How Do I Reset My Vivint Thermostat?

So you want to learn how to reset the Vivint thermostat? If you don’t know how to do, then no worries, because that is exactly what we’re going to help you do.

In this post, we’re going to talk about how to reset the Vivint thermostat and the Vivint thermostat’s battery. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get to it.

How do I reset my Vivint thermostat?

You can reset the Vivint thermostat by following the 5 simple steps we’ve mentioned in this section. Reach each one thoroughly and you’ll successfully reset the Vivint thermostat.

Resetting the thermostat is not a complicated procedure. Actually, it’s the opposite. It’s quite simple.

Why is it so simple? Because of two reasons. The process is quite short. It can be done within 2 minutes. The second reason is there is not much to understand. It’s a quiet straight forward process.

So now are you interested in finding out how you can reset your Vivint thermostat? We bet the answer to this question is an astounding YES. How do we know it? It’s quite simple. We don’t feel like we have to explain it, but for the sake of conversation, here we go.

Because you’re reading this post and because you just found out that the solution to your problem is actually very easy and simple. Of course, that would make anyone filled with excitement and happiness.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the process.

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Step 1: You’ll have to perform a factory reset. To do so, follow these instructions.

Turn on your Vivint panel. You’ll be at the home screen at first. Don’t tap anywhere on the screen. It’s essential that you stay on the home screen while you take this step, otherwise you won’t be able to perform a factory reset.

With that clear, do this. Press the button located on the left side of the Vivint panel. Don’t let go of the button. Press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds, maybe even 4.

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Step 2: After you’ve pressed and hold the side button of the Vivint panel for about 3-4 seconds, you should be shown multiple options on your screen. On the screen, tap on the button called Installer. It’s the second one from the top-down.

After tapping on Installer, press the side button again.

Step 3: After tapping the Installer button and pressing the side button on the panel, you’ll be shown various new options on the screen.

Tap on the option called Reset. After tapping the Reset button, press the side button on your panel, again.

Step 4: You’ll be shown this message. Do you want to perform a factory reset? There will be two options. Yes, and No. Tap on Yes.

Step 5: Now you’ll be asked to confirm your decision. There will be two options. Confirm and Don’t. Tap confirm and then press the side button. Now the panel will perform the factory reset function.

First the panel will go into the reset mode and then it’ll reboot. So everything goes back to the way it was when you first used the panel.

There is one last thing you’ve got to do to successfully reset the panel. You need to connect your device to the Z-Wave network and specify your system’s equipment.

Now, you can successfully reset the Vivint system.

How to reset the Vivint’s thermostat’s battery?

First, let’s talk about why it is good to reset the Vivint thermostat’s battery? The reason is because if the battery isn’t working properly (it runs out of power much sooner than expected), there is a better solution than buying a new battery.

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You’ve probably guessed what is the solution by now, and yes you’re right, it’s resetting the battery. Sometimes simply resetting the battery will improve its power.

The process behind why it happens is pretty long and complicated, so it’s better if just focus on the solution instead of wasting our time worrying about the why. With that said, let’s proceed forward.

Now, we’re going to walk you through the step-by-step process for resetting the thermostat’s battery. Again, we’re not going to talk about the why, instead we’re simply going to walk you through the process.

So if you’re ready, let’s start talking.

Step 1: Keep using the thermostat until the battery completely dies. To make the process faster, you can increase the cooling/heating to the maximum and leave the room.

This way the thermostat will use its maximum power and the battery will die pretty fast. When the thermostat turns off because of a low battery, follow the next step.

Step 2: Turn the thermostat on. We know you’re thinking, why should I turn the thermostat back on? Didn’t I already drain its battery?

Yes, you did. But not completely. Because when the thermostat turns off the first time, the battery still has some power left in it. Also, don’t wonder about why, leave that to us. Simply follow the instructions and get the result.

By turning the thermostat on, you’ll notice the green light of the thermostat will turn on but before the thermostat starts running fully, it’ll turn off. This is a good sign, because the battery is nearly dead.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to kill the enemy (just temporarily). Now keep repeating the process of turning the thermostat on and off until the battery becomes completely dead.

The battery should die after repeating the process for 3-5 times.

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Step 4: Now it’s time to bring the battery back to life. Once this is done, our work will be completed and the battery will be reset. So are you excited? Of course you are. So here is what you’ve got to do.

Start charging the battery. But make sure not to turn the thermostat on yet. After you’ve plugged the charger with the battery and turned it on, leave the battery for the next 3 hours.

The reason you’ve to leave it for so long is because we want to make sure the battery gets %100 charged. The battery can be charged within 2, but because of various reasons it can take longer. We don’t want to leave anything to chance, therefore just keep it charging for 3 full hours.

One more thing to note is to not leave it charging for up to 4 hours or more. The reason is doing so can damage the battery.

Step 5: After it’s been full 3 hours, it’s a %100 guarantee that your thermostat’s battery is %100 charged. Now it’s time to put the battery back into the thermostat.

After that, just turn it on and reap the benefits.

That’s it! You’ve learned how to recharge the battery. One thing to note is that it may not improve your battery’s performance. If that’s the case, contact the Vivint customer support.


You’ve learned how to restart the Vivint’s thermostat and the Vivint thermostat’s battery. We’ve tried our best to explain everything as simply as possible.

Nonetheless, if any point is not clear, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Also, if you’ve liked the post, make sure to share it on social media so more people can benefit from it.

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