LEGELITE Smart Bulb Review: Personal Viewpoint

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Today we are going to do a complete review of LEGELITE LED Smart Light Bulb. We will discuss some of its pros and cons. We will talk about its price, setup, features, where to buy and conclude our discussion with a suggestion that may help you.

Pros of LEGELITE Smart Light Bulb

  • Voice control option
  • Scheduling facility
  • Saves energy
  • More than 16M colors and 8 modes for different environments

Cons of LEGELITE Smart Light Bulb

  • Only 2.4 Giga Hertz Wi fi connection works
  • No sunrise feature
  • Not compatible with MS Cortana
  • Alexa device or Google Home assistant have to be purchased separately
  • No group control can be executed

Price aspect of LEGELITE LED Smart Light Bulb

I think Its Relatively lower price is its biggest advantage and makes it a budget friendly bulb.

When compared to other Top-notch smart light bulbs out in the market, its price is fairly reasonable.  For the moment, let me refer to Phillip Hues, which costs much more than this.

Let’s get into its actual price on amazon.com, which is quite low for a single bulb and reduces much more per bulb if you buy 4 units. (buy on Amazon)

By the way, did you know that Legelite smart bulbs has almost 1500 reviews on Amazon and overall rating of 4.5. That’s something to think when it comes to product quality.

How to use LEGELITE Smart Light Bulb

You can connect it with Amazon Alexa device or Google Home Assistant that if you already have, Thumbs up!

Else, you have to buy one of them, preferably Google Home Assistant separately.

After connecting it with any of these, you can use the respective app and speak to command it as “Turn on” or “Turn off”, you can switch colors and mode this way.

If you want to use it with remote, you have to use Smart life app in your phone as remote. Smart life app has all the controls necessary for controlling the bulb.

This bulb can be scheduled individually so to help you utilize your time somewhere else. But when grouped with other bulbs, Scheduling is not that effective.

Let’s discuss pros in detail:

Like any other quality smart bulb, it can work in the temperature as low as -20 and as severely hot as 50 degrees Celsius.

Saves energy for you as users have confirmed the company claim that it actually saves up to 80% of energy and has a long life of about 50000 hours.

These days you see different shades of white being provided in bulbs, but this bulb provides standard white color, pure white. No tinge of any other color.  

Though it is adjustable and you can adjust the color temperature from cool to warm as you like.

There are pre-set scenes to choose from. I like that I can set the lights to turn on/off when I’m not home to make it look like someone’s in the house. Great product for the price.

Let’s dive deep into Cons:

As you know, a lot of homes have a Wi-Fi connections as potent as 5 Giga Hertz so a bulb should be able to adapt itself to connect with any frequency connection, but unfortunately, LEGELITE LED Smart Light Bulb can’t connect with such Wi-Fi networks. It connects only with 2.4 Giga Hertz Wi-Fi.

Moreover, the absence of Sunrise feature (when light increases gradually) drops it from the list of attractive bulbs vital for giving your room-decoration a more savory touch.  

If your budget is not too tight and you want to enjoy sunrise lighting in your bedroom while getting up in the morning, you can buy this bulb.

Most of the expensive utility brands available in the market are compatible with MS Cortana. But LEGELITE Smart Light Bulb is not. It could turn out to be a big disadvantage.

When you will buy other smart technologies for your home and connect them all with one another using popular app Microsoft Cortana, you might face complications while integrating LEGELITE Smart Light Bulb in the network.

Another thing you want to learn is it voice control functionality. It’s from my personal experience that its voice control function is not one of the best out there. (I am talking about the scenario in which you have connected Alexa device) It’s not as intelligent as Google Home assistant.

For instance, I woke up this morning, my voice was heavy and drowsy. I yelled, “Turn On the light,” but maybe the bulb listened, “tanaan tho leyts!!” Pardon me for the terrible joke, but that seems true to me.

My yelling didn’t work, and I had to repeat myself several times and yes clearer, to finally get my instructions received and acted upon.

Should your command be a little messy or your voice a little husky, It doesn’t work. All in all, its voice navigation system can’t be ranked one of the best available out there, and this is its biggest con to me.

And the reason is simple, in case of having Alexa device already at home, you didn’t need to spend extra money to buy google home assistant but now, as I have experienced and many other users report, Alexa devices’ voice control is not up to the mark. SO for the ultimate user experience, Google home assistant is a better choice.

Nevertheless, there are some unsophisticated things as well. For example, I see a button in Smart Life app edit more, which appears to let you edit the scenes according to your choice.

But it merely appears and doesn’t work. It needs to be functional or removed, at least.

Additionally, I want to let you know that I have discovered that quick cycling on/off initiates the pairing mode of bulbs. So if you have LEGELITE LED Smart Light Bulb in your house, it’s better to avoid popping up again and again at the controls and switching them on/off.


With 60 days money-back guarantee and an 18 month warranty, LEGELITE Smart Light Bulb is definitely a good choice in the market.

Its competitors are selling the same quality for price that means they are capitalizing on their name, but here you have an opportunity to enjoy one of best smart bulb for just lower price tag at amazon.com 

The Article is Update for July 2022

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