last.
  • Attack the couch and see if the remote isn’t stuck under a crease that have gotten there when somebody slept over it.
  • Move the furniture around like a sofa since somebody have dropped the remote down, or it have gotten under the couch or a table by your pet.
  • Check other rooms since now, and then we go to the kitchen to fetch something keeping the remote in hand, only to forget the remote.

A smart way of finding your lost TV remote is by using the TV remote control finders, which uses Bluetooth to find the TV remote by connecting through your phone’s Bluetooth and locating the TV through the app.

The remote finder search up to 30 metres and has a battery backup of about a year. Not only that, the idea is great if losing a remote is a frequent practice. It’s a thin device that stick to your remote control using double-sided tape. In addition, the remote tracker can be shared with others using the app, and anybody can track the TV remote. Isn’t it cool?

Can I replace the LG TV remote with an alternative?

Well, you can! Buy the LG TV replacement remote control from the official website or service centre and use the remote like nothing ever happened

There is no setup needed by the remote, and it works with all the models of LG TVs, even the older ones. There is a learning feature as well, which help you understand the remote control better. The keys present on the remote control are common for all and hold the main functions too.

Following are the steps to using an LG TV Replacement Remote Control:

  • Insert batteries in the remote and start using the remote control without any setup.
  • The remote control works with all LG TV models.
  • The best way to find whether the replacement remote is genuine is by looking for features such as Menu, Energy Saving button, Guide button, Netcast, 3D, AD and Source. All of these functions are common functions for all LG TVs, and you can find them on the remote as well.

You can even buy a Universal remote to use on the LG TV and pair it with the TV with a one-time setup procedure.


Losing a remote control is like losing your mobile phone. Your life depends on TV and watching it daily since it has become such a crucial mode of entertainment. I watch Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube on my TV because it is a form of therapy for me. Similarly, people love watching TV and spending all their leisure time on it since it is therapeutic and relaxing.

Now, imagine losing the remote! But, of course, it should not stop you from watching your favourite show, which is why Science came up with a solution: TV apps on smartphones.

Using an app is way easier and more comfortable than using a remote, and you can never lose it. Therefore, if users lose their phone, they can depend on Smartphones to come and save the day! 

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