How Bright is Ring Spotlight Cam? You May Not Like It

One of the great feature in ring spotlight cam is their inbuilt light. It makes it easy to visually inspect anything in the surrounding.

However, there is an ongoing discussion about the practical usage of this lamp in the spotlight camera batteries.  

For the question, how bright is ring spotlight cam, the answer will be; Not so bright as you expect. It is actually a simple LED strip with minimum lumens.  

Is the ring spotlight bright?

Ring spotlight cam system employs two separate LED strip type lamps in its design.

From the data available through manufacture, they offer two versions of LED lights for its different light models; Spotlight cam battery and spotlight cam wired & spotlight cam mounted.

However, the available light intensity is not that enough as an outdoor lamp.

Therefore, do not expect to have a clear view through the inbuilt lights in your spotlight cam.

However, this does not mean it is too dark. Especially, this amount of light intensity is more than enough for the spotlight camera. So, it will produce clear images in your recording view.

Smart Lighting for Home

(Ring spotlight cam is not 100% waterproof, want to know why, then this article is for you)

The only drawback is you cannot have real bright light experience with this inbuilt lamp.

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How many lumens is the ring spotlight?

When it comes to light’s intensity (brightness), then the proper measuring term is “lumens”.  

spotlight vs floodlight

Some guys think that watt value is the one to determine lights brightness. But, that’s not true. The brightness is the measurement that gives light visible spectrum output (which is measured in lumens).

On the other hand, watt is the total power consumed by each bulb. These consume power does not convert 100% to brightness. Depend on lamp type; it will waste some of the major amounts of power into heat.

So comparing light with wattage is incorrect.

Okay, let’s check the lumens value of ring spotlight and its other variations.  

Ring Cam Type Spotlight Cam Battery Spotlight Cam Wired Spotlight Cam Mount Floodlight Cam
Power Source Rechargeable Battery Pack Standard Power Outlet Hardwired to Electrical Boxes Hardwired to Electrical Boxes
Recommended Use Homes without Outdoor Power Sources Homes with Outdoor Power Sources Homes with Outdoor Electrical Boxes Homes with Outdoor Electrical Boxes
Field of View 140° horizontal, 78° vertical 140° horizontal, 78° vertical 140° horizontal, 78° vertical 140° horizontal, 78° vertical
Brightness 300 Lumens 375 Lumens 375 Lumens 1,800 Lumens
Check Price Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

According to the above table, we can see that spotlight cam battery model has only 300 lumens for its bulb set. Spotlight cam wired and spotlight cam mount have 375 lumens.

This change can be due to the difference in power methods. Usually, if the lumens values increased, then it will draw more current from the power sources. So, the first model may have less lifetime if it uses high lumens lights (since it is powered through a battery).

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Anyway, the rest versions based on dedicated wired power systems. So, they have an unlimited power supply. That could be the reason for the company to increase the lumens value in those light systems.

But, just extra 75 lumens mean not much different at all. So do not keep high expectation on brightness on wired models too.

I have added the floodlight cam here to compare it with rest of the models. You can see that it has 1,800 lumens. That’s a really useful amount of lumens for sure.

How bright is 300 – 375 lumens?

Even though I have explained the lumens difference, most of you guys may not have a real feeling about the brightness amount in these values.

So, I thought to add some extra detail to have a proper idea about the lumens value compared to everyday lamps.

Lumens (Brightness) LED Watts CFL Watts Incandescent Watts 
400 – 500 6 – 7W 8 – 12W 40W
650 – 850 7 – 10W 13 – 18W 60W
1000 – 1400 12 – 13W 18 – 22W 75W
1450-1700+ 14 – 20W 23 – 30W 100W
2700+ 25 – 28W 30 – 55W 150W

Data source from.

Above table represent the lumens value ranges with respect to different light sources which produce same light output.

According to the table, you can see that 300 – 375 lumens means a very low amount of brightness. Probably very much lower than the common CFL bulb of 8 W.

Is the ring spotlight CAM any good?

There is no doubt that ring spotlight cam is a superior product in the market. It does offer numerous features and options to secure your home in a SMART way.  

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The only drawback in term of light is its brightness.

However, you may need to know that, most of the available other option even do not have a single light with them.

Also, if the light is too bright, then you may need to charge your spotlight cam battery more than usual to work.

On the other hand, this light not that bad. It will produce some light amount that will useful to see surrounding at a limited way.

But, it is not enough to scare away automatically any thief of animal in front of it.

What is the difference between ring Spotlight and Floodlight?

I think Ring has introduced the floodlight cam option to fulfil the light problem with spotlight cam versions. It has some series amount of light power.  

Most of the other options are the same in both systems.

ring floodlight

Floodlight cam is not able to charge with solar ring attachment. However, it does have advance motion detection capability which does not have in spotlight cam battery model.

Floodlight camera will be great for outdoor sections where you need to have a bright light intensity.  

How bright is ring floodlight Cam?

In terms of brightness, it is 1,800 lumens. This is equal to 30 W CFL lamp or else 100 W Incandescent lamp.

Definitely not suitable for indoor sections due to the high amount of light intensity.

floodlight cam ring

But, for your garden or near the garage section, this model will be an excellent fit.

Further, you can adjust the two separate lights in the floodlight model to fit your viewing area.

Final Thoughts

The overall brightness of the spotlight cam model is not that good compared to their floodlight option. Spotlight cam battery option probably good for only small areas that does not require much light intensity.

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