Can I Wear My Fitbit On My Ankle?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Figure 1: Can I Wear My Fitbit On My Ankle?

Can I Wear My Fitbit On My Ankle? 

No. Fitbit does not recommend wearing Fitbit devices on the ankle. They are designed for wrists, and you should wear them on the wrists. However, you can wear Fitbit on your ankle, but it won’t give accurate results. 

Why Wearing Fitbit On Ankle Is A Bad Idea?

Fitbit fitness trackers have smartwatch designs. So, they are only made for wearing on the wrists. Wearing them on the ankles leads to a series of issues. That’s why it’s not a good idea. 

If you wear Fitbit on your ankle, you will not get accurate data from your activity tracker. The whole idea of wearing a fitness tracker is to track and record your movements and activities. If it fails to do that, what’s the use of a Fitbit? 

Operating Fitbit while walking, running, or exercising will be absolutely impossible when you put Fitbit on your ankle. You will have to stop and bend down all the way up to your ankle to check the time or operate your Fitbit. 

Again, wearing a Fitbit on your ankle increases the possibility of being damaged. It may loose and fall while you are running. There are so many ways your Fitbit can get damaged if you wear it on your ankle. 

Most importantly, you will not be able to claim the warranty from the manufacturer if you wear Fitbit on your ankle and it damages. So, you will have no other option but repair it on your own or scrap it. 

That’s why it’s a bad idea to have Fitbit on your ankle. They are meant for your wrist, and you should follow it. Otherwise, their utility will shrink for you. 

What Feature Will Not Work If You Wear Fitbit On Ankles? 

Let’s see what features won’t be available if you put a Fitbit on your ankle. 

Sleep Data

You won’t get accurate sleep data if you wear Fitbit on your ankle rather than your wrist. Your ankle will not send correct stats to your Fitbit. Only your wrist is capable of that. So, if you wish to get regular sleep data, wearing Fitbit on your wrist will be the best choice. 

Heart Rate 

I’m sure you check your heart rate at least a couple of times daily with a Fitbit. And wrist is the best point your Fitbit can collect accurate data on your heart rate. So, wearing it on your ankle will not deliver the correct stats. So, you won’t get accurate data from your Fitbit. 

Inaccurate Step Count 

Even the step count does not come accurately from wearing Fitbit on the ankles. According to a study, Fitbits give 95% to 97% accurate data when wearing it on the wrist. But, you will get far less accurate step counts when putting it on your ankle. 

Final Thoughts 

Some activity trackers are available for ankles. So, go for them if you have to put something on your ankle. Fitbits are meant for your wrist; try to have it on there. 


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