Is Airtags a Good Gift? To Whom & When?

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Written By Dinu Sri

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Looking for a cool and affordable yet handy gadget for gifting? Airtag is undoubtedly on the top of the list. Having outstanding tracking features, this location tracker can make everyone in awe.

Since it’s relatively a new device released only in April last year, you might ask- what are AirTags used for? You might be thinking about whether it’s a good gift. While all these are legit questions, there are no good resources on the internet answering them.

That’s why I’ve come up with this write-up. Here you will know why Airtags are an excellent gift, who you should gift them to, how much it would cost, etc., everything in one article. So, let’s get into it.

Is Airtags A Good Gift?

Yes. If you want to give someone a small but useful gadget, then Apple Airtags will be a pretty good gift which worth and practical in many ways.

The person you gift it to can use this tracking device for tracking personal items. However, you will have to gift it to someone who uses iPhone and is on the Find My ecosystem.

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The person receiving it can use this location tracker for various purposes. They can keep an eye on their valuable personal items. Some people love gadgets. Getting an Airtag will make them happy. Airtags might be small, but their impact as a gift is immense. This cute-looking device is full of features.

Anyone would fall in love with this tracker. Besides, it has many practical uses. That’s why Airtags are perfect gifts. You can give it to your

  • friends,
  • siblings,
  • parents,
  • relatives, and

anyone on various occasions like

  • Christmas,
  • birthdays,
  • father’s day,
  • mother’s day, etc.  

Why Do Airtags Make Good Gifts?

There are many reasons why Airtags make good gifts for people who love gadgets or need them. Starting from the features and built quality to its usage with various items makes it a fantastic choice for gifting. This tracker looks very classy because of its small size and smooth design.

Airtags are made using the latest technologies and potent components. Apple has given Low Energy Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband Technology, and U1 chip inside Airtags for connectivity and precise location information. Besides, this tracking device has a built-in speaker which can play sounds while tracking.

Are Airtags A Good Christmas Gift?

One of the most fun activities on Christmas is gift revealing. Many people are excitedly waiting for this moment. Imagine you are unboxing your Christmas gifts, and you find an Airtag or a pack-of Airtags. I’m sure your heart will leap up with joy. Think what it will do if you gift it to someone.

unwrapping an airtag as a Christmas gift
unwrapping an airtag as a Christmas gift

They will become as happy as you would. !

There are two options for Airtags. You can take one single Airtag or the four-piece packet. However, both are affordable, and you won’t have to spend much money on them.

Are Airtags A Good Birthday Gift?

You can gift Airtags on any occasion. But birthdays can be a good time to gift a gadget like Airtags. Birthdays are for everyone. People are always excited about their birthdays. You can increase their happiness even more if you give them a location tracker. With Airtags, they can keep track of valuable items like wallets, keys, backpacks, etc.

But whenever you are gifting Airtag to someone, make sure they use iPhone. Otherwise, it won’t be any good for them. One can enjoy all the features of an Airtag only with an iPhone. So, make sure that person uses iPhone and is on the Find My platform.

Why Would Someone Want An Airtag?

Airtag is a location tracker with advanced features. It is nothing like conventional trackers and does not use GPS for connectivity. Airtag uses Low Energy Bluetooth for connecting with its paired phone. Besides, it has Ultra-Wideband Technology and a powerful U1 chip that sends precise location information.

As a result, finding a lost item will become much more manageable. You won’t have to do it yourself; your Airtag will do that for you. I’ll show how you can perform precision finding using your Airtag. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, you have to set up the Airtag with your iPhone. Then you have to give it a name and attach it to the item you want to track.
  • Now you have to go to the Find My app and enable Precision Finding.
  • When you cannot find that item, you have to go to the Find My app and click on the Airtag name.
  • Then you’ll see an option Called Find; click on it.
  • Finally, you will see a large arrow showing the direction on your screen. It will also show you the distance. Follow that arrow to find your Airtag. You can play sound from the Airtag using the app to locate it more precisely.

That’s how you can use the Precision Finding option of the Airtag. This feature has made this tracking device much more effective and time-saving.

Who Do You Gift Airtags? 

As much as Airtag is helpful, it might not be an ideal gift for everybody. For example, you shouldn’t give it to someone with little knowledge of gadgets and devices. You gift someone who doesn’t have iPhone. They won’t be able to use it properly without an iPhone.

There are a lot of people who frequently lose their items like wallets, keys, etc. Airtag will be the perfect gift for them. So, if you know someone like that, gift them Airtags without any second thought. You can also gift it to people who travel frequently. In a word, Airtag will be a pretty good gift for everyone with sound knowledge about devices and who has iPhone.

How Much Would Cost To Gift Airtags?

One of the most impressive features of Airtag is that you can personalize it with engraves. If you want to give it to someone as a gift, you can always add an engraving on the Airtag. It can be letters or emojis. You won’t even have to pay a dime for that.

A single Airtag costs $29. You will get a package of 4 Airtags, which will cost $99. You won’t get any accessories included in this price. However, you will get the free engraving.

Here’s a table showing the prices of Airtags:

Single Airtag$29
Pack of 4 Airtags$99
Personalized EngravingFree of Cost
AccessoriesVarious Price
CR2032 Battery$8-$10 For A Pack of Six

Are Airtags Safe?

Airtags have solid security. Apple has used very powerful encryption and robust firewalls for this device. So, it’s impossible to hack Airtags. Keeping security in mind, Apple did not use a GPS connection for this location tracker. They used Low Energy Bluetooth as the primary connection for Airtags.

That’s why this tracking device is absolutely safe. Nobody can hack it if that’s what you are thinking. But there are some other risks of Airtags. Stalkers use this device to stalk people. It’s used in car theft as well. But Apple said they are constantly working with Law Enforcement to mitigate these issues. There are risks everywhere, but you can gift them to your loved ones without worrying.

Final Thoughts

Tech gifts are getting popular nowadays. People now prefer gifting and receiving gadgets. What can be a better, classy, and more affordable gadget gift than Airtags? None, I guess. But make sure whoever you are gifting Airtags has an iPhone and is technologically sound to enjoy all its benefits.


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