How does google nest camera work?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Google Nest camera acts as a bridge between technology and your home security. This gadget is capable of running the whole night provided there is Wi-Fi connection to aid in saving the video. However, the premium version of this camera known and nest Aware allows your camera to save the video locally even for days in case your Wi-Fi switch off for a particular reason. 

Nest camera does not have a large backup storage space to store videos. So if by any chance the power goes off and there is no Wi-Fi connection, your camera will save only one hour of the recorded video. For these reason, it is advisable to pay for the premium subscription. This way you can access clips of a particular time incase of a 

What is nest aware subscription?

Nest aware is a paid subscription that allows you to keep track of how things are running in your home. This subscription can be used with Nest camera, speaker and display. The services you get are dependent on your region and the type of Nest camera you have. 

In this segment, we will talk about the different features of Nest aware and how to go about when subscribing to this premium service. 

Nest aware login 

Accessing Nest aware if you are an Android phone user is very easy. You can either subscribe using the Google home app or through Google store. On Nest app, you can first use the free trial version for 30daye before subscribing to the paid one. However, you will need to login to your account first. 

  • First install Google Home app
  • Then purchase Nest aware from the Nest app. 
  • Follow the given set of procedures to subscribe to Nest Aware.
  • Before purchasing Nest Aware, ensure you sign in to the Google Account you use in the Nest app.
  • Tap setting then Account to find your account in Nest app. Ensure all day other devices are showing on the home you select. 

Manage nest aware subscription

The first step to managing your Nest Aware subscription efficiently, learn the type of Nest Aware you are using. There are three different types of Nest Aware and each had different billing. 

Depending on the time you bought your Nest Aware you might be using either;

  • Nest Aware (1st generation)
  • Nest Aware (2nd generation)
  • Nest Aware plus (2nd generation)

Learn the three different types of Nest Aware from this guide if you are confused on which plan to take. Most of these and allow you to pay either annually or monthly.

Nest aware vs nest aware plus

Both Nest Aware(1st Gen) and Nest Aware plus (2nd Gen) fulfill similar functions. However, Nest Aware plus is the advanced version of the 1st Gen Nest Aware. Therefore, it has some few improvements that separates it from the previous version. Nest Aware 2nd Gen and Nest Aware plus are about 99.9% similar. This table will give the few differences between the Nest Aware 1st Gen and Nest Aware plus.

SpecificationsNest Aware (1st Gen)Nest Aware plus
BillingMonthly: $6Annually:Monthly:$12Annually:
Subscription structureIf you have a number of cameras in your home, each of the camera needs it’s own subscriptionYou only need one subscription even if you have 10 cameras at home
Additional subscriptionIf you have a logged in Google Nest Aware account in your home, you will need to pay another subscription to add another device You only need to add another home on your Google Home app if you are adding another device

Both Nest Aware and Nest Aware plus can be used in countries that support Nest Aware and both can be managed from Nest or Home app. 

Nest aware subscription discount

Both Nest Aware and Nest Aware plus give you 2 months free if you pay your subscription annually instead of monthly. You can take advantage of different amazing deals from couponxoo. Here you can get a 50% off your next subscription or even a free whole year Nest Aware 

 Nest aware subscription cancel

Cancelling your Nest Aware subscription depends on where you bought your Nest Aware. 

Nest aware plus subscription

Subscribing to Nest aware plus is not complicated. You can use this guide to follow the given procedure if it’s your first time using this plan.

However, if you want to upgrade from 1st Gen, you can follow this procedure

  • Go to them choose subscription. 
  • You will find three dots icon next to the subscription
  • Select change your plan 
  • Then select Nest aware plus
  • Tap next
  • Review the subscription
  • Then you can confirm purchase. 
  • Once you switch to Nest Aware plus, you cannot change your billing plan.

Nest aware subscription not working

If your Nest Aware is not working even after paying your subscription, you need to check if the account is linked to your thermostat. Most people that complain about their subscription not working end up discovering the Nest Aware is linked to the thermostat

You should use Google Home app instead of Nest app. 

Nest aware free trial

Once you subscribe to Nest Aware you get a one month free before you start paying for your subscription.