Vivint Thermostat Not Turning OFF? Fixed

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

So you love the Vivint SkyControl system, but there is one problem. You can’t turn off the fan in the thermostat and it’s driving you crazy.

If that is your case, then rest assured that this guide is made specifically for you. In this post, we have a lot to discuss.

We’ll start with what is the purpose of a fan on a thermostat, we’ll discuss the benefits of the fan, then we’ll give a step-by-step process for turning off the fan, and finally, we’re going to talk about why your fan is not working right now.

We hope you’re hooked because we’ve got plenty to cover.

How to turn off the fan on a Vivint thermostat?

You can turn off the fan by following this simple 3 steps process we’ve written in this guide.

Before talking about how to turn off the fan, let’s talk about the purpose of a fan on a thermostat first.

What is the purpose of a fan on a thermostat?

The purpose of the fan on a thermostat is to control the HVAC’s system (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System) blower. The fan of the thermostat plays a huge part in controlling the overall temperature of the room.

The fan circulates the air in the room until the room temperature reaches the level you’ve set on your remote.

The benefits of using the fans are that it’s going to help improve your sleep, mood, and cognitive functions.

It’ll help improve your sleep because if your room is cold and you want to turn off the fan and you’re not able to do it, you’ll have a lot of trouble sleeping soundly, or maybe sleeping at all. So you can see the benefit, by turning off the fan you should have no trouble sleeping soundly.

If the weather is kind of hot and kind of not (meaning not cold, not hot, or something in between), sometimes you want to keep the fan running and other times you don’t, for this reason, if you can’t turn the fan off it’s going to have a bad impact on your mood and you’re going to be uncomfortable. This is one of the ways it can affect your mood.

Healthy cognitive abilities are very important for work, because if your cognitive health is bad you won’t be able to focus, and when you’re not able to focus, and you’re not able to focus, you can’t work. Since mood directly impacts our cognitive abilities, bad mood is equal to bad cognitive abilities.

These were the big disadvantages of not being able to control your thermostat’s fan. Since turning off the whole system is really bad for you and by not turning the fan off the drawbacks are pretty big as well, you better learn how to control the thermostat’s fan.

Now that you’re familiar with the functions and benefits of the thermostat’s fan, let’s talk about how to turn your thermostat’s fan off if you’re using the Vivint system.

step by step guide to turning off the Vivint thermostat fan

We’ve written a very simple, very concise, and very easy-to-follow step-by-step process in this section. This step-by-step process will allow you to turn the fan of the Vivint thermostat on/off with no problem.

So are you excited to get rid of all your problems? Are you excited about a life without any difficulty with sleep? Are you excited to live a life of comfort? Are you excited to live a life where you’re comfortable plus productive?

We bet the answer to all these questions is a big astounding YES. So, let’s improve your life by learning how to turn off the Vivint thermostat fan.

Here is the step-by-step process:

Step1: Go to the temperature option. To do so, start your SkyControl panel. Once the SkyControl is started, you’ll be on the Homepage.

The Homepage will be a cool green but with a hint of sky blue in it. On the bottom menu bar, you’ll see the icon named temperature display. Click that icon.

Step2: Go to the mode menu. Now, the screen would have turned yellow with a hint of orange. At the center of the screen, there will be a white circle showing the temperature. If you don’t see this, it means you’ve done something wrong.

On the top, there will be a three dots icon. Click that icon and a drop-down menu will appear below the dot icon. The third option on the drop-down menu will be named mode menu, click that. 

Step3: Select the off option. Congratulations! You’re about to open the treasure box. After you’ve opened the mode menu, a grey rectangle with multiple options appears on your screen.

Options will appear in top-down order. The first option will be heat, the second will be cool, the third will be off, and the fourth will be auto. You know which one you have to select. Double-click on the third option to activate this function.

Why my Vivint thermostat fan didn’t turn off?

This section is for extra-curious people. If you’re one of those people, then you would like this section. If not, you would prefer to skip it.

So our extra-curios friends, are you excited to find out the reason? Awesome, let’s talk about it then.

The reason is not long and complicated. It’s actually quite simple and easy to understand. The fan of the thermostat can’t be turned off directly, because Vivint didn’t allow it.

Because of some technical issues, it was really hard for Vivint to make it possible for the fan to work the right way. Because the price of installing the feature that allows the users to get access to the thermostat’s fan directly was too high, Vivint didn’t install this feature in their product.

So now that the big mystery has been resolved, it’s time to conclude this article. In case your problem is still not resolved, contact the customer support.


By reading this post, you’ve understood what is the purpose and benefits of the fan in the thermostat, you’ve understood how to turn it off, and you’ve understood why you’re not able to turn it off.

We tried our best to answer all the questions in the simplest and easiest-to-understand manner. We hope that everything is clear to you and you’ve found the solution.

But, in case some point was not clear to you or even if everything is clear to you but your problem still isn’t solved, let us know your problem in the comment section and we’d love to help.

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