Why is Fitbit Not Tracking Sleep?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Among the Fitbit device features, sleep tracking is a dominant feature.

Recently, we saw users finding their Fitbit devices are not tracking their sleep.

They had seen the data related to sleep to be zero within the last few days. 

We found several reasons for Fitbit not tracking sleep, such as not having enough battery on the Fitbit device, not having 1 hour of sleep for sleep patterns or 3 hours for sleep stages, software issues, firmware issues, and sensor issues. 

1. Software Issues

Software issues are one of the most common reasons not to display your sleep.

The Fitbit developing team sends frequent updates for their bugs, and they have mentioned a few times that the best answer for such bugs is to install the updates.

fitbit software issues

We found that users who complained about “Sleep Tracking issues” were using older software versions.

Note: The latest software version of the Fitbit app is version 3.59. You must update your Fitbit app to that version. 

2. You Are Wearing The Fitbit Too Loosely

The recommended way to wear Fitbit devices to track sleep is to wear them loosely.

Fitbit Too Loosely

But you should ensure the watch doesn’t go up and down quickly.

We saw that some people wear the watch loosely as the tightened watch might have been a disturbance to their sleep. 

3. Your Fitbit’s Battery May Be Too Low

When your device’s battery is low, the functioning becomes weakened.

fitbit battery low

As one of its functions, the device will not be able to detect your sleep. Even if the Fitbit device detects your sleep, the value may be less than the actual value. 

We found users who had dropped their sleep value to more than 50% due to low battery conditions.

The reason is the sensor is not working as there is insufficient power. 

4. Syncing Issues

When your Fitbit device is not sharing its data with your Fitbit account, you can’t see updated and accurate data through your phone. Similar to the Fitbit Sleep score missing problem.

Sleep tracking and syncing data are essential to get accurate data relevant to your sleep.

If your smartphone has one of these issues, the syncing will not happen. It means you won’t see accurate data. 

  • Your phone is not connected to the internet
  • Your Bluetooth connectivity has issues
  • Your firmware has issues
  • Your Wi-Fi connectivity has issues
  • Your phone has several parties before Fitbit when syncing
  • Your phone’s free space is low

Note: More reasons can cause trouble with syncing. We have explained to them the main reasons. 

We found a few Fitbit products that have similar fixes for sleep-tracking issues. You may use the following fixes to get quick results. 

How Sleep Tracking Works On Fitbit Devices?

The sleep tracking of Fitbit devices works in two ways, automatically and manually.

You must do it manually if you are using Fitbit 1 or Fitbit Zip. If you forge it to start the sleep tracking, you will not be able to see your sleep data. 

Note: If you are using the latest models of Alta, Blaze, Charge, Flex, Inspire, Surge, Ionic, or Versa, it is not necessary to set the manual sleep tracking as they support automatic sleep tracking.

There can be more reasons not to track your sleep other than this. Here are detailed explanations of why your Fitbit did not track your sleep

How to fix Fitbit Not Tracking Sleep?

Restart Your Fitbit Device

Restarting can fix more than 80% of issues related to sleep tracking.

We recommend you restart both your Fitbit device and the smartphone.

If you can restart the app following a “Force Stop,” that will also be enough. 

Keep A High Battery Percentage When You Go To Bed

We recommend you maintain a high battery percentage (over 50%) before going to sleep.

If your battery is low, it will record your sleep than you slept. 

Clean Your Fitbit

You must clean your Fitbit device at least once in 02 months. Also, you must use an electronic cleaner to do this. 

Note: You must turn off your Fitbit before shutting it down. 

Keep A Short Distance, Good Wi-Fi Connectivity, And Bluetooth Connectivity For Syncing With Your Phone

After waking up in the morning, you must keep a closer distance from your phone to see data.

Although the recommended distance is 20ft, keeping 10ft close will be grate.

Also, make sure your Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivities are in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitbit Inspires 2 Stopped Tracking Sleep

The reason why you inspire two is not tracking your sleep is you have a sleep shorter than 03 hours. Since the sleep stage tracks a minimum sleep duration of 03 hours, the data will not be synced to your smartphone. 
Furthermore, restarting and changing the inspire to a wearing position may fix the issues if the length is not your problem.

Issues With Sleep Tracking On Charge 5

The most common reason why your Fitbit charge five doesn’t track your sleep is its shape. We observed that its shape might cause its sensors to get dirty. After cleaning most of the sensors, the sleep was measured accurately. Also, you may try other wearing positions.

Issues With Sleep Tracking On Versa 2

Your versa 2 device might not have tracked your sleep due to a dirty sensor.
Also, you may change the watch’s sensitivity settings to get detailed information about your sleep.
We recommend this if you are with a partner who may disturb your sleep. 
1.You must go to your Dashboard and then get to the Account tab.
2.Tap on the Advanced Settings.
3.Go to Sleep Sensitivity
4.Finally, tap on Sensitive

Issues With Sleep Tracking On Fitbit Charge 4

Not giving a sleep score was one of Fitbit’s 4 most common issues.
You must set your Fitbit charge 4 to track your sleep, and heart rate monitoring is on. You will see a sleep score when the sleep stages are in check.  We found below fixes that can be used for your Fitbit device that doesn’t track your sleep.


We hope you have an understanding of “Why your Fitbit is not racking sleep” and how to fix them. If you still can’t fix the issues, please get in touch with Fitbit customer service for assistance.

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