Do Airtags Fit On Airpods?

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Are you an Airpod user sick and tired of losing them? In that case, you must be looking for a solution to it. Lucky you because I have the right thing for you. You can use Airtags with your Airpods to keep track of them. 

If you are unfamiliar with Airtags, you will have many questions like what are AirTags used for? Or does it work with your Airpod? In this write-up, I will give answers to all of these questions. 

On top of it, you will get to know how you can track your Airpods without using any Airtag in the latter part of this article. So, let’s get this show on the road without wasting more time. 

Do Airtags Fit On Airpods? 

Airtag is a location tracking device from Apple. It has been developed to keep tracking valuable items like keys, wallets, iPads, backpacks, etc., personal items. You can attach it to your Airpods. You can attach your Airtags to your Airpods, Airpod Pro, and Airpod Max case. However, the size of an individual Airpod won’t be able to fit Airtags. 

Apple first released Airtag on April 2021. Since then, people have gone crazy for this tiny coin-size tracking device. Primarily Airtag was designed to use with personal items like keys and wallets, which quickly get misplaced and are very hard to find. But when you attach an Airtag, finding becomes much easier. 

However, people have been using it for many reasons, like tracking luggage, bikes, and much more. Similarly, a lot of people use Airtag with their Airpods. And, yes, Airtags fit on the Airpod case. We know that Airpods are very small in size. That’s why they easily slip off your pockets and get lost. 

But when you attach an Airtag with the casing, you can constantly keep track of it. Even if it gets lost or slips off, you can always visit the Find My app and locate it using the map direction. So, all in all, Airtags do fit on Airpod cases and no worries about losing them when Airtags are attached. 

Can You Put Airtags On Airpods?

All Airpod users know this small wireless headphone can get lost anytime. You can accidentally leave it somewhere, might get slipped off, or even has a risk of theft. That’s why people have to be always extra careful about their whereabouts. Even after that, a moment’s ignorance might do the harm. 

But that won’t happen when you have an Airtag attached to it. Airtag will constantly track when you attach to your Airpods. As a result, you can easily find a misplaced or lost Airpod. Even Airtags send notifications via the Find My app when you tend to leave them behind. 

However, you cannot attach Airtags on individual Airpod; you’ll have to attach them on the case. Airtags are 31.9 mm in diameter, much bigger than an Airpod. So, unfortunately, you cannot attach Airtags on each Airpod. You will have to stick them to the case. 

Can You Put An Airtag On Airpod Case?

Yes, you most certainly can put Airtags on the Airpod case. In fact, Apple sells many Airpod case covers with separate space for attaching Airpods. You can keep Airtags in those case covers and track your Airpods if they go missing. 

Airtags use a Low Energy Bluetooth connection to send location information to its paired device. The Ultra-Wideband Technology helps provide the exact location pin. Besides, Airtags have U1 chips inside them. Because of this chip, you get to see the precise location of your Airtag. It has a built-in speaker which makes sound while tracking. 

So, attaching Airtags to your Airpod case has a lot of benefits. You can easily find a missing Airpod using the Find My app. But you can only track the case of your Airpod since it’s attached to the case. If any individual Airpod slips off the case, you won’t be able to track it using Airtags. 

The following table will show how well various accessories can attach Airtags to Airpods:

AccessoriesAttachment Strength
No AccessoriesVery Weak Attachment
Airtag Cover With Adhesive BackStrong Attachment
Magnetic Airtag CoverModerately Strong Attachment
Airpod Case For AirtagsThe Strongest Attachment
Airtag LoopDoesn’t Attach With Airpod Case

How To Attach Airtag To Airpod Case

We already know that Airtags can be attached to Airpod cases. But you might be wondering how to attach an Airtag to an Airpod. There are two ways you can do it. We know Airtags have small magnets inside them- you can use them to stick the Airtag with your Airpod case. 

But since the magnet is fragile, there is a high chance your Airtag will slip off. The other way is using an accessory or Airpod case with space to keep an Airtag. In this part, I’ll show you how to set up your Airtag and attach it to your Airpod. Follow the steps below: 

  • Firstly, unbox your Airtag and remove the plastic wrap from it. A starting sound will appear from the Airtag speaker. 
  • Then, turn on the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone and bring the Airtag closer to your phone. 
  • At this stage, your Airtag and phone will be connected to each other. Make sure you register the Airtag in your Apple ID. 
  • Now, if you want to attach the Airtag using the small magnet, simply attach it to your Airpod. You can use a cover with strong adhesive on the back. 
  • Finally, if you are using an Airpod Case with an Airtag compartment, then you have to insert your Airtag properly. Ensure that it’s attached properly. 

Now your Airtag is attached to your Airpod case, and you won’t have to worry about losing it anymore because Airtag will keep track of your Airpod and find it quickly with just a few clicks. 

How Do I Find Airpods Like Airtags?

Previously, you could only find or track Airpods using a tracking device like Airtag. You would have to attach an Airtag to your Airpod for that. But it had some limitations as well. For example, this way, you could only track the Airpods that are inside the case since the Airtag is attached to the case. 

But now, Apple is providing Airtag features to Airpod cases. You can now track your Airpods using the Find My app without Airtag. Most importantly, you can also track Airtags that are out of the cases. iOS 15 has brought many improvements in tracking stuff through Airtags. And this latest operating system can track individual Airpods even if they are not connected or used. 

Do AirPods Pro Have AirTags?

Apple is constantly improving its devices and making its system more user-friendly. They’re working towards integrating all their devices so that anyone can track them using the Find My app. As a part of this initiative, Apple has integrated Airtag features in the charging case of the Airpod Pro 2. 

So, you can track and locate your Airpod Pro 2 from the Find My app without even using an Airtag. Besides, the iOS 15 has made many improvements, so the tracking is more precise. Now you can track individual Airpods that are not inside the case. 

Although Airpod Pro 2 case does not have the U1 chip, Apple used some alternatives so that you will get similar results while tracking. So, you won’t need an Airtag for tracking if you purchase Airpod Pro 2. 

How Long Do Airtags Last?

Airtag is an excellent tracking device made with all the great features. Because of the build quality and components, Airtags generally last longer. Since it’s a new device released only one year ago, it’s hard to say how long one Airtag will last. But according to Apple, they are built to last. 

Airtags do not require any charge to run. A coin-size CR2032 Lithium 3V battery backs it. With moderate use, these batteries last about a year. When the battery is completely used, you will have to throw it and replace it with a new one. 

Do AirTags Only Work With Apple Products?

Airtags were primarily designed for iOS and iMAC products only. So, when it was released, only Apple users could use it since it was only compatible with Apple devices. The Find My app, which tracks Airtags, also runs on iPhones.  

But after seeing the popularity of this small tracking device, Apple has decided to open it for Android users. They have released an app on Google Play Store named My Detector. Now Android users can locate Airtags using this app. So, Airtags do not only work with Apple products now but are also compatible with Android products. 

Final Thoughts 

Airtags can easily fit onto AirPods. You can also use accessories for it. But as Apple constantly brings new developments to Airpods, the need for Airtags to track Airpod is constantly decreasing. Now you can buy the latest model Airpod, and you won’t need any Airtag. 


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