Will Roku remote work with firestick

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Amazon firestick, a video streaming device, comes with a remote used to simplify user navigations with the fire tv.

On the other hand, Roku is also a streaming device used on a Roku tv. Similarly, it also comes with a remote.

If your firestick remote is damaged or facing the trending firestick remote battery problems, you may consider using the Roku remote.

But the million-dollar question is, will the Roku remote be compatible with the fire tv?

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

Let’s find out.

Can a Roku remote work with a firestick?

Maybe you have seen the multiple videos on YouTube that suggests that you can connect the Roku remote to your firestick and now wondering if the fire tv will work normally. Let us clear the air for you.

The firestick can only decode signals from the firestick remote. Consequently, a Roku remote cannot be used on the firestick.

The firestick remotes embrace a unique crafting style. For instance, they use Bluetooth to communicate instead of infrared.

Hence, they have a theoretical distance range of 30 feet, and you do not have to point the remote towards the tv when operating, as is the case with most other remotes.

Besides, you need to pair it with the firestick before using it. Actually, a code is sent to the Fire TV during the pairing process, which is later entered to the remote to finish the pairing process.

 The remote is also linked to the HDMI cable. The signals are sent through the cable to control the fire stick when you enter a command.

Having mentioned the HDMI connection, you might have already figured out that you would connect the Roku remote also. Doesn’t that mean that the Roku remote will control the firestick when connected to the HDMI? We promised not to leave any stone unturned, so let’s answer that too. 

When you enter a command using a Roku remote connected to the HDMI cable, the signals will be sent from the remote and decoded by the television as usual. In other words, the Roku remote will control the television.

Just before you think that’s it, wait for a minute.

The firestick will not detect the HDMI signals sent from the Roku remote. Therefore, the firestick cannot interpret the commands hence no action will be performed. In short, the Roku remote cannot control the firestick.

Thus, you can go on and connect the Roku remote with the HDMI cable, but be warned, it will only control the television and not the firestick. 

Why is the remote not working with the firestick?

If your remote is not damaged, there are two main reasons why it might not be working. We will discuss them and the possible solutions.

  1. Undetectable signals

Most remotes have a limited distance where the signals sent can be detected. For instance, a firestick remote that uses Bluetooth, its signals can only be detected within a limited range. On the other hand, if the remote uses the infrared rays, you must point it towards the tv and ensure there is nothing on the path that would block the rays. 

 In short, you need to ensure that you are within the distance range or the path is clear, and the remote is pointed towards the television. 

  1. Incorrect pairing

As we earlier said, the remote must be paired correctly to the fire tv. Thus, you need to be careful while entering the code, among other setups.

  1. Confusing programming

Another possible reason your remote is not working is that you have multiple confusing settings. That is why it is recommended you regularly reset the remote after some time. 

Will Roku remote work with firestick in future?

Even though Roku and firestick are both streaming devices, they have significant differences. For instance, firestick supports amazon Alexa assistant and is quite sensitive to the streaming service you are using.

On the other hand, Roku doesn’t care about your streaming service and has a highly advanced search function.

Apart from that, these two devices are from different manufacturers. Amazon manufactures the firestick, while Roku comes from the Roku Company.

Due to these differences, it is quite hard to tell if the Roku remote will work on firestick in future. However, we would highly wish that the manufacturers would consider that. 

Final words

The Roku remote cannot work on the firestick, even when using an HDMI. That is because the firestick is only programmed to decode the firestick remote signals. Hence, it cannot correctly interpret the signals from the Roku remote.

We cannot tell if that will be possible in the future, especially considering that these two devices are from different manufacturers even though we would wish so. 

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