How does google Nest work?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

In this decade, almost everything that is run in homes can be described as smart devices. For instance, you can set your home audio, lighting, security, and HVAC through smart devices.

Google is one of the top providers of these smart devices which are a kit of the Nest. If you are already aware of Google assistant, this smart home option uses the same concept only that it is more advanced.

In this article, we will take about some of the most famous products run through Google Nest commands. First, we will discuss what Google’s Nest is.

What is Google Nest?

Google Nest is a smart home  solution that can make your life so simple. All you need to enjoy this new assistant from google is by commanding your appliances using the “Hey Google” command. Aside from the common HVAC and audio commands, Google Nest can perform more than eight functions that you might not be aware of. Some of these commands include;

  • Translation of language
  • Get recipes in your kitchen
  • Switching off the lights
  • Setting an alarm
  • Listening to music, podcasts, and news
  • Operating the HVAC system
  • Finding a movie playing nearby
  • Telling the weather outside

All these and other commands are possible through the use of Wi-Fi and the Nest app.  

How does google Nests work through Wi-Fi?

Through the use of the Google Home app, you can connect all the devices running in your smart home from one screen connected to the main home Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi enables you to send commands and stream things from the internet.

What does google nest do?

Google Nest is a smart home system that works with Wi-Fi to ensure you are living your best life. This smart home system can stream music from the cloud. You can watch Netflix or YouTube using Google assist option.

Google Nest has led lights that indicate the system has heard your command. Google Nest has a wide range of products from audio players, cooling and heating your home, setting up your home security, and so forth.

It is possible to track all your energy use through the Eco option. Some of the best products from Google Nest is the Nest thermostat. With Google Nest, you will have the best entertainment experience while keeping your home cozy. If there is any foreign word in a movie you are watching, through “Hey Google” you can get a translation.

What is Google Nest Wi-Fi?

Google Nest Wi-Fi is the latest mesh from Google that replaces your existing Wi-Fi router to give you a smart option. Google Nest Wi-Fi runs with points that can be used to increase the coverage of your home. Setting up Google Nest Wi-Fi is not complicated. You need to have the requirements and some know how to setup that I will provide you with in the section below.

How to setup google nest Wi-Fi ?

The first step of setting up Google Nest Wi-Fi is having the required equipment;

  • Nest Wi-Fi router
  • Nest Wi-Fi points/Google Wi-Fi points to increase the coverage
  • An Android phone version 6.0 or later
  • iPhone or iPad version 14.0 or later
  • A Google account
  •  A Google home app on your Android or iOS.
  • Internet service from your provider
  • VLAN tagging for ISPs.
  • A modem

With the listed equipment you can then go ahead and set up your Google nest Wi-Fi

Step 1: Download the Google home app on Android or iOS

Step 2: Set up a home if it is the first time using the Google Home app

Step 3: Choose a location to setup your router.

Step 4: Connect the Ethernet cable to your Nest Wi-Fi router WAN port

Step 5: Connect the other end of the Ethernet to the modem

Step 6: Into any wall outlet, plug the Nest Wi-Fi. You will get an indication that the router is set by a light with pulse white

Step 7: Open the Google home app from your phone

Step 8: Choose add then Set Up device, a New device

Step 9: Choose home and select your Wi-Fi router

Step 10: You can set up your device by scanning the QR code on your device

Step 11: Create a room for your router

Step 12:  Give your Wi-Fi a name and create a strong password

Step 13: If you want to add another Wi-Fi device, tap yes and repeat the process.

Step 14: You can then go ahead and follow this procedure to add the points for coverage.

Google nest Wi-Fi vs google Wi-Fi

Just like other brands, Google is always making advancements of their products. Google Wi-Fi was among the first network connections option from Google.

In Google Wi-Fi option, a router is placed in the central place. One device connects to the router while another device which had weak signal is connected to the main central unit wirelessly. When this devices link up, a mesh is created which had the capability to run every home device.

Google Nest Wi-Fi concept has been discussed widely in this article. However, we will create a small table to show the difference between Google Nest Wi-Fi and Google Wi-Fi

SpecificationGoogle Wi-FiGoogle Nest Wi-Fi
DesignAvailable in whiteAll the cylindrical devices are the same size with a diameter of 4.1 inch and a height of 2.7 inch  Wide color rangeDevices are rounder and aesthetically pleasingCome in different sizes. Standard routers have a diameter of 3.66 inches and 4.88 height.
PriceRetails at $99 and a set of 3  at $ 199Retails at $169
Connection rangeCovers upto 1500 square feet per unitCovers an area of up to 2200 square feet per unit and 1600 for mesh connection
FeaturesControlled from Android or iOSControlled from Android or iOS

Although Nest Wi-Fi is the latest, Google Wi-Fi still have more unique and better features and works better than Nest Wi-Fi.

Google nest terms you may like to know

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 known as AX Wi-Fi is the next generation that provides services 4times better and faster than traditional Wi-Fi. This latest technology has some of the amazing features as explained here.

Google Wi-Fi app

To help you manage all your smart home activities, Google Wi-Fi was the best option. However, it was recently replaced by Google home Wi-Fi

Google home Wi-Fi

This works the same way as a Google WI-FI app. However, it is more advanced.

Google Wi-Fi router

A Google Wi-Fi router is a device that is installed in your home in a mesh connection to enable your home use the smart devices through Google Assistant.

How does a Google Nest Mini work?

Through the use of Google assistant and a connection to a strong Wi-Fi, you can send commands to the Google Nest Mini which is a speaker to play music, find a movie playing nearby, answer some internet query or even give you recipes from the kitchen.

what is google nest mini (2nd generation)

This are smart home speakers controlled by your voice by saying “ Hey Google” followed with the command. You can get personalized schedules, stream music from sound cloud or Spotify or listen to podcasts from a google home app.

Google nest mini features

  • Durable fabric
  • Can play music from other devices such as phones or laptop
  • Able to control other home  devices

How to set up google nest mini

Step 1: Plug in the Google Nest mini

Step 2: Download the Google Nest home app from either the Apple play store of Google play store

Step 3: create home if it’s your 1st time using the app

Step 4: Search for device name from your app. Tap add

Step 5: Accept the terms a s condition by taping I agree to continue

Step 6: you may choose to receive the report of your Google Nest Wi-Fi

Step 7: Ensure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi used in the home

Step 8: Start running the device from your phone

Google nest mini uses

  • Set time
  • Play some music or news
  • Offer translation
  • Answer any questions
  • And control smart devices.

Google home mini vs nest mini

This two devices are almost similar except on the design, control and a few features. The table below will generalize the difference between the two.

SpecificationGoogle home miniGoogle Nest mini
DesignNeeds accessories to mount on the wallHas inbuilt screw mounts
ControlsHas Tap volume controls, pause controls, and physical microphone mute button  Has Tap volume controls, pause controls, and physical microphone mute button
FeaturesTwo microphonesThree microphones
Sound40mm drivers and 360-degrees sound40mm drivers

What is google nest thermostat?

A google nest thermostat is a smart home device that runs under Google nest app or Google assistant.

This device is very advanced in a way they can detect your body temperature and automatically create a schedule. Google nest thermostat detects when you are not around and adjust the temperatures to reduce the energy used to run this device.

What is google nest camera?

A Google nest camera detects the activities around your home. It sends signals when it detects familiar faces, new faces, animals or anything out of the ordinary around your house

What is google nest hub?

Google Nest Hub is a smart home option that provides the insight of your home in one screen. You can monitor all the activities going on in your home, play some music, use a vacuum cleaner, and heat or cool your home.


Google Nest products are one of the most advanced and life saving products available in the market. You can run a bunch of programs in your home while still enjoying some entertainment and in the right temperatures using Google Nest.

The guide above has all the information you need to start your journey with Google Nest.

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