Can AirTags be Used on Multiple Phones?

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Apple shook the world with their new tracking devices that are very tiny yet very powerful. This tracking devices are known as AirTags and can be attached even to a small item like a wallet without being detected.

For this device to work, it should be connected to an active iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 14.50. Once you have connected the device, the location history which Aids you to track your device is updated on your iCloud account.

Since we know that you can share an iCloud account with your family members, is it possible to connect your AirTag to multiple phones

 Bearing in mind, you can only register one Apple ID account on one device, it is unfortunate that you can only connect an AirTag to one device. Why is this so?

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Keep reading this guide to find out all the reasons Apple restricts you to register one AirTag to one Apple device.

Are AirTags compatible with Multiple Phones?

Apple AirTags lack their screen. For this reason, you will need an external device to aid in setting up and connection. The most commonly used devices are iPhones, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 14.50 and latest versions. AirTags also rely on location for tracking. Since the AirTag cannot store the location history on the device, you will need a storage space that can be accessed from your device.

iCloud is the best way to store any private information. This is because only you can access your data. You will also need an Apple ID to set up your iCloud account.

Once you have set up your iCloud account which is linked to your Apple ID, you can then start using AirTag.

Apple created AirTags in a way you can only connect the device to one Apple ID. And as you know, you can only sign-in to your Apple ID account in one device. Therefore, your AirTag can only be connected to one compatible device.

If you want to connect your AirTag to another device, you will need to remove the AirTag from your iPhone for it to connect to the other devices.

Do AirTags work with all phones?

Unfortunately, AirTags can only be connected to iPhones, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 14.50 and later versions. You can also connect your AirTag to a Mac computer with iOS 14.50 and later versions.

So, if you have an iPhone with older versions, your AirTag will refuse to connect.

AirTags also need to be connected to an Apple ID account, iCloud and Find My App. Android phones lack this applications. Therefore, there is no way you can connect your AirTag to an Android phone.

So, if keep trying to connect your AirTag to your Apple device, check the iOS version.

  • Go to settings
  • Then general
  • And select about.
  • You will find all the information about your iPhone including the build iOS version.

If the iOS version is older than 14.50 you will need to update your device to the latest versions.

If you want to use the latest feature in iPhones known as Precision finding, you can update to iPhone 11 and all the iPhones produces after.

Can a 4 pack of AirTags be used by different people?

Based on how powerful and accurate the are, Apple AirTags are very affordable. One AirTag retails at about $29 while a pack of 4 retails at about $99. This prices are constant in most Apple stores.

If you buy all the four AirTags, you can connect them to different items and add them to one Apple ID provided it has not exceeded the maximum number of AirTags required.

When connecting the AirTags to your iPhone, you will first need to prepare them checking if they are in the right condition. If all are viable, you can then connect them and start using them. You will however need to connect one at a time. Put the other AirTags far from your iPhone when connecting an AirTag. You will also have to check if all the AirTags are working.

Alternatively, you can gift your friends and family the rest of the AirTags if you only need one. The four Airtags are not linked. So, there is no limitation if you want to gift someone the rest of the AirTags. The people you are gifting the AirTag should however have an Apple ID account which is free to create and also have Apple Devices that are compatible with AirTags.

You can also add the number of AirTags you are buying of you have more items to track. Apple allows you to connect a maximum of 16 AirTags on your Apple ID account.

How many devices can an AirTag connect to?

Since you can sign in to your Apple ID account in one device, you can only connect your AirTag to only one device.

For the AirTag to store all the data and connect to other Apple devices thanks to Find my network, you need to create an iCloud account. Once you have created a. iCloud account, you will need Find My app to access the data and track your AirTag. For this reason, you will have to create an Apple ID.

Apple restricts one Apple ID to one device. So, you can only use your AirTag on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. If you want to use any other device, you will have to remove the AirTag from your Apple ID account.

Can you share AirTag with family?

Despite of how useful AirTags are, they ignored the family-sharing feature that is available to most of their other devices. The lack of this feature has brought some inconveniences when it comes to items that are sharable amongst family members.

An example is an Airtag that is connected to your kids back pack. Who will be responsible for the kid if all of you go to work? What if the connected device get lost, will you ever retrieve the backpack?

Even if you cannot share your AirTag with your family members, Apple ensured that you can work around through this decision to keep all your AirTags safe at all times.

So, there is no need to get worried about not being able to use your AirTag with your family member. This AirTag Family sharing guide will be of so much help.

  1. Disable the safety alert feature

When you give your AirTag to someone who has a compatible device but not connected to the AirTag, you will keep getting safety alerts on your iPhone.

This can be so much annoying especially if you are in public space. The AirTag will also keep producing a sound which can be uncomfortable if placed on your Pet’s collar.

If you don’t feel like transferring the AirTag to another person’s iPhone, you can disable the safety alert feature.

  • Open find My app on your iPhone
  • At the bottom-right hand corner is a Me tab, Tap that to continue
  • Scroll and choose items safety alert
  • Tap disable.

Once you have disabled, you will no longer get the notifications.

  • Transfer your AirTag to your family member

If the item you want to share with your family member is delicate and should always be tracked, you can opt to transfer the AirTag to you’re the person borrowing iPhone. This way, it will be connected to their Apple ID and they can still manage to track it if it get lost using Find My app.

Transferring AirTags means registering it as a new device. However, it has to be removed from your iPhone for it to successfully link with a new device.

  • Prep the AirTag for setup. Check if the AirTag battery has charge.
  • Enable Bluetooth, Find My app, and two-factor authentication.
  • Bring the AirTag closer to your iPhone.
  • Once it is connected you will get notifications on Find My app.
  • Rename the AirTag for easy identification if you have multiple AirTags.
  • Press save to continue

If you want to take your AirTag back, you will need to disconnect from the other person’s phone for it to connect back to your iPhone.

AirTag refusing to transfer to another device

Sometimes you might prep your AirTag and disconnect it from your AirTag only to find out it cannot successfully transfer to the other device.

This might happen because of a number of reasons;

  • You might have not removed the AirTag from your iPhone.
  • The AirTag might be dusty which makes paring with the new device impossible.
  • The other device might not be compatible.
  • The other device Apple ID might be full.
  • Check if Bluetooth is on.
  • Check if two-factor authentication is turned on.
  • If the AirTag is not in range.
  • If you are using a managed Apple ID.

Managed Apple ID are mostly used for educational purposes. If you have a managed Apple ID, your AirTag will definitely not connect. This is not to mean that you cannot use your AirTag with your device.

Creating a new Apple ID account is totally free and easy to create from either the iCloud account or Apple store. However, for the new Apple ID to work with your device, you will need to remove the existing managed Apple ID from you device.

After that you can go ahead and register your AirTag to your new Apple ID.

Most Apple devices and services are related. And, going wrong with one device leads to the other devices not working as expected.

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Apple created and programmed AirTags in a way they can only be connected to one device at a time. This is because using Find My app works well with a device that the AirTag was connected to.

If you happen to lose your AirTag, you can follow the onscreen instructions provided on Find My app to retrieve your AirTag. Despite of this concept, not connecting to multiple devices makes it hard for family members to share some of the most common AirTags. For you to share the AirTag with another device, you need to remove the AirTag from your iPhone which might be so tiresome.

The guide above will provide you with the information you need to make sharing AirTags work for you. You can also subscribe to this page to keep receiving information about AirTags.