21 Awesome AirTag Engraving Ideas

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You can engrave your AirTag using any words, initials, or emoji you want. However, Apple restricts it’s user from using offensive words. Why do you need to engrave your AirTag device? Keep reading this detailed guide to find out why and how you can engrave your AirTag devices. 

Why do you need to engrave your AirTag device?

Loosing your most valuable stuff can be so detrimental especially if it is things that you use everyday. For instance, loosing your car keys when you need to leave the house can inconvenient you big time. 

Fortunately, Apple has always come up with solutions for everything. No wonder almost every person is striving to switch to apple devices. 

For our case of losing your valuable, on April 2021, Apple released a tiny and very effective device known as an AirTag. 

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One AirTag device can be used  for one device. If you buy one AirTag which cost $29, you can only keep track of only one item, let’s say your car keys. However, to get the best deal, you should by 4 AirTag devices for $99. 

With this new deal, you can buy quite a number of AirTags for different items like your house keys, your child’s backpack, your pet, bicycle and so forth. 

Another big advantage is that you can connect a total of 16 items to one Apple ID. That means, on your iPhone, you can track 16 items at once. 

Due to these large number of AirTag connected to your Apple ID, it is possible to get confused when searching for your items. For example, if you want to track your lost bicycle, you need to know how you have saved the AirTag that is tracking the bicycle. Otherwise, you will not access your bicycle. 

So, if you have a total of 16 items, you will need to engrave each AirTag with a different symbol to avoid confusion.

How do you engrave your AirTag?

Once you have bought your AirTag, it is up to you to treat it how you want. You can decide to engrave it or not. However, for the sake of reducing confusion when searching for lost devices, it is better you engrave your AirTag. 

You can put any initial on your AirTag such as your name or your favorite emoji. The only issue is that there is a limit of four letters. With the recent turn of events, Apple is now limiting the engravings you put on your AirTag device. Offensive words are some of the things you cannot put on your AirTag device. 

So how do I go about engraving my AirTag?

To start of, AirTag engraving is free provided you have your AirTag. 

Step 1: Open Find my app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select the AirTag you want to engrave from items tab. 

Step 3: Choose rename your AirTag. 

Step 4: Choose from the 31 available Emojis from the list. You can also put any texts or numbers from your keyboard. If you put more than 6 characters and 5 Emojis, your AirTag will display a red signal saying your characters cannot fit. 

Step 5: After you have renamed your AirTag you should tap on save. 

Step 6: If you have multiple AirTags you can put different symbols to avoid confusion. 

Step 7: Alternatively you can get your AirTag engraved before it gets delivered to you. However, this will take longer than getting an AirTag that is not engraved.

Engraving your AirTag device is easy and free. It will also give you an easy time identifying which AirTag is engraved with what symbol. 

Which items should you use an Engraved AirTag on?

There is no rule that restricts you from using an AirTag anywhere. You can decide to place it even on your car. Combined with an appealing engraving, you will be having two benefits at a go. Here are some of the items you can attach an AirTag to:

  • Your phone
  • Wallet
  • Purse
  •  MacBook
  • Bicycle
  • Car keys,
  • Pets leash
  • Your car
  • Kids school backpack
  • Your laptop bag
  • And other items. 

21 AirTag Engraving ideas

Now that you know why you should engrave your Airtag, how to engrave your Airtag and where you can use an Engraved AirTag, I will give you 21 AirTag Engraving Ideas you can use on your device. 

  1. What about A smiley face emoji

Nothing beats a cute smiley emoji on your AirTag. A smiley emoji is one of the most common engraving on AirTags and it will never run out of fashion. 

A smiley face will always bring you some joy every time you look at it on your AirTag. 

You can add one smiley emoji to make it look bigger or a number of Smiley Emojis to add to the mood.

  1. Your name

If your name is short enough, it will perfectly fit on your AirTag. An AirTag will fit up to 6 characters. 

  1. Your dog’s name

If you are engraving an AirTag for your dog’s leash, you can put your dog’s name or it’s initials on the AirTag. This way, anyone can easily identify your Dog if it get’s lost. 

  1. Your goal

How about use your AirTag as your dream board. Engraving your goal will help keep you focused on what you are aiming for every time you look at your AirTag. 

  1. Engrave numbers 

If you have a number of AirTags, you can decide to number each of your AirTags. For example, you can give your AirTags numbers 1,2,3,4….16 e.t.c

  1. Engrave your Accomplishments

You can engrave some of your most proud moments like an achievement you had in the past or recently. This way you can keep being motivated to work for more. 

  1. Promote your brand

If you have a brand of your own, you can engrave the name of your business on your AirTag. This way, if anyone finds your lost AirTag, they will be aware of the existence of your brand. 

  1. Engrave your child’s initials on the AirTag

If you are attaching an AirTag to your kids school backpack, you can engrave your child’s name or the initials. This way if your kid loses their bag, it can be easily identified. 

  1. Spice up your love for a football team

For those who are big supporters of football, there is nothing that would should show loyalty like engraving the name of your favorite football team on your AirTag. 

  1. Your partners name

Show some love to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife by engraving their name on your AirTag. This way, you will always smile every time you see their name on your AirTag. 

  1. Your Birthday or your partner’s birthday

If you are on who keeps forgetting your birthday or your partner’s birthday, you might as well engrave it on your AirTag. 

  1. Your four lucky numbers

Almost every one believe in lucky numbers. And surprisingly, they always come in four. If you are one of the people who believe in lucky numbers, you can engrave your lucky numbers on your AirTag. 

  1. Name of the device you are attaching your AirTag

Instead of struggling to come up with different initials, numbers, or Emojis, you can use the name of the device you want to engrave. 

For example, Bag for your Bag’s AirTag, or Bicycle for your bicycle’s AirTag. 

  1. Engrave your pets emoji 

There quite a number of Emojis including those of animals. If you have a cat, you can engrave a cat emoji or a dog emoji. 

  1. Engrave your parents name

You can keep it simple by engraving the word mom with a heart emoji, or Dad with a heart emoji. 

  1. Engrave a bunch of Emojis

There is no rule as to which emoji you can engrave on your AirTag. You can pick a bunch of Emojis and engrave it on your AirTag. 

  1. Engrave the date you purchased your AirTag

An AirTag is one of the most Precious device you can get for yourself and others. For that reason, you can put the date you purchased your AirTag on your AirTag. 

  1. Engrave your city or state name

If you are a patriot or want to direct people to your city Incase your AirTag gets lost, it will be identified as a device that belongs to which state. 

  1. Motivate your self using motivation message

Words like I can do it will encourage you to believe in yourself more even on days you are not up to living. However, the words should not be more than 6. 

  1. Your favorite color

You can just engrave your favorite color on the face of the AirTag device. It does not matter if the color name matches the physical color of your AirTag

  1. A message

You can type a message such as keep me on your AirTag incase someone finds your AirTag by mistake. 

What not to engrave on your AirTag

Although the list of what you can engrave on your AirTag is unlimited, there are some words Apple will not entertain for engraving. According to Forbes, some of the engraving you cannot put on your AirTag include;

  • Your Address: 

Putting your home address on a device is the worst idea you can have for an AirTag engraving. If by any chance your AirTag gets on the hands of malicious people, your life can be threatened. 

  • Your bank account numbers:

With the increasing cases of theft, you should not at any chance use your bank account number on any device let alone your AirTag device. Your account number might be in frauds without your knowledge. 

  • Your phone numbers:

You wouldn’t want to get stalked by the psychopaths if they happen to get your phone number by chance. Always keep your phone number to yourself or family. 

  • Your child’s school name:

Never ever puts your child’s information on any device especially not their school. Malicious people might use that as an advantage and kidnap your child. 

  • Vulgar language:

Even though you have the freedom to engrave whatever message you want on your AirTag, do not put offensive words as engraving on your AirTag. 

When can I Engrave my AirTag?

Apple allows AirTag buyers to engrave their AirTags during the time of purchase and not after purchase. 

The option to engrave your AirTag is completely free and available online. It is for this reason, Apple can limit the type of engraving you can put on your AirTag.

Engraving your AirTag device will definitely take longer before you receive your AirTag device. 

Apple also allows involvement of third parties for engraving. However, if you do so, you risk loosing the AirTag benefits

How long does it take to engrave AirTags?

The time taken to engrave your AirTag depends on a number of factors. 

For starters, buying engraved AirTags will take 4-5 days before it gets to the owner. This is because, engraved AirTags come direct from the factory in China. While Non-engraved AirTags can be gotten from the source country. 

So, of it is during high seasons and a lot of people need their AirTags engraved, it will definitely take longer than you may expect.

Can I return an engraved AirTag?

According to Apple return policy, Apple does not allow exchange of engraved AirTags. You can however return the engraved AirTag and get a refund from Apple. 

So, if by any chance you want to return your engraved AirTag, it should be within two weeks after purchasing. If you still need an AirTag, you can repurchase another AirTag using the money you will receive from Apple. 

Is it possible to change the engraving on my AirTag?

You can change the engraving you had chosen earlier on your AirTag if the  order still reads processing or order placed. However, if the order is already processed, there is no way you can change the engraving not unless you return your engraved AirTag. 

Is Engraving my AirTag worth it?

Every good thing comes with it’s downside. AirTag engraving also comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages. 


  1. It is easy to identify your AirTag
  2. You can gift an AirTag with a special message to special someone
  3. Thieves won’t steal an engraved AirTag
  4. You can personalize your AirTag. 


  1. You cannot resell an engraved AirTag
  2. It is impossible to gift someone an AirTag engraved with a personal message. 
  3. Delivery of engraved AirTags take longer than delivery for non-engraved AirTag. 

Although engraving your AirTag has its downside, it is still important to engrave your AirTag. That way, nobody will steal your AirTag. Besides, a lost AirTag will be easily identifiable than non-engraved AirTag. 

Aside from the common AirTags available in the market, Apple has a lineup of premium versions of AirTag. AirTag Pro will be retailing at $59 and AirTag Max which will be retailing $79. 

Keep up with me by subscribing to my page so that you get to know when this amazing devices are out in the market. You will get to learn what makes them more special than the existing AirTags.


Engraving your AirTag can be both beneficial and disadvantageous at the same time.

Since Apple allows one to connect up to 16 items to one Apple ID. This can makes things tough to identify which AirTag is for what device. 

If you happen to have many AirTags, you can reduce the hustle of cramming which AirTag is for which item. You can engrave anything you want, provided it is ethical and not threatening your safety of your family. Your home address, phone numbers and vulgar words should not be used as engravings. 

Another thing you should note is that you can only engrave your AirTag when the order is still under processing and it will take us to 5 days before you receive your delivery. 

Although engraving your AirTag is beneficial, it has its downside too. You cannot gift or sell your AirTag if it has some personal message engraved on it. You cannot also exchange an engraved AirTag but you can return the device and get a refund. 

If you have no idea what you want to engrave on your AirTag, my guide above will give you some ideas which you can use to customize your AirTag. Remember, engraving AirTags is free and can be done online. However, if you decide to involve third parties, it is possible but you will lose your Apple Guarantee.

AirTags are not the only thing we speak about in this page. We deal with all the new innovations that can change your life tremendously. Keep up with me by subscribing on this page to keep learning more about the tech world. 


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