Why is My Simplisafe Doorbell Offline?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

I know that feeling. Having to worry that someone would bump into your home even when you have a Simplisafe doorbell installed is no fun.

You’ve already played your role in installing the Simplisafe doorbell but yet, but it looks like the device is not going to cooperate with you. Don’t worry. There’s a solution. Keep reading and find out why is my Simplisafe doorbell offline.

So yes, there are many reasons that could cause your Simplisafe doorbell to go offline. But before I share them with you, it’s important I say this. The Simplisafe doorbell would only connect to the Simplisafe security system. Don’t forget this.

The reasons for offline a SimpliSafe doorbell

Check these out. The reasons your Simplisafe doorbell could be offline.

SimpliSafe doorbell won’t connect to wifi

The truth is you cannot make use of a Simplisafe doorbell camera without a WiFi connection. Sadly, the Simplisafe doorbell won’t connect to WiFi can make the device go offline. Sounds familiar? Alright, let’s get into details.

You will get a camera disconnected message on your mobile app if the device is no longer connected to WiFi. And at this point, there are two things involved. First off, it could be that your Simplisafe doorbell is too far away from the router.

If the distance between your Simplisafe doorbell and the router is much, that’s an invitation to WiFi disconnection. And automatically, an Offline Simplisafe doorbell follows next.

But that’s not all. Another contributing factor to WiFi disconnection in a Simplisafe doorbell is inadequate bandwidth to operate the service. Low bandwidth will not be able to pick up the device. Quite unfortunate.

Believe me when I tell you that a WiFi connection in SimpliSafe doorbell operations is very paramount. This is precisely why you have to ensure a close range and enough bandwidth for connectivity. To make matters worse, any attempt to change the WiFi password or network name without updating the changes may cause WiFi disconnection.

simplisafe doorbell no power

The chances are that Simplisafe doorbell no power can cause a Simplisafe doorbell to go offline. Bang! You’ve been hit with another fact. Let’s keep digging in.

If your Simplisafe doorbell or your router lost power, the device would go offline. It’s that simple. Now, the big question is, how can they lose power? The answer? When they’re not correctly plugged in.

Take note; your camera could be the one well plugged, and your router is not well plugged. Still, the device wouldn’t be active. The same applies when its the other way around. Since these two work hand in hand, they both have to be well plugged into a power source.

There’s something else. The base station is designed to function in the course of power outrage by drawing power from its rechargeable backup battery. But, this is limited to a duration of 24 hours. This simply means that your Simplisafe doorbell would go offline if it does not get a power source after 24 hours of power outrage.

In essence, your Simplisafe doorbell not being able to access any power supply could result in a shutdown.

SimpliSafe doorbell not charging

So why is my Simplisafe doorbell offline? Because it’s not charging and quite a number of things could contribute to your Simplisafe doorbell camera not charging.

I will begin by making mention of a faulty Simplisafe doorbell. There’s absolutely no magic anyone can do about this. If your device is having one or two technical problems, it will not charge. It might not even be able to draw power from any power source.

Another thing that could cause your device not to charge is the supply of low-voltage power. In fact, the recommended voltage supply for Simplisafe doorbells ranges between 8V- 24V. That means that any voltage lesser than 8V is considered low for the device.

What if I tell you that the absence of a WiFi connection can also cause your Simplisafe doorbell not to charge? Don’t forget that I earlier mentioned to you that a WiFi connection is very paramount. This is how far it can cause your Simplisafe doorbell to go offline.

So it all adds up to this. Your Simplisafe doorbell wasn’t getting enough Voltage power; hence it wasn’t charging and went offline. Or a faulty device/ loose WiFi and thus cannot access power.

Simplisafe doorbell flashing red

Obviously, we all know what a red light signifies. Danger. Warning. Incorrect. And some other terms. It’s no exemption for a Simplisafe doorbell. And once your Simplisafe doorbell starts flashing red, it could go offline.

Then, that’s one good reason you should know why your Simplisafe doorbell is flashing red. Any incorrect WiFi details would cause the device to go off. Even any changed detail would cause the same effect.

And then there’s the distance, unplugged router, and the WiFi network frequency. All of these would make your Simplisafe doorbell signal you with a red light.

Big news: Here’s a table that shows the major causes of Simplisafe doorbells going offline on a four-point Likert Scale.

No WiFi connectionAlways
Distance between Simplisafe doorbell and routerOften
Inadequate bandwidthOften
Low voltageAlways
Faulty Simplisafe doorbellRarely
Unplugged routerOften
Incorrect WiFi detailsRarely

How to fix Simplisafe doorbell offline problems?

Do you want to learn how to solve Simplisafe doorbell offline problems? That’s right because you’ll get it all here. So stick with me.

Identifying when a Simplisafe doorbell goes offline is no task. It stops sending motion alerts to your mobile app. At this point, you don’t have to panic. You start by deducing the reason your Simplisafe doorbell is offline. Once you’ve cracked it, you’re close to the finishing line.

Here’s how it goes, fixing a Simplisafe doorbell offline problem.

Should a far router be the reason your Simplisafe doorbell is offline, do not fret. All you need to do is reduce the distance between the router and your Simplisafe doorbell. You should bring the router closer to the doorbell or bring the doorbell closer to the router. Either way, you would be able to bridge the gap and allow for a WiFi connection.

Wait, don’t be in a hurry. We’re just getting started. For inadequate bandwidth, getting a WiFi extender is the way out. What a WiFi extender would do for your WiFi network is help it boost its signal.

And hey, watch out for these things when buying a WiFi extender to fix your Simplisafe doorbell offline problem. The extended must be able to support a 2.4GHz WiFi frequency. And, also it must be able to give the extended WiFi network a name different from the main WiFi network.

Let’s talk about fixing your Simplisafe doorbell offline problem caused by power. Check your doorbell and the router if they’re both well plugged in. If they’re not, do the needful and ensure a tight connection. It sounds simple. And it is.

On the other hand, see to it that the amount of voltage power you’re supplying is not low. Sometimes, all you need is a high voltage power higher than what you are supplying. Get it?

You might want to check the status of your Simplisafe doorbell if it keeps going online. Found any technical issues? The best you can do at this point is to call for a technician.

Also, your WiFi network details. Ensure all details are accurate. And if you get to make any changes, update it immediately. That way, your device would be able to see and connect to the network. There’s no way it would connect if the imputed details are not corresponding.

Finally, the WiFi frequency will need your attention if it is not 2.4GHz. Check out your WiFi network and ensure it’s connected to a 2.4GH.

This is how to change a Simplisafe doorbell WiFi network.

Step 1: Unscrew the screws holding your Simplisafe doorbell in place and remove the device from the bracket.

Step 2: Reset your doorbell by holding down the reset button for up to fifteen seconds. You’ll find this button located at the back of the doorbell, slightly above the micro USB port on the left. It’s the biggest button there.

Step 3: Reset your Simplisafe Mobile app after you’re done resetting the device. Note that a successful reset on your Simplisafe doorbell would indicate with a white light flash and a voice prompt.

Step 4: Generate a new QR code for the new WiFi network.

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Let’s rewind and have all details summed up here. The reason your Simplisafe doorbell is offline would largely centre around the WiFi network connection. Never forgot this son of a bitch. Much more, you would have to check your voltage power supply and the state of the device.

After all, whatever device that’s faulty cannot carry out its full operations. So no matter what you put in place, as long as it has technical issues, it wouldn’t respond to you. But that’s another story.

So go ahead and figure out why your Simplisafe doorbell is offline and do the needful. I’d love to hear from you. Good luck with that.