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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Although Apple does not encourage the use of AirTag for pets, it’s still a viable option. Despite the fact that you can use AirTag for your dog, you will have to know a lot about AirTags before committing to buying one. 

I have collected some of the comments and experiences from paw owners who uses AirTag to track their dogs. This guide will help you to know what to expect when you buy AirTags for your dog. You will learn what to look in AirTag collars for your dog. So, stay tuned. 

Can I use AirTag for my Dog?

We have been using AirTag to keep track of our valuables such as car keys. Since the Airtag is a tiny device, it can be attached to anything like car keys, and wallets. With how effective this devices are, would it make sense to use them for our pets?

I gathered a number of comments from people who have used AirTags for their pets and created a guide to help you know if AirTags are good for your dog. 

An AirTag is a tracking device that help you keep track of your valuables. Most people use AirTags for their car keys, backpacks and wallets. However, there is no rule that says you cannot use AirTag for your pet. 

You will need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with OS 14.50 and later for you to use AirTag. You then have to connect the AirTag to your Apple ID and then set it up with your dog’s name. 

Another thing you will need when using an AirTag for your dog is a collar. Fortunately, there are some collars specifically made for AirTags. 

Before I give you a list of top 6 best AirTag dog collar, I will give a brief review of using AirTag for dogs. 

AirTag dog collar review

One of the largest disappointment any indoor dog owner can face is when your dog jump the fence and wonder off knowing well it cannot being itself back home. For these reason, pet owners have been using trackers for years to keep track of their pets. 

Luckily, in 2021, Apple released a tiny and smart tracking device known as an AirTag. This smart tracking device is connected to an iPhone, iPod touch, or your iPad. You will need to attach it to a collar. 

You cannot use just any collar to attach the AirTag. There are quite a number of collars that are designed specifically to hold AirTags. 

People who have used AirTags dog collars for their dogs had this to say about this devices. 

What we love about AirTags for dogs

Since we don’t want to lose our best friend, AirTag is our best option to keep them safe. Although, Apple does not recommend the use of AirTag dogs, people have been using this devices and they have been working perfectly. Below are some of the things that people liked about AirTags.

  1. You can tell where your dog is exactly at all time

Once you have connected the AirTag to your phone, you can use Find My app to tell exactly where your dog is at all time. Incase your dog wonders off, you can rely on other peoples Find my network to locate exactly where your dog is. 

  1. You can attach the AirTag directly to a collar

Since there are collars that have been designed specifically to hold AirTag, you do not have to worry of your dog losing the tracking device. 

  1. AirTags are tiny

Like any other pet, dogs don’t like things hanging on their neck or disturbing their fur. Luckily, AirTags are very tiny and lightweight. Matched with a perfect dog collar made for AirTags, your dog will not notice the device. 

  1. You can ping your dog

AirTags come with an inbuilt speaker that you can use to find exactly where your dog is. All you have to do is activate the inbuilt speaker in the AirTag. 

  1. Ability to use lost mode

You can use lost mode to activate your AirTag. This way, anyone with an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, they will get a notification if the dog is closer to them they can then track you to return your dog.

  1. It is possible to personalize your AirTag

If you have a number of AirTags, you can customize each of them by engraving with your dog’s name. Let’s say you have 3 dogs, you can engrave each with the dogs name. You can name the AirTag on Find My app so that you can tell which AirTag belongs to which dog. 

  1. Both AirTags and dog collars are affordable.

AirTags are very affordable and you do not need a monthly subscription to use them for your dog. Once you have purchased an AirTag, the only thing you will do is to set it up with your Apple ID. 

The other thing you will need is to replace the battery at least once yearly. And the batteries are very affordable. 

Dog collars are affordable. 

What we hate about AirTags for dogs

Despite of all the amazing things AirTags can do, there are some downside to it. 

  1. Dog collars are uncomfortable

Unless you are walking your dog, keeping your dog collar at all time will make him uncomfortable. 

Since the collar is what holds the AirTag, you would have to keep it on the dog at all times. If you remove the collar and the dog jump, you might lose your dog. 

  1. Relying on the lost mode might not be effective

Lost mode relies on other people who use iPhone devices. Since the dog might be on the move, it is possible to keep receiving the notifications of a found AirTag. 

If your dog is lost, it will mostly keep away from the public. Lost mode might therefore be of not so much use for you. 

  1. The noise produced by the tracking device might disturb your dog

If the AirTag is a distance from the connected Apple ID, it will activate a sound. This might not be effective for a lost dog. The sound might make your dog uncomfortable and keep running away. 

You will keep receiving popup notifications of a tracker every time your dog comes closer to an iPhone. 

Is an Airtag dog collar worth it?

From the discussion above, you can clearly see that the AirTag and dog collars have more advantages than disadvantages. 

Besides there are only a few tracking devices that can perform the same job an AirTag can perform. You will however, need to find a collar that can hold your AirTag device. 

Based on the number of dog collars available in the market, it can get hard to settle for one. The guide below offers a brief review of top 6 AirTag dog collars in the market. You can use the guide to choose one that suits your dog and your budget. 

6 Best AirTag dog collars

  1. CWAMZ AirTag Dog Collar


  • High quality: CWAMZ AirTag dog collars are made of ABS material which is strong and it is scratch-resistant. The material is drop-resistant and easy to clean. 

The material is waterproof which means your dog can swim with the collar. 

  • Sleek Exterior Design: This AirTag has an AirTag case that is round shape to perfectly fit an AirTag. The material used to make the casing is strong enough to prevent your AirTag from breaking in case it drops. 
  • D sealing ring: The AirTag dog collar has a sealing ring design which keeps your AirTag the AirTag dry and prevents it from getting damaged.
  • Adjustable: The collar is adjustable and can be worn by dogs weighing 10-12lbs. You can bolt the collar or buckle it. The buckle feature ensures your dog does not strangle itself Incase it gets stuck. 

 2. ODGYMFREE AirTag dog collar


  • Unique and sleek design: This AirTags use heavy buttons and straps that ensures the AirTag is firmly held. You don’t need additional dog collars as it will work perfectly. 
  • Adjustable: This AirTag dog collars comes in different sizes from: small, Medium, large and extra large. Small dog collars come with lengths between 12-15 inches, Medium 15-18 inches, Large 17-20inches, XL 19-22 inches. You can adjust the length bases on the size of your dog. 
  • High-quality material: The AirTag dog collar is made of 1000D nylon. It is lined with neoprene which ensure the dog feels comfortable when you are putting it around the dog. The collar comes with multiple layers of microfiber leather. You can be assured your dog will be comfortable at all times. 
  • Reflective: This dog collar is reflective which ensures you find your dog in the dark. It ensures your dog is seen at night to prevent any accidents. You can be assured your dog will be safe at all times. 
  • 100% money back guaranteed: If by any chance your dog is not comfortable with the collar, you can return the collar and get your money back. You will get 1-2 years warranty. 
  1. iSurecoube AirTag dog collar


  • Unique design: This AirTag comes in a sleek design which ensures your dog feels comfortable at all times. The collar comes with an AirTag casing which ensures the AirTag is secure at all times. 
  • Adjustable: The dog collar comes in four different sizes. Each of the collars are adjustable to fit different sizes of dogs. Small dog collars come with lengths 12.7-14.2 inches, medium 13.5-16.2 inches, Large 13.5-20.2 inches, extra small 10.7-12.2 inches. 

Ensure you have measured your dog’s neck before ordering your dog’s collar. 

  • High-quality: The collar is made of 1000D nylon. It is breathable and wear-resistant. The collar comes with a sturdy quick release buckle. Your dog can release itself from the collar Incase the dog gets stuck. The heavy-duty clip prevents the collar from opening when it is running or swimming. 
  • 360° Reflective Design: The collar comes in two reflective straps. This ensures your dog has a clear view at low light conditions. It ensures that your dog is safe when walking at night. 
  • 100% money back guarantee: If your dog does not feel comfortable for any reason, you can get back your money within 24 hours. 
  1. SUOHO AirTag dog collar
  • Quality Fabric: SUOHO AirTag dog collar is made of high-quality full head-layer natural cowhide leather. It can withstand the dog chewing it without fear if being torn. The collar has a linen made of flannel. Your dog cannot get hurt when it is playing around. 
  • AirTag case holder: This dog collar comes with a casing that holds the AirTag device.

The collar has leather belts that are enforced with adhesive glue and full range sutures. It come hardware buttons that ensures your AirTag does not fall.

  • Adjustable: SUOHO dog collars come in different sizes that are all adjustable. This dog collars come with buttons that can allow you to adjust the collar based on the size of your dog. 

The dog collars come with two premium lock loops which ensures that the collar remains intact and firm at the same time. 

This AirTags are thin with a circumference of 3cm which makes sure your dog does not feel uncomfortable. 

  1. FEEYAR AirTag dog collar


  • Compatible with AirTag: This dog collars are made in a way they are compatible with Apple AirTag tracking device. All you have to do is to connect the AirTag to the collar and there you have a live GPS tracking device. 

The case is made of microfiber leather that keeps the AirTag protected at all time. 

  • Premium material: The collar is made of 1000D nylon. It is lined with 9mm neoprene. Your dog will be protected from any irritation.
  • 360° reflection: This dog collar comes in a reflective color that ensures your dog is visible in the dark. Your dog can therefore run and jog around while being safe. 
  • Adjustable: FEEYAR comes in 4 different sizes that are adjustable: Small 12-14 inches, medium 14-17.5 inches, Large 16.5-20 inches, and XL 19-21.5 inches. 

You should however measure your dog’s neck before buying a dog collar. 

  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed: Once you purchase the dog collar, you will get a 30days warranty. If you have any issues with your dog collar, you can reach out to our customer care. 
  1. KONITY Reflective Dog 


  • Safe and secure: The AirTag dog collar is made of designed with silicone AirTag case that ensures your tracking device is secure at all times  
  • Adjustable: This AirTag comes in different sizes that are adjustable. It is specifically made for smaller dogs. 
  • Variety of colors: This dog collars are made of bohemian, tribal, floral and geometric patterns.  This makes your dog look fashionable and cute all times. 
  • Reflective: This dog collars bright colors ensures that your dog is visible at all times. It can therefore run around at night without getting into any accident. 

Although Apple has not yet authorized the use of Airtag to track pets, people have used them and they have been effective. You will however need to match the AirTag with a quality dog collar. 

Most of the dog collars are made of either 1000D Nylon or soft leather. This ensures your dog does not destroy the collar by chewing the collar. They are lined with a soft microfiber material that ensures your dog does not hurt or feel irritated when the dog rubs it neck.

Since we know Apple is always coming up with new innovations all the time, it will be no big surprise if you hear that there is a new AirTag device made specifically for pets. And because we don’t know if and when to this new devices will be released, it would better if you subscribed to this page to always stay ahead when this new innovations are released. 


AirTag dog collars are some of the most genius ways you can use to keep track of your paw friend. Most of these dog collars come with a leather casing that holds the AirTag safely. 

They come with a breakaway buckle collar that ensures your dog does not strangle itself in case it gets stuck. They are colorful and reflective which ensures your dog remains safe even at night. 

If it is the first time you are buying a dog collar, you can use my guide above to help you make an easy decision when settling for dog collars. 

Our page does not only talk about AirTags for pets, we talk about all the innovations that will make your life at home very easy. Keep up with this new innovations by subscribing to this page. 


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