Why is My EUFY Doorbell Not Working?

Whether your EUFY doorbell isn’t working straight out of the box or after running fine for a while, your first instinct might be to pick up the phone and give a piece of your mind to the support reps.

You paid for a supposedly revolutionary piece of smart home product, and now it won’t do the minimum of what it’s supposed to. Fear not. As we’re about to outline in this article, there are some common and easy-to-fix reasons for a faulty EUFY doorbell.

You’ll probably have your doorbell up and running again within minutes of going through this article. So don’t even bother with the hassle of getting a replacement before you’ve put our tips to practice!

Why Does My EUFY Doorbell Keep Going Offline?

There are some common errors that keep popping up again and again across the complaints filed by EUFY doorbell users. Luckily for us, most of these errors are easy to fix and don’t require expert intervention.

So after lots of research and refining, we’ve put together the following list for you:

1. EUFY Doorbell Not Powering On

This is arguably one of the most common errors out there. People turn on their doorbells but don’t get so much as a blink. So why is your EUFY doorbell offline?

Well, the first thing we recommend is to check the batteries. Make sure they’re not all out of juice because that’s a common cause of dead doorbells. If you don’t have a device to measure the remaining percentage of power, you should consider getting a new pair of batteries and trying those out instead. If the device boots up, then you know the batteries were the culprit.

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Now, if changing the batteries doesn’t solve the problem, or you have a wired doorbell, then the next step is to diagnose the transformer. A lot of time we see people using the wrong type of transformer, which causes the device to never power on. To fix this problem, you should go through the user manual and make sure the type of transformer you’re using matches with the one outlined in the instructions.

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If you’re using the right transformer, then it’s possible that your transformer might have gotten fried due to some electrical error. In that case, replacing it is the only option. You should be able to find a replacement at your local electronics store. But don’t forget to replace the whole thing, even the wiring around it if possible as those can get faulty with electrical fluctuations and what not.

Furthermore, if your EUFY doorbell is showing a red light, then that’s a solid indicator of voltage mismatch. You need to plug the device in a 16-24 volt AC wiring for this error to go away. Of course, this type of error will show up during the installation, so if your device was working fine but now showing this red light error out of nowhere, you should probably contact support because voltage is certainly not the problme here.

2. EUFY Not Connecting with Homebase

If you’re wondering why your EUFY doorbell keeps powering off without connecting with the Homebase, then you need to watch out for a yellow ring on your doorbell. This is a built-in notification for Homebase connection errors.

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The solution to this problem is to reset your doorbell completely, which will automatically fix the errors in most cases. If you don’t know how to reset your doorbell, keep reading because we’ll tell you how in a later section.

3. EUFY Not Reacting to Motion

If your device is powering on just fine and you don’t have any Homebase connectivity issues, then the next most likely problem is faulty motion detection.

A lot of users have reported that even with a person standing straight in front of the camera, their doorbell reports that the space is empty and hence no one is there.

The way to fix these kinds of issues is to go into the activity zone settings of your device and set a more reasonable parameter. Same thing with motion sensitivity. You’ll have to do some tinkering with these settings because you want the device to cover a reasonable area and motion activities without getting triggered over nothing. Just try different settings and see what suits your needs best. The user manual will tell you everything about this.

How Do I Reset My EUFY Doorbell?

If you want to watch a video of the process click here.

One of the easiest tech fix that’s always worth trying is to reset the whole thing. Like magic, it fixes all sorts of errors. You’ve probably experienced this at least once with your router. So let’s do the same with your EUFY doorbell.

To reset your EUFY doorbell, all you need is to press on the Sync button, let it go, and then repeat this for 5 times in total. Be sure to do each repetition with minimal delay to do this successfully.

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Your next step is to hit the reset button on your Homebase device, and just like that, your rig will reset to factory settings in minutes. Once that’s done, hop on to your Homebase settings and install any updates that might be available. Updating to the latest version will always bring down the number of possible errors.

Once all that is done, attach and configure all your devices to your preferred settings. Voila! Your EUFY doorbell is reset and ready to be used again!

How Do I Get My EUFY Doorbell Back Online?

Since we’ve covered so much today, let’s do a quick summary here to bring everything together into simple steps.

Bringing your doorbell back online is as simple as making sure that the batteries, transformer, and wiring are in good condition. If not, simply replace the faulty one with a new pair and boot your devices as usual.

Next consider resetting your device like we explained in the previous section to fix any faulty settings and bugs. In mere minutes, your EUFY doorbell will be back online like nothing ever happened!

If your doorbell still won’t work, then it’s time to throw in the towel and call in the experts. Luckily the support by EUFY is good at helping customers fix these problems.

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