Do Airtags Have Adhesive?

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Ever noticed how Apple Airtags are attached to a surface or an item? If you did, you already know that there are so many ways it can be done. But if you don’t, there might be many questions on how actually Airtags are clung.

Airtags are pretty little devices with very little weight. So, they usually stay attached to a surface. But what about when you have to keep it firmly attached? Is there any adhesive in it? Or does it have magnets? All these questions are legit for people with little knowledge about Airtags.

You’re in the right place if you are looking for these answers. Because I will discuss these questions in this article, let’s dive in.

Do Airtags Have Adhesive?

Airtags are small devices you can use to track items like your wallets, keys, bags, etc. They do not have any adhesive of their own. But some silicone cases for Airtags have adhesive on their back for attaching to various items.

You might be wondering how to attach an Airtag with your items, or does it have any adhesive in the back to attach easily with stuff. The thing is Airtags do not have any adhesive on their back. You must use accessories to attach them to your keys, wallets, or backpacks.

Among those accessories, there are some cases and covers that are made out of silicone. Those cases have an adhesive design and are very soft. The adhesive material on the back helps them easily cling to different stuffs and surfaces.

Besides, those cases are pretty straightforward to use and convenient. You can easily attach your Airtag with anything. Because of the adhesive they have in the back, your Airtag won’t drop or lose. So, all in all, Airtags do not have adhesive on their back; the cases do.

Do Airtags Stick To Things?

Since Apple does not put any adhesive material on Airtags, they cannot stick with anything. But, Airtags is a little magnetic on one side. So, you can attach them with metals using magnets. However, you’ll have to take help from third-party accessories for other surfaces.

Airtags are just 11 gm in weight. Because of their lightweight and small size, generally, they cling to where you put them. But if you want to make them more secure and steady, you must use accessories available for Airtags. You’ll find many unique accessories for this tiny tracker.

However, there are some ways you can attach your Airtag to a surface without purchasing any accessories. Duck tapes and Band-Aids will keep your Airtag attached to a surface quite well. As Airtag is exceptionally lightweight, there’s little chance it will drop or loosen.

What Accessories Can You Use To Stick Airtags With Things?

Airtags can be attached in various ways using different accessories. Without using an accessory, you won’t be able to cling it firmly on any surfaces. So, here I’ll show all the readily available accessories for Airtags.

Key Rings

The keyring is one of the most popular accessories for Airtag. Keyrings have a closed chamber where you can keep the Airtag. Besides, it has metal rings for attaching keys. Many brands make keyrings for Airtag, including Apple itself.

Apple Keyring is made of metal and available in three different colors; you can choose from Dark Blue, Brown, or Red. Other brands also make keyrings from various materials, including artificial leathers.

Case For Airtag

You will find various types of cases for Airbag. The silicone adhesive case is the most popular among them. It has adhesive in the back so that you can attach your Airtag to any surface.

Apart from silicone cases, there are various others as well. Many brands have some basic cases for Airtags that look like a keyring. You will also find some rugged cases for this tiny device that you can use for attaching.

Loop For Airtag

Another cool accessory for Airtag is the Loop. For those who don’t like the keyrings or cases and want something different, Loops can be the right solution for them. They look very slick and modern.

Apple has its own Loop in four colors: Orange, Yellow, Blue, and White. These are made from polyurethane. Some other brands like Nomad and Speck also make Loops from leather.

Other Accessories

Apart from these three accessories, there are a handful of others you can use to attach your Airtag with different stuff like your wallet, key, backpack, phones, etc.

Some of them are Custom Airtag Holders, Keychains, Carabiners, Airtag Holder With Straps, Airtag Vaults, Rugged Armor Case, Luggage Tags, Bag Charm, Airtag Collar, Pet Tag, Dog Tag, Collar Sleeve, etc. You can use any of the above accessories to hold your Airtag.

How Are Airtags Attached?

Now that you know what accessories you can use for attaching Airtags, it’s time to know how to use them. Although I’ve talked about many accessories, they all work similarly. Here’s how you can attach an Airtag with your stuff using various accessories:

  • Firstly, you have to determine which accessory you are going to use. You can choose from keyrings, silicone cases, basic cases, rugged cases, Loops, Carabiners, etc. The decision heavily depends on which stuff you are going to attach. For example, you’ll have to use Keyrings to attach keys.
  • After choosing the right accessory, you will have to put your Airtag into it. All the accessories mentioned earlier have a secure compartment to keep the Airtag. Make sure you keep it gently inside that compartment.
  • Now, it’s time to attach your stuff with the Airtag. If you want to attach keys, then put all your keys into the ring. If you want to use it with your backpack, then attach the Airtag holder to your backpack. You can attach the silicone hold to your wallet, phone, or laptop’s back.
  • Finally, your Airtag is attached to your stuff. Now you have to connect it to your phone. You’ll have to use the Find My app to connect and use this tracker device.

This is how you are going to attach an Airtag with your stuff. Make sure you firmly attach the Airtag, so it does not lose on the way. I hope the process is clear to you.

What Are Airtags Made Out Of?

Now, the question might come, what’s inside Apple Airtag? What is it made out of? In order to know the answer to this question, we’ll have to know what’s the Airtag body made of, as well as what’s inside this tracker. I’ll tell you exactly that in this part.

Airtag is a small round shape device that is lightweight, about 11 grams. This smooth and cute-looking device is made out of precision-etched polished stainless steel. Because of the robust build quality, you can’t easily bend or break it. Besides, Airtags are water and dust-resistant.

Now let’s see what’s inside the stainless steel structure. Although Airtags are pretty small, they are packed with various features. Inside an Airtag, you will see a U1 chip. This chip helps show location with great precision. It is an incredible innovation from Apple.

Apart from that, you will find a battery that will keep the device alive, a built-in speaker that plays sound to help locate the device, and various other chips and components that run the device. Altogether, an Apple Airtag is only 0.31 inches thick. So, I hope you can understand how advanced this tracker is.

How Waterproof Are Airtags?

Apple has made Airtag water-resistant. It has an IP67 rating under the IEC standard. Besides, its stainless steel has a polish to protect it from moisture. So, it can resist water, splash, and dust. But how well can an Airtag resist water and dust?

Well, an Airtag will work underwater with a maximum depth of 1 meter, and that’s for up to 30 minutes. It won’t work beyond 1 meter and 30 minutes. So, you shouldn’t put it in the water. However, it can resist any splash, sweat, and dust.

But its performance is not permanent. The resisting power will decrease with time and the result from normal wear. Apple does not recommend cleaning Airtags with water or in the washing machine. You can clean it with a laptop cleaner. Besides, you can use protective covers to protect it from further damage.

What Is Airtag Adhesive Sticker Mount?

Apple Airtag Adhesive Sticker Mount is one of the accessories specially designed for Airtags. Its adhesive backing will keep your Airtag securely attached to your things. Besides, you can easily insert and remove your Airtag from the sticker mounts.

The sticker mounts have a flexible outer shell that securely holds your Airtag and keeps it firmly attached to any surface simultaneously. It particularly works well with hard surfaces. With its strong adhesive backing, you can attach this mount to surfaces like your phone, laptop, and iPads.

Many brands make sticker mounts using various materials and come in various colors. So, you can always choose your favorite color and preferred material. They are very lightweight, so you won’t feel a thing when it’s attached to your stuff.

How Do You Attach Airtag With Pets?

One of the great benefits of Airtag is that you can use it with your pets. You can always track them where they are going and locate them if you can’t find them. The good thing is that various accessories like Airtag Collar, Pet Tag, Dog Tag, Collar Sleeve, etc., are available for pets.

Let’s see how you can attach an Airtag with your pets:

  • Firstly, determine what accessories you will use to cling Airtag to your pets. You can choose Airtag Collar, Pet Tag, Dog Tag, and Collar Sleeve. They are readily available.
  • Then insert the Airtag into the accessory and make sure it’s securely housed and won’t come out when your pet will walk or run.
  • If you sue a pet collar or dog collar, simply tie it around your pet’s neck. Do not fasten too tightly.
  • Finally, connect the Airtag with your iPhone, and you have the live location of your pet.

Final Thoughts

Airtags have so many cool features, but it does to have any adhesive or magnet to stay attached to a surface or items. So, you will have to use third-party accessories to do that.

But you can rest assured that there are so many accessories from so many brands that you will never fall short of it. Even Apple itself sells many accessories for Airtags. You just have to spend some bucks and choose the right one.


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