What Should I Engrave on AirTags?

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Considering how affordable Apple AirTags are, you might find yourself needing to buy multiple AirTags for various items. You might buy an AirTag for your wallet, your car keys, backpack, your camera and other items.

If you have one AirTag, there might be no reason to label it. However, if you have multiple devices it would be best if you labeled them. Most of the labels are not long lasting while other will make your AirTag look old and damaged.

This is not the case with Apple AirTags. When buying an AirTag, you are given an option for your AirTag to be engraved in the factory level. Unfortunately, there is a lot that goes into the engraving process. Keep reading this guide to understanding how engraving is done, why it is done, the limitations of engraving your AirTag and the best engraving ideas for your AirTag.

Engraving on AirTags: Process

Apple AirTags are very tiny and affordable tracking devices. One AirTag retails at $29 while a pair of four AirTags retail at $99. It is therefore possible to track multiple items with AirTags. Besides, your Apple ID can handle up to 16 items.

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If you are looking to track multiple items, you will need to identify every AirTag and the items it’s tracking. You can locally label your AirTag but the labels might not be long lasting.

Luckily, Apple offers an option where you can label your AirTag from the factory level. When you purchase an AirTag from the Apple, you are given an option to get your AirTag to get engraved.

If you choose for your AirTag to be engraved, you will get have to add to add at least five days to get your delivery. All the engraving are done in the factory in China. It is for that reason your delivery might get late.

However, if you opt for your AirTag not to be engraved, you will get your delivery in time. Apple has a store in the USA. Non-engraved AirTags are delivered from the warehouse.

Is it advisable to engrave an AirTag?

There is nothing wrong with your AirTag getting Engraved. In fact, getting your AirTag will make it look less ordinary, make it distinct from other AirTags and make it easier to now which AirTag is for what Item. This aids when it comes to registering the AirTag on your Apple ID.

You can also engrave an AirTag as a gift to someone you love. For example, you can engrave an AirTag for your dog or for your Mom.

It is also impossible for thieves to steal an engraved AirTag since you cannot sell an engraved AirTag.

Aside from the benefits of engraving your AirTag, there are a few limitations to engraving your AirTag.

  • You will probably receive your AirTag late than when an AirTag is not being engraved.
  • You cannot return an Engraved AirTag.
  • You cannot sell and engraved AirTag.

Aside from the few limitations, it is a good idea to engrave your AirTag especially if you have multiple AirTags.

Can you return engraved AirTags?

Apple do not allow return of engraved AirTags. Engraving of AirTags is done in the factory in china but you get to choose and customize your AirTag engraving online. Engraving is free and you can choose up to 6 characters.

Although Apple does not allow the return of engraved AirTags, you can change the engraving you if the purchase is still being processed. Otherwise, you cannot change the engraving if your purchase have been processed.

If by any chance you need to return your AirTag and it is engraved, you will get a refund which you can then use to purchase another AirTag.

How do you engrave and customize the AirTag?

Although, you may choose not to engrave your AirTag, engraving the AirTag is the last step to making your AirTag officially yours. Apple gives an option for you to engrave your AirTag with over 31 Emojis, your name, nickname but should be up to 6 characters.

If you choose to engrave your AirTag, you can follow this guide to engrave whatever you want on your AirTag. Normally, you engrave on the right side of the AirTag where there is no label.

  • Open Apple.com from your iPhone.
  • Select iPhone at the top of the browser.
  • There is a section with list at the top, select AirTags.
  • Click on buy at the top right hand corner.
  • Choose whether you want to buy 1 AirTag or a pack 4 AirTags.
  • Select an emoji from the given 31 options or text. You can also choose both texts and an emoji.
  • After selecting click done then continue to buying.
  • Click add to bag and continue by following the given instructions to complete the purchase and shipment.
  • If you want to change the engraving, you should it before the payments have been processed.

If you don’t want to engrave your AirTag in the factory level, you can choose laser engraving from printers. However, you might end up losing your Warranty benefit.

10 Best Engraving Ideas

If you choose to engrave your AirTag, you can absolutely free on Apple.Com. On the website, you will get an option to use the ideas provided for you, or fully customize your AirTag. Remember, engraving in free. So, if you decide to engrave your AirTag, you can choose the AirTag engraving ideas from the ones given below or come up with yours.

1.      An emoji

There is nothing that shouts mine more than engraving your AirTag with your favorite emoji. If you are girly! You can choose a heart or a pony emoji. If you are a happy person, a smiley emoji will go a long way. You can choose multiple Emojis if you want to.

2.      Your Name

If you want to take the personal thing more further, why not engrave your AirTag with your name. You have an option of engraving up to 6 letters. So, if your name has a total of 6 letters or less, you are in luck.

3.      Your nickname

There are less people who share nicknames. So, if you want to make your AirTag feel like it is really yours, why not engrave your nickname on the AirTag. Again, the nickname should be less than 6 letters.

4.      Your pets name

Engraving your pets name on the AirTag might be a smart way to ensure your dog does not feel lost Incase someone finds him. This is however not advisable as people with the wrong intentions might manipulate your dog to thinking they ok now him. You can use the initials if you are not comfortable with using your dog’s full name.

5.      The name of the person you are gifting the AirTag

If you are buying an AirTag for a loved one, you may choose to engrave their name on the AirTag. You can also engrave something that is personal between you two. This way they will feel special once you gift them the AirTag.

6.      Your Goal

Since you are always carrying your AirTag with you at all times, why not engrave your goal on the AirTag. You can write the date you want to accomplish the goal so as you remain grounded to achieving your goal.

7.      Your accomplishments

There is nothing that feels good like seeing things you have accomplished all the time. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and give you more motivation to keep going.

So, if you want to feel proud of yourself and do more, engrave your AirTag with your accomplishments. You can put the day you graduated, got your first job, or even got married.

8.      Your pet’s picture

You may opt not to get the engraving done in the factory and get it done by professionals in your city. Unfortunately, doing this has high chances of making you lose your warranty benefit.

Just like tattoos, you can get a professional to engrave a picture of your pet on the AirTag.

9.      Promote your brand

If you have a brand there is no better way than engraving the name of your brand on the AirTag. This way, you will remember you have a brand to promote and if your AirTag get lost, the person who finds it is one person aware of the existence of your brand. You can also add a logo of your brand.

10.  A bunch of numbers

If you don’t want to think too much about what you engrave on your AirTag, why not true just engrave random numbers, or even your lucky numbers.

What not to engrave on the AirTag?

Apple does not follow up on AirTags once you have complete the purchase. However, there are a few things you totally cannot engrave on your AirTag.

  • You cannot engrave vulgar words.
  • Do not engrave your home address.
  • Do not engrave your personal contact.
  • Do not engrave your child’s school.
  • Do not engrave your bank account number.

Engraving your personal information on the AirTag can be a gateway to leading stalkers to you.

Although, AirTags might pose a danger for your safety if they fall in the hands of malicious people, Apple has made sure that your AirTag is as safe as it can be. With the latest AirTags firmware update, no stalker can access your personal information unless you engrave it on your AirTags.

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There are no many brands that allows their clients to customize their devices for free at the factory level. Most of the engravings you see are done by professionals which end up being very expensive.

Apple has an option in their website that allows you as a buyer to engrave your AirTag with whichever engraving you want. However, there are some engravings you cannot engrave even though you are free to.

On the website you get 31 Emojis that you can choose from. You may choose your favorite emoji or texts. The guide above have all the information you can use to engrave your AirTag. Read it thoroughly and come up with other ideas for your self.  

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