How Long Does Ring Camera Battery Last? Scientific Answer

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Ring is quite famous in the field of smart security. Especially their “spotlight cam battery” and “stick up cam battery cameras” are the best.

Since these solutions are based on battery packs, there is a common problem with many buyers regarding the ring camera battery life.

Many smart home lovers search for the answer for “How long does ring camera battery last?” well, the short answer is averagely two months*.

Start mark is for the long answer. That’s because it is not that easy to define an exact answer. If you really need to have a clear idea, let’s dig deep into the case.

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What are the technical parameters for ring camera battery?

Before going into the points which affect the battery life of ring camera, it’s better to have an idea about the technical information of the ring camera battery.

These data in the below table derived from the ring official website.

Battery compatible devices Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3, Spotlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Solar, Stick Up Cam Solar (all generations), Stick Up Cam Battery (all generations), Solar Floodlight and Peephole Cam
Dimensions 2.75 x 1.75 x 0.9 (inches)
Active material type Lithium-ion
Operating conditions -20.5°C to 48.5°C
Battery power 6,000 mAh

According to the above table, ring products have a common battery for each of their products. The main technical figure is 6000 mAh rate.

This means, if our device draws 6A current continually, the battery will drain from 100% to 0% at a one-hour period of time.

Based on this knowledge, we can calculate the time for the battery to last. Easy, right?

Well, yes if we knew the power consumption of each device. Unfortunately, we do not have that information available.

Now things will get complicated. However, we could make a fairly good assumption of battery life based on available information.

Factors that affect to drain battery power from ring camera

These are the main factors that will affect the overall battery life.

The ideal and active period

A security camera, in this case, ring camera has two operating functions. That is active and ideal stages. I have set these two functions to depend on ring camera working process.

They say the camera will activate automatically when something or someone, trigger the camera motion sensor.

Typically, these systems designed to maintain a low power profile when it is at an ideal stage. That means at the stage no one trigger the camera.

ring spotlight cam battery

Once someone triggers the camera, things start to change. At this stage, the camera’s all hardware functions will start to work at its maximum rate, and it will cause to draw more current. Hence reduce battery life.

So, your ring camera battery will depend on the activity rate at your home. This parameter is different for each person. This is a common reason for different people to have a different experience with their battery life.

Available number of hardware functions/devices

The number of function or hardware is another point to consider. When a device increases its hardware or functions, that could drain more power.

The ring spotlight camera has an inbuilt siren and light system which could not be seen with the ring stick up camera system.

This means spotlight cam battery may not last like a stick up camera battery. However, if you use the two-way audio option in stick up cam model, then it will cause additional battery usage too.

Age of the battery

With time, any battery will degrade. Therefore, the period of available power will be reduced. Ring company says they provide 1 year limited warranty at the time of this article writing.

So we can assume at least these batteries should work a year without any notable battery power limitation.

According to the scientific data, any kind of general li-ion battery will limit its power around 2 or 3 years.

Also, the charge and discharge cycles may range around 200 – 300 for a battery lifetime.

WI-FI coverage

Weak wi-fi signal is another factor that affects your ring camera battery life. When the signal is weaker, the system will automatically increase it’s power to search proper coverage.

When this routing tends to happen frequently, it will surely reduce the battery life.

Most of the time, this can happen with spotlight cam battery setup. Since it is mounted outside of the house.

So, it’s better to check the signal strength of each device.

If you are able to found a weak spot, the best solution is to add a repeater to increase wi-fi coverage. All-new Ring Chime Pro is a wi-fi coverage extender for all ring devices produced by the same company. It is compatible with all ring cameras and ring doorbells.

ring cam battery signal coverage

Outer temperature

Ring, specify their heat operating condition as -20.5°C to 48.5°C for batteries. The battery will work without any problem in this region.

 However, li-ion battery has a tendency to rapidly reduce their power at a relatively higher temperature. Also, it will directly affect the effective lifetime of the battery.

Comparing to the high temperature situations, the cool weather is good for the battery. But, if the battery temp goes around 0 Celsius or below, then again it will affect the power amount of the battery.

The proper answer: How long does ring cam battery last?

Now, I think you have an idea about the real situation. Due to the above mention factors, we could not estimate a definitive answer for ring battery life.

However, we know that the company says, the ring cam battery will last around 6 months at fair usage (we have no idea about their frame of fair usage).

Also, there are a lot of user reviews and forums discussion of the experience of these camera types. Most of them say their battery last from 3 weeks to 3-month period.

With the help of this information, we could assume that the ring camera battery should last at least 2-month period of time.

If you think, your camera battery does not obey this range, then check with above-mentioned factors.

Are any of those apply to you. If so, you can justify the battery life. But, if it isn’t, then probably, there is a hardware issue in your product. It’s better to call the company.

Is there any way to improve battery life of ring cam?

Yes. The easiest one is buying an extra battery pack. Ring camera employs a system to support two batteries at once.

This amazon link has a separate charging station and extra battery pack for ring camera systems.

Other than this, you can mount your spotlight cam battery in places where direct sunlight does not incident to the surface. This will reduce the heat amount around the ring cam.

The mounting solar charging system is another good approach. Ring provides a nice solar charging device for all spotlight cam batteries.

This small solar panel from Ring can directly mount into your spotlight cam battery. This one will surely increase the battery life.

If you have fair sunlight, then you may never need to separately charge your battery pack (in winter, this could be hard since minimum sunlight).

How long does it take to charge a ring battery?

The time will be around 5 to 10 hours if you have used correct or recommend charger.

But, this one also depends on the environment conditions. Notably, the temperature. At higher and lower temperature values, charging may not happen to the rated time period.

Most probably, it may not fully charge.  

If you are interested to see the scientific background of the environmental condition of the li-ion battery charging process, then this battery university article will be helpful.  

Quick answers for some relevant questions found on the internet

How long does ring stick up cam battery last?

There won’t be much difference in charging the battery of ring stick up camera or spotlight camera. Since both systems use the same battery, it will take 5 to 10 hours to depend on the temperature of the environment.

What is the ring spotlight camera battery life?

It can be around 1 to 2 years based on the way of use. The battery life will not last much is it continually face harsh conditions.

However, the company stated 1 year limited warranty.

How long does it take to charge a ring 2 battery?

Same questions that I have answered in the above section. Since it is the same battery, it will take 5 to 10 hours.


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