Will Airtags Work In RFID Wallet?

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With all the crazy popularity and widespread use, you might think, what are Airtags used for? Well, they are used for various personal items prone to getting lost. 

Among a long list of items, you can use it in your wallets. Not just regular wallets, you can use Airtags in RFID-blocking wallets. But how does Airtag work in RFID wallets? That’s the main thing we are going to talk about in this write-up. 

I’ll also discuss whether someone can stalk you or track your RFID wallet using an Airtag at the end of this article. So, stick with me here. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the main part. 

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Will Airtags Work In RFID Wallet? 

Airtags work in RFID blocking wallets because they cannot block Airtag signals. Airtag uses two technology for connectivity, Low Energy Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband. RFID blocking wallets are not designed to block Ultra-Wideband. That’s why Airtags work just fine in these wallets. 

An RFID wallet is a special kind that does not allow radars to pick up information from RFID-based credit cards and ID cards inside the wallet. As a result, the risk of your cards being hacked goes down to zero. People use these wallets to protect their credit, debit, and ID cards. 

Although these wallets block signals and protect cards inside, they cannot stop Airtags from working. If you put an Airtag in an RFID-blocking wallet, your Airtag will still work. That is because these wallets are not designed to block signals Airtags use for connectivity. 

Airtags use two types of technologies for sending out precise location information to its paired device. One is the Low Energy Bluetooth, and the other is Ultra-Wideband technology. That’s why you get a precise direction each time while searching for the Airtags. 

RFID-blocking wallets cannot block the Ultra-Wideband signals coming out of the Airtags that are inside of those wallets. So, even if it blocks the Bluetooth connection, the UWB signal will still go out, and you will get a precise location directly from the Airtags. 

So, even though the purpose of RFID wallets is to block signals from coming out, you can still use your Airtags inside the wallets and keep track of it in case it goes missing or misplaced. The wallet will protect the cards inside, and the Airtag will protect the wallet from theft and loss. 

Do Airtags Work Well In RFID Blocking Wallets?

RFID wallets are designed to block any signals from coming in and out of that wallets. People use these wallets to protect their credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, etc., from hacking. Since the wallet blocks signals, nobody can locate the cards inside using any radar and hack. 

But interestingly, Airtags work inside RFID-blocking wallets. So, you can locate your RFID-blocking wallets quite easily using the Airtags. Apple has designed this tracker in a way that it can work inside any signal-blocking wallet. 

Airtag is an advanced tracking device that can send precise location to its paired device. With the help of the Find My app, you can get this tracker’s precise direction. It can send exact location pins because it uses two very high-tech technology for connectivity. 

It uses Low Energy Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technology to send location signals. But the RFID-blocking wallets are not designed to block Ultra-Wideband signals. As a result, these wallets cannot block signals from Airtags. They work just fine from the inside of these wallets. 

That’s the reason people use Airtags inside their RFID-blocking wallets. By doing it, they can protect both their cards and wallets. 

Do Airtags Use RFID?

The full form of RFID is Radio-Frequency Identification. It is a technology where digital data is encoded in RFID tags, and RFID machines can receive and read these data. This technology is used for tracking, searching, identifying, and communicating with people and items. 

Now RFID is used in smart cards, debit cards, credit cards, ID cards, etc., for identification and safety. But Airtags do not use RFID technology for tracking. It uses much more advanced and powerful communication methods. Airtags have to send much stronger signals than any credit chip. 

RFID chips use very low-frequency signals and work within a concise range. You can read an RFID credit card from a maximum of 4 inches away. On the other hand, RFID blockers can confine the signal within that particular area. As a result, they cannot go out. 

But Airtags is a tracking device than can send direct location information from 30 feet away. Again, when it’s lost, you will get its location indirectly from anywhere in the world. So, it needs very powerful technology. 

That’s why Apple has used Low Energy Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband technology in Airtags for connectivity. A less powerful RFID chip won’t match the requirement of an Airtag. 

Bluetooth30 Feet
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)4 Inches
Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)66 Feet
Near Field Communication (NFC)3 Feet
Ultra-Wideband Technology (UWB)200 Feet 

Does Airtag Fit In Wallet?

Airtag is a cutting-edge tracker that people use to keep an eye on valuable items like wallets, keys, backpacks, etc. Since Airtag is a small round shape device, you can easily attach it to your items. A lot of accessories are available to keep or attach Airtags. 

You can easily keep an Airtag in your wallet. You won’t need any accessories for that. An Airtag is 1.26 inches in diameter and only 8 mm thick. So it will easily fit into your wallet. Apple has designed this tracker to fit tight spaces like a wallet easily.  

So, you can keep this tracker inside your wallet. If somehow it gets misplaced or lost, you will be able to locate it using the Airtag and Find My app. This app will show a map with the direction of your misplaced Airtag. 

Does Bluetooth Work Through RFID?

RFID is a radio frequency identification. This technology is used in various debit, credit, and ID cards. On the other hand, Bluetooth is another means of connectivity. Now all smart devices have Bluetooth for data sharing and connectivity. 

Classic Bluetooth and Low Energy Bluetooth both use Radio Frequency signals to send and receive data from one device to another. That means both types of Bluetooth fall into the category of Radio Frequency. So, you can say Bluetooth work through RFID since it uses Radio Frequency for connectivity. 

Again, you can block Bluetooth with an RFID blocker. So, if you use an RFID blocker, your Bluetooth signal won’t be able to pass. But that is not the case for a tracker like Airtag. It uses Ultra-Wideband in addition to Low Energy Bluetooth. That’s why even if RFIF blocks Bluetooth, UWB will send signals to its parent device. 

How Do I Add Airtag To My Wallet?

Keeping an Airtag inside your wallet is easy. You can simply keep it in the corner of your Airtag. Apart from that, there are many accessories available which you can use for attaching Airtags. A lot of wallets are available for Airtags as well. 

I will show you how to connect your Airtag with your phone and add it to your wallet. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Firstly, unwrap the plastic cover of your Airtag, and you will hear a sound. 
  • Now bring it closer to your iPhone. Make sure the Bluetooth in your iPhone is turned on. 
  • Then your Airtag will automatically connect with your phone. You will know they are connected when you hear a connecting sound. 
  • Now take your wallet and keep it in the corner of your wallet. You can also use an Airtag wallet accessory to keep it attached. 
  • Finally, your Airtag is attached to your wallet. Make sure it doesn’t fall from your wallet.

That’s how you are going to add Airtag to your wallet to keep track of it in case it gets lost, or you can’t find it for any reason. 

Can RFID Damage Airtag? 

We already know that RFID blocking wallets or any other RFID blockers cannot block Airtags signals.

Airtags uses not only Bluetooth connection but also Ultra-Wideband technology to send location information to its paired iPhone or Apple devices. And RFID is not designed to block UWB. 

Since Bluetooth is a Radio Frequency signal, an RFID blocker can block it. In that case, Airtag will use UWB to send location information. However, RFID can’t damage Airtags. Airtags signals are much more powerful than RFID. So, there is no way RFID will damage your Airtags. 

So, you can use Airtags in RFID-blocking wallets. RFID won’t block the signal or damage your Airtag. Instead, you will be able to track it when it gets lost. 

Are RFID And NFC The Same? 

The complete form of RFID is Radio Frequency Identification, and the full form Of NFC is Near Field Communication. As you can understand from the name, they are two different things used for different applications. 

We already know that RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. This contactless communication method can only send signals in one way. The distance of the signals varies. But the signals are feeble and do not go very far. 

On the other way, Near Field Communication or NFC is a two-way communication method. Users from both ends will have to take action to enable and connect through this technology. Since NFC is a two-way communication and requires action from both sides, it is more secure and reliable. 

That’s why NFC is used for sharing high-value information, making transactions, etc. On the contrary, Bluetooth is used for sharing data, tracking, etc. 

Can Anyone Track RFID Wallets With Airtags? 

Airtags can track and send location information from anywhere it is attached. So, if you keep it inside your wallet, you will be able to track it using the Find My app. Since here we are talking about RFID wallets, we know that Airtags work inside these wallets. 

You can track your RFID wallets using your Airtag. Similarly, anyone can track your RFID wallet using an Airtag. If they somehow succeed in placing their Airtags inside your wallet and are within the range, they will be able to track your RFID wallet since Airtags work inside those. 

I know it’s scary. This is one of the security threats of using Airtags. Apple is constantly working towards solving these issues. But you have to be cautious and always check for unknown Airtags. 

Final Thoughts 

Airtag is a fantastic tracking device. It is so powerful that even RFID-blocking wallets cannot stop it from sending location information. Airtag is not dependent on a single way of connectivity. It uses two high-tech technologies for sending location pins, and that’s the most fabulous thing about this cutting-edge tracker. 


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