Why Is My Vivint Thermostat Not Working?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

You love your Vivint system and that’s awesome. Because a more safe, secure, and comfortable home is a thing that deserves to be called awesome.

We know, we know, while a Vivint system is awesome, especially the Vivint thermostat (which is what this post is about), we’re not going to tell you that everything related to Vivint thermostat is awesome.

The reason we’re not going to tell you that is because it’s true. Sure, a heating system in winter and cooling system in summer can make you feel like you’re in Heaven, it doesn’t mean everything related to Vivint thermostat (how to calibrate vivint thermostat) is awesome.

Here is why. Vivint thermostats can be quite expensive. Paying a lot of money for something is not something that we can call awesome. Alright, on the serious note it can suck because sometimes it can malfunction.

In such a case, the panel will either not work properly or not work fine. It can work for a few minutes and then stop working, it may not provide good heating, it may not provide fine cooling, it may change the temperature by itself.

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As you can see there are many reasons why a thermostat may not be awesome. Plus, these were not the only reasons, the list is actually longer.

Nonetheless, now let’s focus on the important stuff. We’re going to tell you the 6 main causes of why a Vivint thermostat may not work and their solutions.

So if you’re ready, let’s get to it. 

What would cause a Vivint thermostat to stop working? Causes and answers:

The Vivint thermostat can stop working for various reasons. In this section, we’re going to discuss all the major ones.

In total, there are 5 causes of why the Vivint thermostat can stop working. First, we’re going to write the name of each cause, then we’re going to tell you their solution one by one.

So far, so good? Awesome! Then let’s get to it.

The names of the causes:

  1. Not Heating or Cooling problem
  • Vivint thermostat not responding to app
  • Vivint thermostat not connecting problem
  • Vivint thermostat not reading temperature correctly

Not Heating or Cooling problem

Follow these steps to solve this problem.

Step 1: Press and hold the left button on the panel for 6-10 seconds.

Step 2: By following the last step, the settings menu will display on your screen. Now you show tap on the option called user.

Step 3: Now use the up and down buttons to highlight the option called Testing and then tap on it. 

Step 4: Now use the up and down buttons to highlight the problem that you’re having. If you’re not getting enough heat, highlight the heat option, and do vice versa for cooling.

Step 5: Press the button on the right to select start.

Step 6: After you’ve selected the start option, here is what will happen. The Vivint thermostat will run a test to make sure the wires are active and the temperature is changing.

When the test is completed, it means the Vivint system has made sure that things are working the way you’ve set them to be. But, don’t just rely on the panel, see it for yourself if things are working the way you would like them to be.

When you’ve made sure that heating/cooling is working just fine, click the done button.

Step 7: If your thermostat is providing heating/cooling, then everything is just fine, if that’s not the case, then there is a good chance that something is wrong with your HVAC system, therefore you should contact the Vivint customer support.

Now we’re going to talk about the next cause. Vivint thermostat not responding to the app.

Vivint thermostat not responding to app

There are a total of 3 steps that you should take. Follow them exactly as instructed.

Step 1: Pick up your phone. Open the Vivint app and log out.

Step 2: Now go to your online account and send a command as a test.

Step 3: If the account center is working, but the app is still not working, here is what you’ve got to do. Check the signal on your mobile device. Mobile commands work best if your internet connection is good.

If the internet is not working, delete and reinstall the app. Now when the internet is connected, accept the command that you had previously sent.

That’s it! If you’ve followed the above steps the right way, you’ve successfully connected the thermostat with the Vivint app.

Vivint thermostat not connecting problem

If the thermostat is not connected, check for these three issues.

Thermostat batteries: See weather, all four batteries are sitting perfectly. If not, adjust their position. Alos, check for corrosion. If there is corrosion in your batteries, contact the Vivint team for help.

If the batteries are expired, replace them with the new ones.

Refresh the thermostat connection: Follow these steps for refreshing the thermostat connection. Go to Menu > General > Connectivity > Z-wave > Refresh Z-wave network > Yes.

Reboot the panel: First, you’ve got to disarm the panel. To disarm the panel, first turn on your panel’s screen. Now go to Shield > Staying > Leaving > Red alarm button > yes.

Now that you’ve disarmed the panel, Go to Menu > Devices > Displays > Reboot > Yes.

Vivint thermostat not reading temperature correctly

If your thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly, here is what you should do. You should calibrate the thermostat.

If you want an in-depth understanding of the process, read this article on calibrating. If you don’t want to read the long process and think you would be able to do it by following a simple process without minute details, stay here and follow the instructions below.

Press the left side button for 3-4 seconds > Go to the option called installer >  go to the option called calibrate > make the adjustments to the temperature > Hold the right button of the thermostat for 2 seconds.

Vivint thermostat keep changing temperature

In this case, again adjust the calibration values and see if the problem is solved. If not, then contact the Vivint team and ask the rep to send someone to check your thermostat.

Now is the time to take the last step. The last step involves resetting the Vivint thermostat. In the next section, we’re going to guide you on how to do that.

How do I reset my Vivint thermostat?

Here is how you reset your Vivint thermostat. You will successfully reset the Vivint thermostat by following the instructions below.

Follow each step in the exact order and in the exact same manner as possible.

Step 1: Go to the Home screen. Then press and hold the slide button for 3 seconds.

Step 2: Press down to highlight the Installer option. Once the option is highlighted press the side button.

Step 3: Press down to highlight the option called Reset. Then press the side button to go forward.

Step 4: Again press down the button to highlight the option called Reset. Then press the side button, to move forward again.

Step 5: Now comes the final step. One more time an option called Reset will appear on your screen. This is to confirm that you want to perform the factory reset function.

So press the down button and keep pressing until the Reset option is highlighted. After that, here is what you’ve got to do. Press the side button, we bet you saw this coming 🙂

That’s it! You’ve successfully performed the factory reset function. Of course, if you’ve performed all the steps and you’re reading this right after it, then you’ve not successfully performed the factory reset function.

The reason is because the processing of this function takes a few minutes. So now here is what you’ve got to do, noting! Just wait for a few minutes and your work is done.


By reading this post, you’ve become very familiar with the Vivint thermostat. A lot of problems related to Vivint thermostat can be solved by using this app.

We’re going to summarize all six problems that can stop the Vivint thermostat from working properly or maybe working at all. We’ve written the solution for these problems in this post, so if anything is not truly clear then feel free to read the solution again.

So, here are the six problems. Not Heating or Cooling problem. Vivint thermostat not responding to the app. Vivint thermostat not connecting problem. Vivint thermostat not reading temperature correctly. Vivint thermostat keeps changing temp. Reset the Vivint thermostat.

These were the six problems that are mostly the reason behind why the Vivint thermostat stops working. Of course, these are not all the problems related to Vivint thermostat. There are actually many more problems that can cause the Vivint thermostat to either stop working or reduce the performance of the Vivint thermostat.

If you’ve found this post helpful, you know what to do. Share it with others so they can reap the benefits as well. In case you didn’t like the post, let us know what it is that you didn’t like about the post, we’d love to help if we can.