Why Did My ADT Bill Go Up?

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How much does ADT cost monthly?

The first thing we’re going to discuss is how much does the ADT service cost on a monthly basis? This is important for people who are deciding whether they should use the service or not.

For those of you who have already decided or are already using the ADT service, feel free to skip this section. Though, if you want to stay and read about all the packages, you’re welcome to do that as well.

Alright, let’s talk about the packages shall we? Yes, we should. Otherwise, what’s the point of writing this section. We feel kind of silly for even asking this question 🙂

Alright, now let’s talk about the packages. There are three main packages. ADT Basic, ADT Secure, and ADT complete. We’re going to give you the details about each of them, so you can decide which one fulfills your requirements and is ok with your budget.

Let’s start with the ADT Basic package.

ADT Basic

Smart Lighting for Home
Smart Lighting for Home

The price of this package is fairly reasonable if you ask us. It’s $28.99 (price on the time post published) per month. But, the price alone doesn’t tell you why it’s fairly reasonable, does it? Of course, not.

If it was that simple, you would just read the prices of all the packages and be done with it. But, since that’s not mature you’re not going to do that.

In case anyone is wondering why that is not mature, here is why. Because you don’t order food if you don’t even know what it is. As far as we’re concerned, you might be allergic to it, so strongly advise against it.

Alright, now let’s discuss what you get for $28.99. (price on the time post published)

You get the security equipments activation, 24/7 professional customer service, fire | carbon monoxide | flood monitoring services| If you don’t own any of these 3 devices you might think this feature is worthless, but it could still come handy if you decide to buy one or more of these devices.

Now that you’ve seen what you get for the money, we bet you’re thinking to yourself, “it’s definitely a fair deal.”

ADT Secure

This one costs a lot more than the previous one. The monthly charges of ADT Secure are $45.99 (price on the time post published) per month. As you can see the difference is quite significant.

So is this one worth it? Again, we’re gonna use the example of food. Say you’re going to a 5 star restaurant and ordering food, it’ll be quite expensive but would it be worth the experience?

We say it would be totally worth the experience, if you could afford it. Therefore, to see whether it’s worth it or not, we’re gonna have to take a close look at the features of this package.

Here are the features of this package. Everything that was included in the basic package + home automation + remote arming and disarming + instant alerts on your smartphone notifying you if any suspicious activity is detected + Z-Wave technology to power your smart home features + commands through the app. 

Now, judging by what you’ve read, it is fair to say that the price that looked enormous before looked pretty reasonable.

ADT Complete

This is the last option on the list. The last dish on the menu. The last shop opened on the food street. The price of the ADT Complete package is not that high, compared to ADT Secure.

It’s $59.99 (price on the time post published) which is 30% more than the ADT Secure. The difference is good, but nothing huge at all. Ok, enough with the comparison.

Because we’re not going to know what’s included in this package by comparing it with other packages. Therefore, let’s talk about the features of this package.

The ADT complete involves all the features from other packages + Remote Security Video Upgrade + Video support + Video monitoring.

As you can see, if you want a little more advanced features compared to what ADT Secure offers, this one is the right package for you.

Does ADT price increase?

This is a good question. Because if you’re using ADT service for over a year now and all of a sudden you see an increase in the bill, you wouldn’t feel good would you?

But before we talk about how that would feel, let’s discuss whether it’s even possible. Why wouldn’t that be possible? We get it, you meant if it was not possible why would anyone even seriously ask a question about it.

While your concern is right, let’s not hop on the vagon too fast. Why? Because, there are people who literally argue whether Santa Claus is real. Now, you get our point don’t you?

Alright, so what is the case over here. Does ADT price increase with time or not? It turns out, it does. It says in their contract that the rate of ADT service may increase after one year you start using it.

The section is called, Increase In Charges. Alright, with that clear now let’s talk about what you can do about it or whether there is even something you can do about the increase in ADT price?

How can I reduce my ADT bill?

Well, first let’s discuss whether you can even reduce your ADT bill? To be honest with you, forget about it. Because by reading the subheading you can probably already tell the answer to the question is a Yes.

Now, let’s talk about how you can reduce your ADT Bill.

To reduce the bill, you’ll have to get in touch with the customer representative. Once you’re connected, ask them whether you can get a discount or a promotion.

Even if you’re a new customer, you may still get discounts or promotions. But, for long term customers things are even better. They can contact the ADT customer service and ask for a loyalty ADT discount.

Only customers who have been using the ADT service for over 12 months are eligible for loyalty discount.


Yes, you can reduce your ADT monthly prices. But, you’ll only find out whether it’s possible for you to do it, by contacting the customer support.

If any point in the post was not clear, let us know in the comments section and we would help you out.

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