How to unlock LG TV key lock?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

LG TV key lock function restricts users from using keys from its panel to operate the device. To deactivate this feature, you have to press Menu from your LG remote and then go to Lock> Key Lock> Off. Now you can use the buttons to operate your TV. 

Why is my LG TV saying key lock?

Like other manufacturers, LG TV also has a key lock feature. It locks the keys located on the bottom or side of your TV panel. When the key lock is activated, you cannot operate your TV with those locks. You can adjust volume, switch channels, and browse TV settings using the keys. 

If your LG TV shows a key lock message, it means the key lock feature is activated. You cannot use them to operate your TV. You have to deactivate the key lock feature to use them again. You can do it easily using your LG remote. 

How to unlock LG TV key lock?

How to unlock LG TV key lock

LG TV key lock feature will restrict you from using keys on your TV panel. But you can easily unlock it using your LG remote (without remote) (without remote). It is an easy standardized process; all you have to do is press some button on your remote. 

Follow the process below to deactivate the key lock using your remote:

  • First, take your remote and press the Menu button. 
  • Then find Setting from the appeared options and click on it. 
  • After that, click on Lock from the Settings options. 
  • You will find the Key Lock option; tap on it. 
  • Finally, turn off the key lock from the option.

It should unlock your TV keys by now. See if you can operate your TV using the buttons. 

How do I turn off key lock on my LG TV without the remote?

There are several options to unlock your TV keys without a remote. Some of these options are easy, and some are a bit hard to crack. I will show you all the possible options to unlock the key buttons. 

Buying a Universal Remote 

Universal Remote

As the name suggests, universal remotes work with all models and makers of TVs. Using a universal remote is probably the easiest but worst way to unlock the key locks. It is easiest because you can deactivate the unlock feature in 5 seconds using your remote; Worst because it involves buying a new remote. 

However, a universal remote will unlock your TV keys in no time. So, if you want to follow this way, you have to purchase a universal remote and release the key lock with it. 

Conducting a Soft Reset 

Here is the process of performing a soft reset:

  • First, you have to locate the OK or Enter button on your LG TV panel. It will be either at the bottom of your TV or side. 
  • When you find the button, click on it. 
  • Hold the button for five seconds to initiate a soft reset. 

Your LG TV will start resetting. If the key lock doesn’t deactivate yet, you will have to go for a hard reset. 

Performing a Hard Reset 

Performing a hard reset on LG TV

Performing a hard reset on your LG TV means transforming your TV into an out-of-the-box factory setting. It will delete all your custom settings and make your TV look new. You can delete the key lock using a hard reset. However, most hard resets involve a remote control or using your LG TV panel keys. 

But you are in an uncomfortable situation where you do not have your LG remote, and your TV key panel is locked. So how can you do it? Well, there are two options. One of them is easy but might not work for all LG TVs.

Another is an unconventional way, and your LG recommends that you do not do it. But extreme circumstances require extreme measures. If the easy one does not work, you will do it the hard way. 

In the first method, locate the OK or Enter key from your TV panel; click and hold it for 10 seconds. If your LG TV model is designed to support hard reset in this way, it will be initiated. All your settings will be removed, including the locked key settings. 

But, if your TV does not initiate a hard reset in this manner, you will have to go for the second method. Most LG TVs have a battery pack inside their back panel. It keeps your TV settings and features active if any power outage happens. 

Key lock is a feature in your LG TV. It is stored in that battery pack. So, you can effectively deactivate the key lock feature by removing the battery pack. Let’s see the step by step process of removing the battery pack and deleting the key lock settings: 

  • Firstly, you have to unplug all the cables and unmount your LG TV from the wall. 
  • Then, keep it upside down on a clean and soft surface. 
  • You have to remove the screws along the border to cut open your back panel. 
  • After unscrewing completes, lift the back panel. 
  • Now, it’s time to locate the battery pack. 
  • Wear a pair of rubber gloves in your hand and look for a circuit-looking compound around your TV battery. You have to try and see which tool can remove it.  
  • After locating the battery pack, unplug the cables and remove the screws from the battery before removing it. 
  • Then remove the battery and leave it out for five to ten minutes. 
  • Finally, reassemble the battery into its place. Make sure all the screws and cables are correctly attached. 

Your LG TV should have a hard reset itself, deleting all previous settings, including the locked key feature. 

Use LG TV Plus App to Hard Reset 

Use LG TV Plus App to Hard Reset

You can hard reset your LG TV to deactivate the key locked feature using LG TV Plus app if you happen to lose your remote control. It might sound intimidating, but trust me, it is not that hard. Just follow these steps: 

  • Firstly, download the LG TV Plus app on iPhone. Unfortunately, this app is only available in the Apple app store. So, android users cannot use this method. 
  • Then turn your LG TV on using the power button. If you wonder, the power button works even if other keys are locked. 
  • Open the app and scan for your TV. Connect with your TV when the app locates it. 
  • Now, go to the app menu and select the Lock icon. 
  • Please turn it off to deactivate the lock feature. 

How do I turn off key lock on my TV?

How do I turn off key lock on my TV

If your LG TV shows a key-locked message, the key panel is locked, and you cannot use it until you unlock it. The easiest way to unlock involves your TV remote. You can turn it off by going to the settings on your TV using the remote. 

But if you do not have a remote, you can hold and press your TV’s OK/ ENTER button for 5 seconds to perform a soft reset. It will unlock your key panel. 

LG TV key lock remote not working: Solution

LG TV key lock remote not working

Your LG TV remote can unlock the key lock from your TV. Because you can control all your TV’s settings using the remote. But if the remote cannot unlock your key panel, you have to understand that your remote is damaged. In this case, you can press and hold the OK or Enter key to initiate a soft reset. 

You can also use a universal remote or LG TV Plus app to delete this setting. If they are not accessible, go for a hard reset. 

Final Word 

You can easily deactivate the key lock feature using your remote. But it gets complicated when you do not have a remote. I hope you have learned how to remove the key lock feature whether you have a remote or don’t. 

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