Are AirTags bad for dogs?

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Apple does not recommend using AirTag to track your kids or pets. It’s not that there is any known effect of using AirTags to track your kids or pets, it’s just Apple does not want to be responsible for anything that may happen.

For kids, you can use Apple watch which has a family-sharing feature. But what about your pet?

As you know it is not possible to use Apple watch to track our pets. Apple watches are very expensive and there is way you can connect them to your dog.

On the other hand it is very possible to use AirTags to track your dog. You simply need an AirTag dog collar to hold the AirTag. But are AirTags bad for dogs?

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As said before, there are no know effects of using AirTags to keep track of your dog. Apple does not recommend using them because they don’t want to be held accountable for whatever may happen to your dog.

Fortunately, people have used AirTags for their dogs before and they have loved the experience.

The guide above will give you all the tips and tricks you can use to make AirTag for your dog. By the end of the guide, you will learn why it is a good idea to buy an AirTag for your dog.

Are AirTags bad for dogs?

Despite of Apple not recommending the use of AirTags for dogs, they do not give a negative reason as to why you should not use them. AirTags have a capacity to track an item that happens to find itself in another state. Why not use them to track our paws best friend.

One reason Apple might have discouraged the use of AirTags for dogs is due to the allegations that people are using AirTags to stalk other people. However, Apple rubbished the allegations as false and even went ahead to introduce an AirTag software upgrade that protects your AirTag from stalkers. Other than that there is no known effect of using AirTags to keep track of your Dog.

Since the information above will not convince you to buy an AirTag for your dog, we have compiled a review including all the pros and cons of using AirTags to keep track of your dog.

AirTag for dogs: Let’s review

From the time Apple released AirTags, people have been smart when it comes to using this devices. Among the most debated use of AirTags is tracking dogs. People have even created forums where they discuss their experiences with AirTag when keeping their dogs safe. And like any other forums, people have different opinions. There are those who loved AirTags and others had a hate love relationship with AirTags.

I have compiled this comments in terms of pros and cons of using AirTags for dogs to give you an easy time making a decision for your dog. Let’s get started.

Pros of using AirTags to track dogs

  • AirTags are precise and accurate: AirTag uses ultra-wide band technology to send data to your iPhone. The data send is allows your iPhone to communicate with the AirTag to send the live direction and distance if your AirTag is lost. If you have iPhone 11 or any latest iPhone, you can take advantage of precision finding feature which pinpoints exactly where the AirTag is. You can therefore be sure that your dog will never be lost again.
  • You can set your AirTag in lost mode: If your dog wonders off and you cannot track him using Find My app, you can set the AirTag in lost mode. This way, anyone who comes across your dog and they are using iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 14.50 can access your contact information and help you retrieve your AirTag.
  • AirTags are very affordable: Unlike other tracking devices or Apple watch, AirTags are very affordable. A pack of four AirTags costs $99 while one AirTag retails at $29. You also get a lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee if you decide you don’t want the AirTag.
  • You can engrave the AirTag: You can engrave the name of your dog on the AirTag. If someone finds your dog, they can use the name to make your dog a bit comfortable as your retrieve him.
  • Long lasting removable battery: AirTags uses CR2032 batteries which are removable. This batteries have a 1% discharge rate which makes them last up to 1 year without needing to be replaced. Besides AirTags are not power hungry devices. Also replacing the battery is very cheap. A pack of 6 CR2032 cost between $8-$10.
  • Easy to set up: Setting up AirTag is very easy. You check of the AirTag is viable, prep your iPhone, connect the AirTag to your iPhone, and start using it. There is no monthly subscription with AirTags. Once you buy the AirTag you can do whatever you want with it.
  • AirTags are pretty safe: Apple is very concerned with the safety of their users. Before setting up your AirTag, you will need to enable Two-factor authentication. Aside from that, they do not allow you to share your AirTag with someone else. This way you are the only one who can access the location history of your AirTag on your iCloud account.

Based on a few cases where people were alleging that people are being stalked using AirTags, Apple ensures that they have updated the AirTag software to curb this issue. Luckily, there is no complicated process needed to update the software of your AirTag. Update happens automatically provided you are closer to an iPhone with Bluetooth turned on.

  • You cannot lack accessories to use with AirTags: Since you cannot attach the AirTag to your dog’s skin, you will need something to accommodate the AirTag. There are quite a variety of AirTag dig collars that are specifically made for AirTags. You can therefore be rest assured the AirTag will remain safe at all times.

Cons of using AirTags to track your dog.

  • AirTags lack the family sharing feature: if there is something that has made people complain about AirTags is the lack of family sharing feature. This creates a huge inconvenience especially when it is time to walk the dog.

AirTag will produce a sound that can be irritating to your Dog when it separates from the owner. Your dog might even run off trying to run away from the noise.

To curb this issue, you can disable the safety alert feature from your AirTag. You can also transfer the AirTag to someone else in the family through some very simple steps.

  • Dogs hate the collars: The collars that you put in the AirTag will make your dog uncomfortable. Your dog might remove the collar which risks you from losing the AirTag.

Before buying an AirTag dog collar, measure the size of your dog’s neck and buy the right size. Ensure the collar you are buying is adjustable.

  • You cannot rely on Find My Network: If your dog feels lost, he may avoid a public setting while trying to find it’s way home. Unfortunately, Find my network relies on other people who have iPhones. Your dog might also be in the move which will make location upgrade difficult. You risk losing your dog forever.
  • Your dog might swallow the AirTag: As you know dogs are very playful. If your dog happens to come across an AirTag on the floor, it might start chewing on it. One the process it might swallow the AirTag accidentally. Another instance is if the collar is too big, your dog might chew the AirTag and end up swallowing it.

To reduce the chances of your dog swallowing the AirTag, ensure you put the AirTag on drawers when you are not using it.

You should also measure your dog’s neck before buying an AirTag dog holder.

If by any chance your dog swallows the AirTag, perform some first Aid and rush him to a vet.

Should you use AirTags for dogs?

From the review above, you can clearly see that AirTags have more advantages than disadvantages. And another good thing is that the cons associated with using AirTags for dogs are workable. So, you do not have to worry about your dog being harmed by an AirTag. Besides, AirTags use very weak radio frequencies to communicate with iPhones. There is no way they can harm your dog.

If you have multiple dogs, you can buy a pack of 4 AirTags which cost $99 and save on some coins. You should also engrave them for easy identification.

Another thing you will need to buy for your dog is an AirTag dog collar. With the large number of collars available in the market, it is very hard to settle on one. Fortunately, this AirTag dog collar buyer guide will help you choose the best of them all.

Lastly, after having all the accessories you need to start using an AirTag, you can continue to connect the AirTag to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 14.50 or latest versions.

How to use AirTags to track your dog?

Connecting an AirTag to your iPhone is not complicated. You will need to;

  • Check if the AirTag is viable
  • If your iPhone is compatible with AirTags
  • If your Apple ID is managed or not managed.

You can then go ahead and enable Two-factor authentication, Find my app, and Bluetooth. Bring the AirTag closer to your iPhone for connection and then save the details. The last step is attaching the AirTag to the AirTag dog collar and you are good to go.

Tracking a lost dog is very easy provided it is wearing the dog collar with the attached AirTags. You will still learn how to navigate Find My app and the map to retrieve your lost dog. This guide will help you learn how you can reach your dog if it gets lost.


Apple might have not yet recommended the use of AirTags to track dogs. However, people have been using AirTags for their dogs and they have been loving how they work.

For you to use an AirTag for your dog, you will need a compatible Apple device, an AirTag dog collar and the knowledge to navigate Find My app.

If you don’t know how all this works, the guide above will be of so much help to you if you decide to buy an AirTag for your dog. You can also subscribe to this page for more information about AirTags and any other new amazing device.


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