How to Remove Vivint Panel?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

So you need to take your Vivint panel down from the wall because you need to move it to another place, change the battery, sell it to someone, or for any other reason.

The reason doesn’t matter. What matters is you don’t know how to remove the Vivint panel from the wall and you want to know how to do it.

In this post, we’re going to talk about just that. So let’s start with whether or not it’s possible.

Can I move my Vivint panel from the wall?

The quick answer to this question is, yes. In case you’re interested in reading the longer and slower version of the answer then read the next paragraph, if you’re not interested then feel free to skip it.

The reason people ask this question is that they don’t know if they can move the Vivint panel on their own. Otherwise, the answer is pretty obvious because if the guy who installed the panel could do it, it means that someone who knows how to install this panel can do it.

So the answer to the real question is what we have already given, yes. The reason why everyone can do it is that it’s quite simple and easy to do.

So, are you interested in learning how to remove the Vivint panel from the wall? Alright then, let’s talk about the good stuff.

How do I remove the Vivint panel?

Removing the Vivint panel ideally requires two tools.

1) Phillips screwdriver.

2) Moves Kit from Vivint.

You can do it with only the screwdriver, though. If you’ve got the tools/tool ready, follow the steps below.

Before we get into the step-by-step process, let’s talk about how long it’s going to take and whether it’s easy or not. The whole task should take only between 3-5 minutes, and it doesn’t require much effort.

While it might seem obvious that removing the Vivint panel wouldn’t require much effort, because it can be done in only 3-5 minutes, it doesn’t mean that all tasks that can be done within 3-5 minutes are easy to do.

If you disagree with what we’ve said above, just try doing a CrossFit workout or even a simple meditation session of 5 minutes and you will change your mind.

If you’ve got your screw with you, let’s start screwing.

Step1: Turn off the Vivint Smart Home System (how to turn off vivint alarm system). This step is important because if you haven’t turned off the system, the system will spread a false alarm and you’ll have to listen to the loud and unpleasant siren.

Not only you, but even your neighbors will have to listen to this unpleasant sound and someone might even decide to visit your house to check if everything’s ok. This can be time-wasting and even quite embarrassing.

Step 2: Unplug your Vivint panel’s power source. If you don’t know where the power source for your Vivint panel is, don’t worry we can help you find it.

The power source should be at some outlet near the Vivint system. For some reason, there could be plenty, the guy who installed the Vivint panel might have placed the power source at some outlet that’s far from the location where the Vivint panel is installed.

So first you should look at the outlets that are near the Vivint panel, you’re probably to find the power source by doing this. But if you don’t, then look at each outlet in your house.

Step 3: Remove the smart hub from its mount. This is quite a simple and easy task. Gently push the panel against the wall and lift it up until it is completely removed from its mount.

If you’re trying to lift up the panel but it just wouldn’t move, then add just a bit more pressure and try again. It’s important to be careful and not put much pressure because doing so can damage the panel or the mount, or both, most likely the mount.

One more thing to note is that the panel might start beeping. We’re highlighting this point because we’ve read some comments about the people who were worried about the safety of their panel.

They thought beeping is a warning sign that their panel is in danger, so many of them even decided to put the panel back on the mount. If this happens to you, then know that it’s nothing to worry about. This beeping occurs when there is a technical error in the system and the panel produces a false alarm. 

Step 4: Take out the battery. The battery is located at the back of the panel. Taking out the battery will power the panel down.

Step 5: Release the power cord. The power cord is located at the mount. To realize it, press the two press tabs. While the tabs are pressed down, you should remove the wires down and through the wall.

Step 6: Use the screw. Now is the time to put your tools to use. First, remove the screws located on the backplate of the panel and remove the whole plate from the wall.

Step 7: Remove the power wire. Pull the power wire from the outlet, remember to be gentle because any unnecessary pressure can hurt the outlet.

Step 8: Join the panel back together. Now that you’ve successfully removed the panel from the wall, it’s time to join it back. To do so, push the front cover and backplate up and together until they click.

Step 9: The last touches. Screw the top screws on the wall and place the plastic plate from the moving kit over the screws. Ideally, the plate should hang on the wall like a piece of art (you get our point).

Does the Vivint panel have battery backup?

Yes, Vivint panels come with a backup battery. But that’s not all there is. Because Vivint panels don’t just come up with a backup battery, in case something wrong happened to the battery, there is a backup battery available for the users and if the battery is running low and users are running out of electricity, they won’t need to buy the new battery.

The benefits of the Vivint panel are a bit more than just that. The battery is already inside the panel, so even if one battery runs out you won’t lose electricity. The benefit is that people don’t have to even get up and spend 10-15 minutes replacing the battery.

How to store and move Vivint panels after removing them from the wall?

Fortunately for the users, storing and moving Vivint panels isn’t even nearly as complicated and difficult compared to some other panels.

Actually, it’s not just much easier than those panels but it’s quite easy overall.

After you’ve successfully removed the Vivint panel from the wall, you can join it back together and then just store it in a place where it’s safe and less likely to get broken or damaged.

We suggest joining it back together because when the pieces are separated they’re more likely to be lost.

That’s it, we’ve covered everything. If you’ve found this post helpful, feel free to share it with your friends on social media.