How much data does firestick use?

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Firestick is a video or audio streaming device via the internet which requires to support this functionality. 

The data consumed by this streaming device varies per person. Also, several factors are included, such as the quality of the video and the hour spent streaming.

Basically, the higher the video quality, the more data will be consumed, and as you can easily tell, you will spend more data if you are always on Netflix, youtube or any other streaming platform.

But does that mean you will always have to incur huge data bills every month? Fortunately, something can be done to ensure your data consumption is manageable.

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

Keep on reading to know how much data you are likely to consume when using firestick and tips to ensure that the data consumption is manageable.

How much data does a firestick use per month?

The economy is growing every day, and if you are not careful about your spending habits, you might soon be at the end of the road. It always seems like a hard or unfair task to manage your expenditures. Furthermore, you worked for your money.

Well, you did work for it, but let’s be honest, there is more to life than only spending on leisure. 

We always feel good when streaming our favorite movies, relaxing on our sofa and getting to enjoy a day at a time, thanks to the invention of the fire stick. However, it isn’t the same joy when we receive huge bills on the data we have spent. At this time, you will be hard on yourself, wondering why you didn’t exercise self-control.

From the report, you are likely to consume about 900MB of data per hour when watching a video whose quality is set to Good and 3.5GB if the video quality is set to the best quality. 

However, if you love clearer and crispy videos of 4k quality, you will use 6 GB of data every hour.

4K Video6-7 GB/hour
“Best” Quality3.5 GB/hour
“Better” Quality1.5 GB/hour
“Good” Quality900 MB/hour

Let’s clarify that those are only standard values and may vary according to several factors, one of them being time.

For instance, if you spend 4 hours every day streaming, you will need 3.6 GB for a good quality video, 14GB for the best video quality and 24 GB for a 4K video quality every day. 

Thus, you will need at least 90 GB every month. Worse, if you like your videos at the highest possible resolution for the best clarity, you need to budget for at least 720GB of data every month. 

However, you should note that streaming music and video doesn’t use the same amount of data. In the same circumstances, less data will be used in streaming audio.

Further, if your firestick is always connected to the television, you can be sure that some data will be spent even though you are not streaming.

Thus, it would be wise if you logged out from the streaming platform every time you are done watching your favorite movie or else you should disconnect the fire stick from the port. 

The other alternative is to power off the television when not in use

How do I reduce data usage on my firestick?

I have been a movie addict at one point in my life, and I know how helpless that feels. Other times, we might be watching every educative content worth the money spent on data. Nonetheless, you will always feel the pinch when paying huge data bills.

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel helpless when thinking of your monthly budget. Why? It is possible to spend fewer data and still get to enjoy streaming your content.

I know it is not time for jokes, and I am not joking either. Below are some tips that you can implement to reduce your monthly budget. You don’t have to implement all of them, but you implement an idea that will not leave you awful or uncomfortable while on the screen.

1. Adjust the video quality

Videos have different qualities, which are measured in terms of their resolution. Generally, the higher resolution, the higher the data consumption. I don’t mean that you set your video to the lowest possible resolution that will not impress you. 

However, you can find a balance such that the video is clear yet does not consume a lot of data. Follow the below steps to reduce the quality of your data if it is extremely high.

Step 1: Navigate to preferences

Open the home screen on your television and tap on the preferences icon.

Step 2: Tap on Data monitoring

After clicking on the preferences, a pop-up screen pops up with a drop-down list. On this list, find the data monitoring tab and click it.

Step 3: Navigate to the data monitoring options

The data monitoring options display the available video qualities that you can choose. To change the video quality, tap on the data monitoring tab again. 

Step 4: Select the video quality

If you have followed the above steps correctly, your television should display various video qualities. We would advise that you choose a slightly lower quality. Click on the selected quality to set.

2. Disable video autoplay

When using a Fire Tv, some of the amazon prime movies are automatically played, which adds up on the bandwidth consumed. Disabling this feature will help to reduce the data consumed during these automatic plays. Implement that by following the below steps.

Step 1: navigate to preferences

Open the home screen, then settings to get to the preferences. After getting there, tap the preferences icon.

Step 2: Tap on the featured content

After tapping on the preferences icon on the displayed screen, find the featured content and tap on the tab.

Step 3: Disable the autoplay

 The screen titled featured content indicates the video and audio auto-play status. If the status is set to ON, tap on the respective tabs to change to OFF.

3. Disable interest-based ads

 Sometimes amazon pushes on promotional; content in a very organized manner such that it doesn’t seem to be a bother. However, you might not know that these ads consume some of your data. Thus, to reduce the amount of data consumed, you should disable them. 

Step 1: Navigate to references

Launch the television setting and tap on the preferences icon

Step 2: Select privacy settings

On tapping on the preferences list, select the privacy settings tab and click it.

Step 3: Tap on the interest-based ads 

On the current screen with a drop-down list, find the tab labeled interest ads with an ON or OFF label at the bottom. If the status is ON, tap again to set it OFF.

How many GB do I need for the firestick

The amount of data you need for a firestick is a personal statistic. It depends significantly on your streaming habits, including the time and video quality.

Standardly you require 900MB per hour to stream a good quality video. Multiply this figure with the total hours you spend streaming and then multiply with 30 or 31 to figure out the total data you need for the month. Also, you can divide it by 1000 to convert it to gigabytes.

Approximately you will need 108 gigabytes for a low-quality video if you stream for at least 4 hours. However, if you like best-quality videos, you will likely spend over 360 gigabytes. 

Final words

Firestick uses data to stream videos from the internet. The data consumed significantly depends on your streaming habits. In a few words, the higher the video quality, the higher the data consumption. Similarly, the longer you stream, the higher the data budget.

However, there are some techniques you can deploy to decrease the data consumed. Some of them are disabling interest-based ads and lowering the video quality.

You don’t have to act helpless on your data consumption, know your streaming habits, and work on making the data bill manageable. 


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