Calibrate Vivint Thermostat? 5 Steps Only

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

So you want to know how to calibrate the Vivint thermostat? Well, you’re in the right place because this is exactly what we’re going to answer in this post.

The post is going to be a bit long, so buckle up and get ready to learn.

How do I calibrate the Vivint thermostat?

The process is just a bit long, but we’ve covered it in a simple manner below.

So your panel is showing the temperature of 76° but to you, it feels more like 71°. This doesn’t make you feel as warm as you like to feel.

You’re feeling cold, and you don’t like it. This cold can increase your anger, stress, and other negative emotions. If things aren’t bad already, there is fear.

Yes, you know what fear we are talking about. The fear is called “fear of getting sick.” You fear that you’re going to get sick, because of cold weather you’ve fallen sick before.

The fewer can be mild and you can get a bit of a cough and sore throat, it’s nothing too bad, still something that’s much better to avoid. So you’re already feeling bad, plus add this fear your anxiety levels are very likely to skyrocket now.

If just there was some way to solve this problem. If just there was a solution that would allow you to calibrate your thermostat so you can adjust the temperature to your preference.

Wait, what is that? You won’t believe what I’m about to say. Yes, there is a solution to your problem. Yes, you can calibrate your thermostat to your preference. 

Now the question is, how do you do it? Well, that is what we’re going to cover in the rest of this section. So if you’re ready to get rid of the anxiety, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your fear of getting sick, if you’re ready to calibrate your thermostat, follow the steps below.

Step 1

So here is the first step you’ve got to take. You’ve got to the settings menu. To go to the settings menu first, you’ll have to go to your panel.

Now if you have the panel at your fingertips, do this. Press and hold the side button on your panel for four seconds. Now the settings menu should appear on the Vivint panel’s screen.

If the panel didn’t appear, try again.

Step 2

Now you’ve got to go to the option called installer. It should be located in the 3rd position from the bottom. If it’s not in the position we’ve told you, don’t worry. Because it is somewhere on your screen and it wouldn’t take you long to find it (it wouldn’t take long because it’s right in front of you on your screen).

Use the up and down buttons to highlight and then press to go to the Installer section.

Step 3

Now a new list will appear on your screen. There will be a bunch of options on the screen. In this section, we don’t have to tell you which option to press on.

The reason is that once you will see the options, you would know by yourself which one to click upon. So if you would like to find out by yourself, don’t read the next paragraph.

If you’re reading this paragraph, it means you have decided to not find out by yourself, but you want us to tell you. So here it is. The option that you have to press is called Calibrate. See, we told you you’re going to know by yourself.

Step 4

Now it’s time to set the temperature of your room to your preference. Now is the time to say goodbye to anxiety, now is the time to say goodbye to stress, and now is the time to say goodbye to discomfort.

This is what you’ve got to do now. You’ve got to use the up and down buttons on your panel to adjust the temperature of the room to your preference. If you’re not sure at which level you’re going to feel truly comfortable. Meaning if you don’t know which number is ideal for you, here is what you’ve got to do.

Test. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You’ve got to do the testing for a little bit of time. We’re taking 10-30 minutes, maybe. Here is how you can do the testing.

Set the temperature to a level that you think would be ideal. If you don’t have a good idea, don’t worry, just set it to a level that would feel comfortable.

Now change the level slightly to the area that you think would be better. If you think you would feel better if the room was a bit warmer, increase the temperature by just 1 or 2 points, and if you feel the temperature should be a bit cooler, lower it by just 1 or 2 points.

Repeat the process until you find the temperature that feels like the ideal temperature.

Step 5

We know, we know. We told you that are you finally ready to get rid of your discomfort, which is the final step. But we have a confession to make. It was not the final step.

We only said it because you’ve been working for quite some time to find the solution, so we thought that you deserve a little pep talk for a motivation boost. Now let’s talk about what is the missing piece of the puzzle. What is it that is stopping you from achieving your goal?

Without this step, you won’t be able to do the testing. Here is what you’ve got to do. Remember the button that you pressed at the beginning for 4 seconds. Completely forget about it and focus on the button that is located on the right side of the panel.

Now press the button on the right side and hold it for 2 seconds. By doing this, the temperature in your room will change. Just in case your problem is still persisting, contact customer support.

For people who learn better by video, watch this.


By reading this post, you’ve set your eyes on the solution to your problem. Now all you’ve got to do is follow the steps we’ve mentioned to reduce the discomfort in your life and increase the comfort and all sorts of positive emotions.

We’ve tried our best to explain all the points in detail. Still, if anything is not clear, just ask, and we’d love to help you out. You can ask us in the comment section.

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