Where does Firestick store downloads?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

where does Firestick store downloads? To check downloads in firestick, you have to check its internal storage. To check it on firestick, first, open firestick home. Then tap on the Settings icon > click My Fire TV > select About > select Storage. Here’s you will have all your downloaded files. 

Where does the firestick store download?

Firestick stores all downloaded files on its internal storage. If you go and check it from settings, you will find all your downloaded files there. You can check internal storage in the following ways: 

  • First, open Firestick Home. 
  • Then click on the Settings icon. 
  • You will see a new page with many options; click on My Fire TV.
  • Now select the About button.
  • Finally, select the Storage icon. 

However, sometimes you do not find your downloaded files on internal storage. You might find your Fire TV device is running out of space. That is when you are deleting files and apps too. Lost space can make trouble for you.

 Sometimes you download some apps and update them, but they do not clean up properly after deleting them. Sometimes their APK files remain in internal storage and take up a considerable amount of space. In that case, you need to find those files and delete them manually. 

How to access files on firestick? 

Firestick TVs might have some unaccounted space; they can cause a shortage of internal space. But you cannot delete them because you can’t find them. In this situation, you can find these files in two ways. 

I’m going to show you both of the ways in detail. Follow these steps to find those files and delete them.

Find Files with Total Commander

You can find and delete unwanted files using Total Commander App. Here’s how you will do it:

Step 1- Download Total Commander: The first step is downloading the Total Commander app on your Firestick TV. First, go to your home screen. You will find the Search option on the upper left of your screen- click on it. Now type Total Commander and click on it. Select it from the search results and open the app. 

Now tap on the Download button when you see it. App will start downloading. Wait until downloading completes. 

Step 2- Open Total Commander: After downloading- firestick will automatically install the app. Now click the Open button to run the app. It will ask for access permission to your photos, media, and files. Click Allow. 

Step 3- Delete Unwanted APK Files: In this app, you will find the Downloaded files option, click on it. There you will find loads of installation files. You can delete them to free up spaces. To delete them, select a file and long-press on it. 

Some options will pop up; you will see the Delete option there. Go down to the Delete button and click on it. Select the Yes button when a confirmation message pops up. You can delete all these APK files in this way. There is a yellow file named Filelinked, do not delete it in any case. 

You can delete other downloaded files from there. To do it, go to the Downloader file; You might have some files there. You can delete them in the same process. 

Find Files with ES File Explorer

Another way to find your lost files is ES File Explorer. With this app, you can see those unaccounted APKs and files and delete them to free up your Fire TV space. Follow these processes: 

Step 1- Download ES File Explorer: To download ES File Explorer, go to firestick home and click on the Find button. Now tap on the Search icon. Type ES File Explorer in the search box. Now select it from the search results. Now click on the Download button. The app will start downloading.

 Wait till Firestick completes the installation.   

Step 2- Open ES File Explorer: After completion, click on the Open button. Now app might ask for some permissions, allow them. Now select Internal Storage. You will find a lot of file options there. 

Step 3- Delete Unnecessary Files: Now, to delete some unnecessary downloaded files, go to the Downloader file. Here you will find all those unwanted installer files. To delete them, select a file, and long-press on it. Now go down to the Delete option and click on it. Select Yes when a confirmation message pops up.

You can delete all those APK files in this process. Delete other files from internal storage as well. Go back, select the files, and delete them following this same process.  

Final Words

Running out of storage might prevent you from downloading new apps because the whole storage is sucked up by some unwanted APKs and their update files. You must delete them to free up your Fire TV space. I hope my article comes in handy- now you can see all those hidden files and delete them one by one.